UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about ENGLISH - TENSE (PART I) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- He (know) five Indian languages, and he is good at all of them


Question2:- Every year I (go) to Ooty with my family during the Summer holidays /p>


Question3:-I (prefer) reading to watching TV


Question4:- It (rain) now

Is raining now

Question5:-I strongly (object) to your smoking in this room


Question6:-They just (complete) the work

Have just completed the work

Question7:- The country not (succeed) in providing the basic needs of the people

Has not succeeded in

Question8:-I just now (get) a letter from my brother in Delhi , informing me of his arrival

Have just now got

Question9:-We already (have) lunch

Have already had

Question10:- I (go) through your explanation and regret to say it is not satisfactory

Have gone through

Question11:- The doctor (tell) me yesterday that he would be available for consultation on Monday


Question12:- If you (lose) your purse, inform the Police

Have lost

Question13:- What you would (do) with your hair ? could not recognize you at first

Have you done

Question14:- My driver left me last week, I do not know where he (go)

Has gone

Question15:- I (not speak) for over a week

Have not spoken

Question16:-Whenever he has some times to spare , he (come) to see me


Question17:-When I was in Chennai, I usually (meet) him at the Marina beach


Question18:-We usually (have) our supper at 7 pm when we were young


Question19:- At the sea level, water (boil) at 100 degree Celsius


Question20:- Students frequently (go) wrong when they do grammar exercise


Question21:- They (not talk) to each other since they quarreled

Have not been talking

Question22:- I (wait) for you since 3 O clock

Have been waiting

Question23:-The light (burn) all night

Has been burning

Question24:- She usually (sing) classical songs , but today she is singing Film songs


Question25:- She (collect) stamps for over ten years

Has been collecting

Question26:- He (work) here since 1990

Has been working

Question27:- He now (live) in Mumbai with his grand parents

Is now living

Question28:- Those of you , who (not know) the answer can ask for help

Do not know

Question29:- I just now (pay) my tuition fee

Have just now paid

Question30:-Look! an old man run after the bus

Is running

Question31:- We can resume our journey, for the sun (shine) now

Is shining

Question32:- Whenever she (want) to explains something, she uses the blackboard


Question33:- He is not here now. He (go) to Chennai

Has gone

Question34:- You will spoil your eyesight , if you (gaze) too much at the sun


Question35:- Whatever you (do),, do with your might


Question36:-It is common knowledge, barking dog seldom (bite)


Question37:- She (teach) grammar for the last half an hour

Has been teaching

Question38:- He already ( vacate) his house

has already vacated

Question39:-He just (have) his hair cut

Has just had

Question40:- My nephew (stay) with me now

Is staying

Question41:- The children (play) all this afternoon

Have been playing

Question42:- How long you (work) in this office

Have you worked

Question43:-Since when you (have) that new computer

Have you had

Question44:-I think I should go now , for the sun (shine)

Is shining

Question45:-Look! the poor man (stand) in the rain for an hour now

Has been standing

Question46:-How many times you (be) to the show this week .

Have you been

Question47:- The child (cry) for a long time. It seems his mother do not hear his cry

Has been crying

Question48:- They (build) that house for over a year, and it has not been finished yet

Have been building

Question49:-He (appear) for the Exam three times , but has not passed it yet

Has appeared

Question50:- How long ago the airplane (land)

Did the airplane land

Question51:-We (not pay) the milkman for over two months

Have not paid

Question52:-I (read) all the novels of Tolstoy

Have read

Question53:-I (buy) a new Car last month


Question54:-I (not hear) from him for over a year

Have not heard

Question55:- The first world war (break) out in 1914


Question56:-He (work) in a school for two years when he was selected for appointment in a bank

Had been working

Question57:- They (finish) their work half an hour ago


Question58:- We (know) each other for the past ten years

Have known

Question59:-They (live) in this house when their father was working here


Question60:-I (see) this fellow at the station last week


Question61:-He (head) several committees at the time of retirement


Question62:-My father (drop) me to school every morning when he was working in this city


Question63:-I have so many interruptions yesterday


Question64:- Father (take) our dog out for a walk every morning last year


Question65:-One (use) milk to make butter and cheese


Question66:- She (sing) very beautifully at the concert last evening


Question67:-How often you (see) Hindi Movies when you were in New Delhi

Did you see

Question68:- Every time he (open) his mouth a reputation dies


Question69:- You (speak) French when you were in Paris

Did you speak

Question70:- Whenever we go to (see) him, he was out


Question71:-We (see) the film last week


Question72:-My friend John (buy) a new car every time a new model appears


Question73:- Columbus (discover) America in 1492


Question74:- When they went out, the Sun (shine)

Was shining

Question75:- When I was in Rome, I (learn) the Italian language


Question76:- He (have) his lunch when I went to see him

Had had

Question77:- When my Grand father went for a walk, he always (take) an umbrella with him


Question78:- When the telephone rang, he (have) a bath

Was having

Question79:- Mother (lay) the Table while the maid was washing the plates


Question80:- Large crowds waited at the airport, when the Victorious Cricket team (return) home


Question81:-It (rain) cats and dogs at this time yesterday

Was raining

Question82:- The fire spread fast , so we (break) a window to get out


Question83:- We (run) into a waiting shed when the storm lashed


Question84:- Hundreds of Tourists (sit) on the beach when the Tsunami struck

Were sitting

Question85:-While he (get) off the bus, he fell and broke his left leg

Was getting

Question86:-The dog (bite) her on the ankle when she tried to catch it


Question87:-The Servant dropped one glass , while she (wash) up last night

Was washed

Question88:- The boat (sink), so all the passengers jumped into the river and swam to the shore

Was sinking

Question89:-How often you play football, when you were at the University

Did you play

Question90:-She sprained her ankle, while she (play) Tennis

Was playing

Question91:- The aeroplane (fly) very low , when I cought sight sight of it

Was flying

Question92:-She was talking to her neighbor when the phone rang (ring)


Question93:-The thief (get) out of the house by the time the police arrived

Had got

Question94:- He told me he already (discuss) the matter with his parents

Had already

Question95:-They (want) to know what had happened to their proposal


Question96:- He (say) he was not present at the meeting


Question97:- She presumed you (take) her purse

Had taken

Question98:- The plane had already landed by the time I (reach) the airport


Question99:-I wish , I --------(help) you, but unfortunately I do not have enough resources now

Could help

Question100:- I'd rather you ------(mention) it to her now

Did not mention