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Repeated Questions-(Part-25)

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PSC Question and Answer about Repeated Questions-(Part-25) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-Which is the Coldest state in India

Jammu & Kashmir

Question2:- The first Minister of Kerala to die in Harness

V.K. Velappan

Question3:-Kurichiar Revolt was in the year --------


Question4:-Sanchi, the renowned Budhist Center is in ------- state

Madhya Pradesh

Question5:- The first PM to die in Harness


Question6:-In which state is Kurukshetra is situated


Question7:-The fighter plane which is known as the bass of Indian Air Force

Mig 29

Question8:- Who established Ananda Matham

Brahmananda Sivayogi

Question9:- Muthukulam Speech is related with

Mannathu Padmanabhan

Question10:- Kapila Vasthu , the birth place of Budha is now at


Question11:- Founder of Purva Meemamsa


Question12:- The first Express Highway in India is at


Question13:- Who was known as 'Flying Singh'

Milkha Singh

Question14:- Parushni is the other name of the River ------


Question15:- The only river that cut s the Equator twice

River Congo

Question16:- In which year, Kumaranasan was born


Question17:- The Travancore ruler who invited Thycaud Ayya to his court

Swati Tirunnal

Question18:- Which is the largest country in the Eastern Hemisphere


Question19:-Where is known as the Laboratory of Evolution

Galapagos Islands

Question20:- Which administrative unit in India has the Legislative Assembly with least number of members


Question21:- The Union Minister for Agriculture when the Green Revolution in India was launched

C. Subrahmaniam

Question22:- Who discovered PVC

Henry Victor Reginald

Question23:-Radha Devi, the heroine of Indian Freedom Struggle is the wife of

Lala Lajapath Ray

Question24:-Pathiramanal Island is in

Vembanadu Lake

Question25:- Punic Wars were between

Rome and Carthage

Question26:-What is known as the Christmas Disease


Question27:- The majority population of America is the migrants of ------ country

great Britain

Question28:-Audi is the Company of which Country known for the manufacturing of the Vehicles


Question29:- Grand Trunk Road connects

Sonargon & Peshwar

Question30:-The largest Country in the Western Hemisphere is


Question31:- Which country is closest to Andaman Islands


Question32:- The first Engineering College in India was established in


Question33:- Namrup and Chandrapur Hydro electric projects are in ------- states


Question34:- Who wrote Pather Panjali

Bibhuthibhooshan Bandhopadhyaya

Question35:-Eustachian Tube connects

Ear and Throat

Question36:-Lake Pukkode is in which district


Question37:- Who designed the Parliament building of India

Herbert Baker

Question38:- The sport which is also known as Pune Game


Question39:- The first Rajya Sabha member to become the PM OF India

Indira Gandhi

Question40:- Currency notes of the denomination One to Ten is printed at


Question41:- The only woman to get the Phalke and Bharat Ratna

Latha Mangeshkar

Question42:- Which was the capital of Pandyas


Question43:-In which state India conducted the nuclear experiment 'Smiling Budha'


Question44:- Name of the Secretariat Building at West Bengal

Writers' Building

Question45:- Kumaranasan passed away in the boat accident at


Question46:- Puncha, Mundakan & Virippu are related to .

Paddy Cultivation

Question47:- The eye disease caused due to the Diabetics


Question48:- Whose earlier work is Sankarasathakam


Question49:- In India , French Culture is seen in


Question50:- The first country in the world to use Cannons


Question51:- The first Woman magistrate of India

Omana Kunjamma

Question52:- Which soil is most suitable for Cotton Cultivation

Black Soil

Question53:- The hormone which helps ripening of fruits


Question54:-Parliament consists of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and ---------

The President

Question55:- The first Rubber Dam is built in which Indian State


Question56:- The first Lions Club in India was founded in the year 1956 at


Question57:- The only poisonous Mammal

Male Platypus

Question58:- Member of Rajya sabha is elected by

The members of the State Legislature

Question59:-Who was known as 'Sree Bhattakara'

Chattampi Swamikal

Question60:- Where is Bharathiyar Samadhi


Question61:-Which was the capital of Eastern Chalukyas


Question62:- The renaissance leader who gave Financial aid to Kumaranasan for his studies in Banglore and Calcutta

Dr Palpu

Question63:- Which reform in British India introduced separate electorate for the first time

The Indian Council Act of 1909

Question64:-The components of Sugar

Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen

Question65:- Pavo Christatus is the Zoological name of which bird


Question66:- The scientist who discovered that Magnetic Effect can be converted into Electricity

Michael Faraday

Question67:-Which metal is obtained from Khetri Mine


Question68:-Hoganekkal waterfalls is built across the river


Question69:- Whose final resting place is Santhivan


Question70:-Animal called the 'Engineer of the Forest '


Question71:-In which field Panini is famous

Sanskrit Grammar

Question72:- The Chemical name of Kidney stones

Calsium Oxlate

Question73:- The largest port in Pakistan


Question74:- Where is Pazhassi Raja Museum


Question75:-The place where Pakistan conducted nuclear tests

Chagai Hills

Question76:-The battle that led to the rise of Mughal Dynasty in Inida

The second battle of Panipat

Question77:-The real name of Pazhassi Raja

Kottayam Kerala Varma

Question78:- Who suggested the name Pakistan to that Country

Rahmat Ali

Question79:-Study of Kidneys


Question80:- Which Indian state is known as the Valley of Flowers


Question81:- The name given by the Subhash Chandra Bose to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Shaheed Swaraj Islands

Question82:-River Ganges while flowing through Bangladesh is called

River Padma

Question83:- Who was known as the Puratchi Thalaivar


Question84:-Tamasa referred in Puranas is

River Tones

Question85:-Which organ is affected by Pyorrhea


Question86:- The Somanath Temple was attacked by the Muslim Ruler Muhammed Gazni in ----- century

11 th

Question87:- Archipelago Andaman Nicobar is the continuation of the Mountain Ranges

Arakan Yoma

Question88:-Which is known as the King of Poisons


Question89:- The first person to receive the Phalke and Bharata Ratna Awards

Satyajith Ray

Question90:- Mahabharata was translated into Malayalam in 874 days by

Kodungalloor Kunjikkuttan Thampuran

Question91:- The first country in the World to display the statutory warning ' "Smoking is injurious to Health"


Question92:- The first Antibiotic Medicine


Question93:-The Instrumental music of Kerala rendered only by men

Sopana Sangeetham

Question94:- The first Indian Ruler to propagate his thoughts through Inscriptions


Question95:-Name the plant , the yield of which become less on flowering

Sugar cane

Question96:- The largest member of Cat Family

Siberian Tiger

Question97:- The first person to receive the Padma Sree , Padma Bhooshan , Padma Vibhooshan and Bharat Ratna

Satyajith Ray

Question98:-Who furnished the elaborate meaning of the Chinmudra to Swami Vivekananda

Chattambi Swamikal

Question99:- Renaissance leader who served as the minister in the Tiru -Cochi Cabinet

Sahodaran Ayyappan

Question100:-The first Malayalee sports person to receive Padmasree

P.T. Usha