Active and Passive (PART-II)

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Active and Passive including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

We have to change sentences of active voice into passive and vice versa. On doing this exercises, you get knowledge of how to construct sentences in English, and this in turn develop your fluency. More over sentences of both active and passive voices are given here tense wise, and it will develop in you a deeper understanding of tense forms and adverbs commonly associated with each tense at one go.Verbs that does take an object can only be changed into passive.Let us start now.

One more thing. Object is the person or thing that is affected with the action of verbs. It can be a noun/pronoun/gerund or a clause. If object is a clause, a special method is used to change it to passive.

Active voice -verb forms<

Keep/keeps.Play /plays/Watch / watches -verb changes this way to agree with the subject in person

Passive forms

Am/is/are+past participle=I am given a pen/he is watched by/ eggs are eaten.....

Present Simple Tense

Change Active Voice into Passive Voice

Question1:-I usually eat dosa for breakfast.

Dosa is usually eaten for breakfast (by me.)

(Dosa is affected by eating. Hence dosa is direct object.)

Question2:-They often visit their native village.

Their native village is often visited (by them)

Question3:-They publish books once a month.

Books are published once a month(by them)

Question4:-They occasionally give me a present.

I am occasionally given a present (by them).

Or A present is occasionally given to me (by them.)( Either of the direct and indirect objects can be used as subject of the passive sentence, depending on which one you want to make prominent in the sentence.)

Change Passive Voice into Active Voice

Question5:-He is elected as secretary of the club by the members.

The members elect him as secretary of the club.

Question6:-The windows are usually cleaned by him.

He usually cleans the windows.

Question7:-Films are rarely watched on TV (by me.)

I rarely watch films on TV.

Question8:-Wine is drunk by him on Sundays.

He drinks wine on Sundays.

Question9:-Only luxury cars are always driven by him.

He always drives only luxury cars.

Question10:- Meat is hardly ever eaten by us.

We hardly ever eat meat.

Question11:-Documentary films are generally produced by them

They generally produce documentary films.

Question12:-Tax rates are seldom reduced by Government after getting the bill passed.

Government seldom reduce tax rates after getting the bill passed.

Question13:-He is usually heard to sing a song.

We usually hear him sing a song.

We usually hear him sing a song.{pay attention to the use of "to" in passive, and absence of "to"in the active sentence}

Question14:-He is always seen riding on a horse (by me)

I always see him riding on a horse.

Question15:-The child is frequently made to drink medicine by her

She frequently makes the child drink medicine

Question16:-Hope of seeing her again is never given up by him.

He never gives up hope of seeing her again.

Question17:-He is said to become a champion on his own. OR It is said that he will become a champion on his own

They say that he will become a champion on his own.

{ Take note of one thing. Here object is a clause, that........... own. For more information regarding this, see chapter-1, we updated earlier on this site.}

Question18:- John is often met (by me)on his way home.

I often meet John on his way home.

Question19:-Such fine singing is seldom heard from school choirs(by us)

We seldom hear such fine singing from school choirs.

Present Progressive (Continuous) Tense

Change Active Voice into Passive Voice

Verb forms : active. am/is/are+walking/looking etc.

PASSIVE. am/is/are+being+past participle.

Question20:- He is writing a novel at the moment.

A novel is being written at the moment( by him)

Question21:-He is publishing a novel this year.

A novel is being published this year (by him)

Question22:-He is cleaning his windows now.

His windows are now being cleaned (by him)

Question23:-He is keeping me waiting indefinitely

I am being kept waiting indefinitely

Question24:-I am looking at the bird now.

The bird is now being looked at.

Change Passive Voice into Active Voice

Question25:-This letter is now being typed (by me)

I am typing this letter now.

Question26:-His washing up is being done (by him)

He is doing his washing up.

Question27:- My hair is now being brushed by him.

He is brushing my hair now.

Question28:Who is now your shirt being washed by?

Who is washing your shirt now?

Question29:-My bills are being paid today by him.

He is paying my bills today.

Question30:-The book is being thrown away by him.

He is throwing the book away .

Question31:-A meal is now being cooked by my mother.

My mother is now cooking a meal.

Question32:-She is being made to drink 5 ml tonic twice a day.

He is making her drink 5ml tonic twice a day

Present Perfect Tense

Change Active Voice into Passive Voice


Has/have+watched.(=past participle)



Question33:-I have published a book today.

A book has been published today (by me)

Question34:-They have built three buildings this year.

Three buildings have been built by them this year

Question35:-He has invited only Jack.

Jack has only been invited (by him)

Question36:-They have thrown stones at Jack.

Stones have been thrown at Jack( by them)

Question37:-Somebody has robbed Peter.

Peter has been robbed.

Question38:-She has told lies to John

Lies have been told to John by her OR John has been told lies by her

Here" lies " is direct object, as affected by tell. John is indirect object

Question39:-They have opened more stores since 2017.

More stores have been opened by them since 2017.

Question40:-He has completed two projects so far.

Two projects have been completed so far by him.

Change Passive Voice into Active Voice

Question41:-His wife has been helped by him till now.

He has helped his wife till now.

Question42:-His wife has been helped to do cooking till now.

He has helped his wife to do cooking till now.

(in active and passive sentences,to infinitive is used, as it is quite normal for "help" . But compare this sentence with the sentence under number-43, passive and active, why "to" is omitted in active sentence, when it is used in passive sentence? Help someone (to)do something. In this pattern, "to "can be used or left out in active sentence, but in passive" to" must be used.)

Question43:-She has been helped to cook meals till now.

He has helped her(to) cook meals till now.

Question44:-A bridge has been built (by him)

He has built a bridge

Question45:-He has been made to speak english by the teacher

The teacher has made him speak English.

Question46:-A private bodyguard has been employed since last month( by him)

He has employed a private bodyguard since last month.

Question47:-Polo has been played by him since his marriage.

He has played polo since his marriage.

Question48:-English has been learnt by him since last month.

He has learnt English since last year.

Question49:-Who has this car been driven by?.

Who has driven this car?

Question50:-Who has the wall been painted by?

Who has painted the wall?

Past Simple Tense

Change Active Voice into Passive Voice

Passive forms:

Was/were+killed/seen etc(=past participle of kill/see etc.)

Question51:-He lost a game in Chess today.

A game in Chess was lost today ( by him).

Question52:-He started a private zoo a year ago.

A private zoo was started a year ago (by him)

Question53:-He drank champagne for breakfast yesterday.

Champagne was drunk for breakfast yesterday by him

Question54:- He rode an English horse today.

An English horse was ridden today by him.

Question55:-He bought roses for his wife.

Roses were bought for his wife( by him )

Question56:-He made her sing a song for him.

She was made to sing a song for him.

(makehere means compell. In active sentence, (he makes her write an essay)" to" is not used . But in passive voice , it is always used. see question No.45.)

Question57:-He invited me to come over to his place.

I was invited to come over to his place (by him)

Change Passive Voice into Active Voice

Question58:-Election result was announced yesterday by the collector

The collector announced the election result yesterday.

Question59:-Two eggs were eaten at one go by him.

He ate two eggs at one go.

Question60:-All the beautiful trees were cut down today by him

He cut down all the beautiful trees today.

Question61:- All the schools in the area were pulled down by the terrorists.

The terrorists pulled down all the schools in the area

Question62:-Old buildings were knocked down yesterday by them

They knocked down old buildings yesterday.

Question63:-Her exact words were written down a moment ago by him.

He wrote down her exact words a moment ago.

Question64:-All the names written on the door were rubbed out by him

He rubbed out all the names written on the door

Question65:-The metal was hammered flat by the blacksmith.

The blacksmith hammered the metal flat

Question66:-The plan was felt to be unwise ( by them)

They felt the plan to be unwise.

Question67:-English was spoken at work by him

He spoke English at work

Question68:-An Italian meal was cooked for us by her.

She cooked an Italian meal for us.

Past Progressive Tense

Change Active Voice into Passive Voice

Verb form:active-

Was/were+ doing/eating/playing etc.

Verb form:passive-

Was/were/+being killed/eaten etc

Question69:-He was always changing his job

His job was always being changed by him.

Question70:-She was always talking about him.

He was always being talked about( by her.)

Question71:-He was often asking questions.

Questions were often being asked (by him)

Question72:-He was often hanging photos on the wall.

Photos were often being hanged on the wall by him.

Question73:-They were painting doors at that time.

Doors were being painted at that time( by them)

Change Passive Voice into Active Voice

Question74:-Flowers were being arranged at that time ( by them)

They were arranging flowers at that time.

Question75:-The letters were not being forwarded to the manager.

The were not forwarding the letters to the manager.

Question76:- Meals were being cooked in the kitchen from 8 to 9 o' clock by him.

From 8 to 9 o' clock, he was cooking meals in the kitchen.

Question77:-The door was being locked by him when the attackers came.

He was locking the door when the attackers came.

Question78:- The students were being accompanied by the teachers till the accident.

The teachers were accompanying the students till the accident.

Question79:A noval was being written( by me) when the phone started to ring

I was writing a novel when the phone started to ring.

Question80:-Tennis was being played by them at the time of the accident.

They were playing tennis at the time of the accident.

Past Perfect Tense

ACTIVE form:- had+gone/eaten/seen etc.

PASSIVE form:-


Change Active Voice into Passive Voice

Question81:-He had demolished a building.

A building had been demolished by him

Question82:-He had made her drink a cup of coffee.

She had been made to drink a cup of coffee.

Question83:-She had seen him running out of the house.

He had been seen running out of the house( by her.)

Future Simple Tense


will/shall go/eat/watch etc. For all practical purposes "will "is common than shall and the difference between them narrows.


Will be eaten/watched/seen etc.

Change Active Voice into Passive Voice

Question84:-She will send a letter to him soon.

A letter will be sent to him soon by her.

Question85:- He will invite her to come to his wedding

She will be invited to come to his wedding.

Question86:-I will soon publish a book in English.

A book in English will soon be published by me.

Question87:- You will meet him some time tomorrow.

He will be met sometime tomorrow (by you)

Future Progressive Tense


will be going /will be watching etc.



Change Active Voice into Passive Voice

Question88:-We will be watching sun set this time tomorrow.

Sun set will be being watched by us this time tomorrow.

Question89:-They will be opening a new show room at Kollam by four o'clock tomorrow.

A new show room will be being opened by four o'clock tomorrow(by them.).

Question90:-He will be completing the work by next Sunday.

The work will be being completed by next Sunday.

Change Passive Voice into Active Voice

Question91:- The new bridge will be being opened for traffic tomorrow (by them)

They will be opening the new bridge for traffic tomorrow.

Question92:-A new book will be being published by six o'clock today (by him)

He will be publishing a new book by six o' clock today

Question93:- My old friend will be being met (by me )at Bombay this time next week

I will be meeting my old friend at bombay this time next week.

Question94:-My daughter will be being married to a boy from England at this time tomorrow.

I will be marrying my daughter to a boy from England at this time tomorrow.

Question95:-MPs will be being elected by people from 7a.m. to 6 p.m.tomorrow.

People will be electing their MPs from 7a.m. to 6p.m. tomorrow.

Future Perfect Tense

Active Form:- will have watched/eaten/ elected etc..

Passive Form:- Will have been watched/ eaten/elected/played etc.......

Change Active Voice into Passive Voice

Question96:-They will have completed the course by next month.

The course will have been completed (by them) by next month.

Question97:-I will have done the PSC exam by 5 o' clock tomorrow.

The PSC exam will have been done by 5o'clock tomorrow.

Change Passive Voice into Active Voice

Question98:-The baby will have been dressed by now ( by its mother).

It's mother will have dressed the baby by now.

Question99:-The door will have been painted by the end of the week (by me)

I will have painted the door by the end of the week.

Question100:-All this tiles will have been replaced by next Sunday.(by me).

I'll have replaced all this tiles by next Sunday.