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Repeated Questions-(Part-23)

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PSC Question and Answer about Repeated Questions-(Part-23) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- As directed by Gandhiji , who ended fasting during Guruvayur Satyagraha

K. Kelappan

Question2:- The German Researcher who declared that Aryans were the natives of Central Asia

Max Muller

Question3:- Who is known as the Father of Socialism

Robert Owen

Question4:-Milli Tharana is the National Anthem of -------


Question5:-Who founded the city of Ajmeer


Question6:-Name the SAARC nation which has Legislature Assembly called Majilis


Question7:- Name the famous forest in Mumbai is the renowned National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Question8:-How many bones are there in the Human body


Question9:- In which country the name of legislature is National Assembly of People's Power


Question10:- The slogan "No taxation without representation" is related to the independence movement of which country


Question11:-Where is Netaji Subhash Institute of Sports


Question12:-What is called 'White Coal'


Question13:- The milk of which animal has Pink Colour


Question14:-Person who made Revolutionary changes in the Medical Field

Florence Nifhtingale

Question15:- Which American President is assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald

John. F Kennedy

Question16:-In which Lake river Volga ends

Caspian Sea

Question17:- The War that ended with the Treaty of Versailles

First World War

Question18:- The first Postal Stamp was released in the Year


Question19:-Name the planned Indian Capitals

Chandigarh & Gandhi Nagar

Question20:- Who was addressed as Gurudev by Gandhiji

Rabeendra Nath Tagore

Question21:- Which Epic is known as Adi Kavyaam


Question22:- Who authored "Vaidyajeevanam" an Ayurvedic text

Vallathol Narayana Menon

Question23:- Where is Prince of Wales Museum is located


Question24:-Who founded "Akhila Thiruvithamcore Muslim Mahajana Sabha"

Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi

Question25:- In which ocean is Benguela ocean current

Atlantic Ocean

Question26:- When Rabeendra Nath Tagore visited Kerala who recited 'DivyaKokilam' composed by Kumaranasan

C. Kesavan

Question27:- Where is Revathi Pattathanam held

Thali Temple in Kozhikkode

Question28:-The travancore ruler who encouraged Tapioca Cultivation

Visakham Thirunnal

Question29:- How many bones are there in Human Body


Question30:-The proponent of Yoga


Question31:- To which Sports Magic Johnson is related

Basket Ball

Question32:- Who propounded the Principle of Uncertainty


Question33:-Which Slave ruler faced the threat attack of Genghis Khan


Question34:- IN which year, the President of India declared Emergency as per Article 352 for the first time


Question35:-The founder of Abhinava Bharat Society

V.D. Savarkkar

Question36:- Which Mughal Emperor stumbled through out his life and stumbled out of it, according to Lane Pool


Question37:- What is the favourite food of Giraffe

Acasia Leaves

Question38:- Athirappally waterfalls is in the River


Question39:-Honey is the favourite food of which animal


Question40:- Name the Sikh saint who codified the Adi Grandh, the Sikh Scripture

Arjan Dev

Question41:-Who is called the Father of Cellular Phones

Martin Cooper

Question42:-Who called Rabeendra Nath Tagore , 'Great Saint'


Question43:- In which play by Kalidasa , "Dushyantha" is a character

Abhijnana Sakunthalam

Question44:- Which district in Kerala is the largest producer of sesame


Question45:-With the Co operation of which country, Durgapur Steel Plant is established


Question46:- The branch of science which deals with the study of ear and related diseases .


Question47:-Who is called the father of Tissue Culture


Question48:- Name the bacteria which causes Tetanus

Clostridium tetani

Question49:- In which year Varkkala Canal was built


Question50:-Name the first Country where the Primitive form of RTI act was implemented


Question51:- In which year Aurangazeb imprisoned Shah Jahan


Question52:-Who designed Gandhi Nagar

Le Corbusier

Question53:- In Kerala which corp cultivated in largest area


Question54:-Name the only Animal that communicates through speech


Question55:-Where is the head quarters of Kannur University

Thavakkara (Kannur)

Question56:- Where is atomic power plant in Karnataka is situated


Question57:-Which disease is also known as Hansen's Disease


Question58:- Which country controls Shetland Islands

The United Kingdom

Question59:-Which dynasty founded Delhi

Thomara Dynasty

Question60:- Which type of soil mostly found in Kerala


Question61:-The smallest member Country in UN


Question62:- The wild life sanctuary of Kerala which is located at the sea level in Kerala


Question63:-Where is the headquarters of NABARD


Question64:- In which country is Guantanamo Jail


Question65:-The highest Military honor in France

Legion of Honour

Question66:-Which Bacteria causes T.B

Micro Bacterium

Question67:- Which disease is called Thorny Throat


Question68:- What is the length of Konkan Railway

738 km

Question69: Who is the Chairman of State Disaster Management

Chief Minister

Question70:-In which Schedule of the Indian Constitution, List of States and Union Territories are included


Question71:-The first Secretary of Kerala Sahitya Academy

Pala Narayanan Nair

Question72:- Name the layer of Fat under the skin of Whales


Question73:- During the Tenure of which Mughal Emperor , the permission to establish a factory in India was sanctioned to east India company


Question74:-In India, Finance Commission is appointed every --------

Five Years

Question75:- The Amrit Bazar Patrika, which gave tremendous contribution o the National Movement , was published in ------- language


Question76:- Jamshedpur is known for which Mineral

Iron Ore

Question77:- The first non congress PM of India who completed his tenure

A.B. Vajpayee

Question78:- The date on which the first meeting of the Kerala Legislature was held

27 April 1957

Question79:- Which animal form the center stage in the Novel 'Parinamam '


Question80:-The real name of Balban

Ulugh Khan

Question81:-The Governor General who suppressed Thugs

William Bentick

Question82:- Name the Vitamin which gets spoiled on boiling

Vitamin C

Question83:- Which is the other name of Long Sightedness

Hyper Metropia

Question84:- Where is the headquarters of U N High Commissioner for Refugees


Question85:-The first lady member of Polit Bureau in CPI (M)

Vrinda karat

Question86:-The Western most district in India

Kutch (Gujarat)

Question87:- Who called Gandhiji as the Father of Indian Nation for the first time

Subhash Chandra Bose

Question88:- In which field Nayudamma Award is given

Science and Technology

Question89:-What is Haematuria

The condition of blood stained urine

Question90:- Which are the main lakes in Alappuzha

Kayamkulam & Vembanadu lakes

Question91:- Who was the founder Secretary of S N D P


Question92:- Branch of Science dealing with the study of Eyes


Question93:- Who authored Satyartha Prakasham

Dayananda Saraswati

Question94:-Name the ruler of Travancore who permitted Channar woman to cover Breast

Uthram Thirunnal

Question95:-In which ocean is Galapagoes Island

Pacific Ocean

Question96:-In which year , Ayilyam Tirunnal , the Ruler of Travancore ascended Throne


Question97:- The native Country of Copernicus


Question98:- Name the first Malyalee who led the first Indian delegation to the U N

Sardar K.M Panicker

Question99:-What is known as Philosopher's Wool

Zinc Oxide

Question100:- Loktak hydroelectric Project is in ------state