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Repeated Questions-(Part-27)

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PSC Question and Answer about Repeated Questions-(Part-27) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- In which field Feroz Gandhi Award is given


Question2:- Who is the first Indian Vice President to die in Harness

Kishan Kant

Question3:-Which state has the largest number of Legislative Assembly

Uttar Pradesh

Question4:- Which was the venue of the first World Cup Football


Question5:- Who built the Palakkad Fort

Hyder Ali

Question6:- In which district is Palaruvi Water Falls


Question7:- Which is the longest river in Europe

River Volga

Question8:- The religion patronized by Pala Dynasty


Question9:- The only Scientist to become the Indian President

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Question10:- Who hoisted Indian Flag at Stuttgart in Germany in 1907

Madam Bhikaji Kama

Question11:- The first Indian to reach England

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Question12:-Which was the Capital of Rashtrakutas


Question13:-Malayalee who participated in the Salt Sayagraha in Tamil Nadu under the leadership of C.Rajagopalachari

G. Ramachandran

Question14:- Who was known as the Father of Modern Tourism

Thomas Cook

Question15:- Who chairs the joint meeting of both the houses of Parliament

Lok Sabha Speaker

Question16:- Whose final resting place is Samatha Sthal

Jagjjivan Ram

Question17:- In which year the Zero Hour in Indian Parliament was introduced


Question18:-First Public Library in Kerala was established at


Question19:-In which state is Noonmati Oil Refinary


Question20:-the first Malayalee Swimmer to participate in the Olympics

Sebastian Xavier

Question21:- Which is known as the Bicycle City of India


Question22:- Who wrote 'Guru' based on the life of Sree Narayana Guru

K. Surendran

Question23:- The oldest to become the PM of India

Morarji Desai

Question24:- Which is the largest SAARC nation


Question25:- What was the maiden name of Noorjahan


Question26:- Who got the 100 th Nobel Laureate for Literature

J.M. Coetzee

Question27:- The state which has the second largest number of Rajya Sabha members


Question28:-For which industry Sonippatt is known


Question29:- In which year the second Jain Council of Ancient India was held

A.D. 512

Question30:- Sholapur is known for which Industry


Question31:- The second Rajya Sabha member to become the CM of Kerala

A.K. Antony

Question32:-Nur Jahan literally means

Light of the World

Question33:- What is the present name of All India War Memorial

India Gate

Question34:- Brahamananda Siayogi was born in


Question35:- Who is the author of Advaitha Chinta Padhathi

Chattampi Swamikal

Question36:- Who was the author of Balakalesam

Pandit Karuppan

Question37:- The maximum number of members permitted as per the Indian Constitution in Rajya Sabha


Question38:-The first Governor of Kerala to die in harness

Sikandar Bhakth

Question39:- Which is the first Asian Country to launch Space Vehicle


Question40:-Which disease is known as Sailor's Plague


Question41:- Who designed the leaning Tower of Pisa


Question42:- The first Indian Ruler who came in to Power by killing his father

Ajatha Sathru

Question43:-Who translated Ramacharita Manas into Malayalam

Vennikkulam Gopla Kurup

Question44:-Name the first Novel of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee


Question45:- The language in which the Budhist works are written


Question46:- Basra Port is situated in which country .


Question47:- Fuse Wire is an alloy of

Tin and Lead

Question48:- Where is the headquarters of National Film Archives


Question49:- Where is the navel training center INS Venduruthy


Question50:- The work of Balamani Amma which fetched her Kendra Sahitya Academy Award


Question51:- Which country is known as the land of Pyramids


Question52:- Pattadakkal Temples are situated in which Indian State


Question53:- In which year National Rural Livelihood Mission was started


Question54:- On which date the third session of the Constituent Assembly of India was started

1947 April 28

Question55:-The place of worship of Budhists


Question56:-Navamukunda Temple is located at


Question57:- Indian to participate in the 1893 Parliament of Religion held at Chicago

Swami Vivekananda

Question58:- Who founded Praja Mandalam

V.R. Krishanan Ezhuthachan

Question59:- Which is the largest Latin American Country


Question60:-In which year Burma is renamed as Myanmar


Question61:- Who was the founder of Malayala Manorama

Kandathil varugheese Mappila

Question62:-Where is he National Physical Laboratory

New Delhi

Question63:- Which is called the King of Snakes

King Cobra

Question64:-The first National Park of Kerala


Question65:-The Satavahana King who authored Sapta Sathakam


Question66:- The clolour of Sodium Vapour Lamp


Question67:- The tourism spot Yerucad is situated at

Tamil Nadu

Question68:- The Mughal Ruler who reimposed Jazia Tax banned by Akabar


Question69:- The only Bachelor President of India

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Azad

Question70:- Who was defeated by the British in the Battle of Buxar in 1764

Mir Qazim

Question71:-Name the first muslim to visit outer space

Prince Sulaiman Al Masood

Question72:- Who founded Sringeri Mutt


Question73:- Bermuda is a dependent territory of which country

United Kingdom

Question74:-Which state is the largest producer of Coffee in India


Question75:- The law which separated Burma from India

Govt of India Act of 1935

Question76:- The Space Craft which carries Rakesh Sharma

Soyuz T 11

Question77:- Where is Baramati Stadium


Question78:- Who was known as Second Jina


Question79:-Brahamanas means

Interpretations of Vedas

Question80:-Kovai Express connects Chennai with


Question81:- Which is known as the grains of Paradise


Question82:-The Mughal Ruler to create the Chain of Justice


Question83:- Which is known as the Mother of Parliaments

British parliament

Question84:- The three gems of Budhism

Budha, Dharma & Sangha

Question85:- Who was the last Mughal Ruler

Bahadurshah II

Question86:-In which district is Neendakara Fishing Harbor


Question87:-Who was the most famous Parthion Ruler


Question88:- Name the Indian language in which first Mahakavya was authored


Question89:-Name the only woman among Parayi Petta Panthirukulam


Question90:- As per the Indian Constitution with whom the real executive power is vested

The Cabinet

Question91:-Who was the greatest King among Palas


Question92:- When did the Col Manroe became the resident of Travancore & Kochi


Question93:- Who is known as the Father of Modern Cartoons

William Hogarth

Question94:- Where is the Parthsarathy Temple in Kerala is located


Question95:-The first non congress PM of India

Morarji Desai

Question96:- Which country is the native place of Panda


Question97:-The carrier of the hereditary traits


Question98:-Which is the largest city in the Europe


Question99:- Who founded the City of Patna

Sher Shah

Question100:- Which was the venue of the first World Cup Hockey

Nuclear Suppliers Group