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Repeated Questions-(Part-24)

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PSC Question and Answer about Repeated Questions-(Part-24) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- Who coined the term 'United Nations

Franklin Roosevelt

Question2:- Where is Harley street


Question3:- Who was the first person to study on inferiority complex

Alfred Adler

Question4:- In which state is the Lake Umiam is located


Question5:- When did India conduct the second Nuclear Experiment Operation Sakthi

11 & 12 May 1998

Question6:- The host of 2018 World Cup Football


Question7:- The longest river in France

River Loire

Question8:- For uplifting the downtrodden . the 'Bahishkritha Hitakarini Sabha' was established by

Dr B.R Ambdekar

Question9:- The book that contain the list of animals that are under the verge of extinction

Red Data Book

Question10:- Tide that occurs on the days of New Moon and Full Moon

Sring Tide

Question11:- 'Beamer' is a term related to which sports


Question12:- The term Black Hole is used to denote

Dying star

Question13:-Name the only animal which has horn even during birth


Question14:- Fifth Veda


Question15:- The Nobel Prize on which subject is known as "Bank of Sweden Prize "


Question16:- Name the channel that separates Islands of Lakshadweep from that of Minicoy


Question17:-Who is the author of Samadhi Sapatakam composed in connection with the demise of Chatambi Swamikal

Pandit Karuppan

Question18:- Which is the largest muscle in the Human body

Gluteus Maximus

Question19:- The first Man Made Satellite


Question20:-Name the diseases that can be prevented by the triple antigen

Diphtheria, Whooping cough & Tetanus

Question21:-Name the Epic penned by Aurobindo Gosh


Question22:- The Indus Valley site where the mount of dead can be seen

Mohanje Daro

Question23:-The outer most color of the Rainbow


Question24:- Who established Aravidu dynasty, the last one among the Vijayanagar Dynasties

Tirumula Nayak

Question25:- Mathura is on the banks of which river


Question26:-Name the Ocean which resembles the English alphabet 's'


Question27:- The district of Kerala which covers the least Forest Area


Question28:- The middle Colour of the Rainbow


Question29:- Who discovered C T Scan

Godfrey Hounsfield

Question30:-In which Ocean, Kairali, the ship of Shipping Corporation vanished

Indian Ocean

Question31:- The Chemical Component in the Human Nail


Question32:- Where is "Gandhi Maithan"

Patna (Bihar)

Question33:-CV Raman fetched the Nobel Prize for which Invention

Raman Effect

Question34:-Which Continent has the largest Hindu Population


Question35:- Adyanpara Waterfall is situated in ------- district


Question36:- Which country's old name is Abyssinia


Question37:- Abhdharmapetakam deals with -----

Analysis of Budhist Principles

Question38:- The British Monarch who stepped down in 1936

Edward , the VIII

Question39:-Cleopatra was the queen of which Country


Question40:- Who appoints the Loksabha Secretary General


Question41:- Marakkudaykkullile Mahanarakam was authored by


Question42:- When did Arab Merchant Sulaiman visit Kerala

A D 851

Question43:- Navel academy in Kerala is located at


Question44:- Name the mountain where the Noah's ship struck


Question45:- The Epic written by Aurbindo Ghosh


Question46:- .Who built the Dutch Palace in Kochi

The Portuguese

Question47:- The real name of Nandanar

P C Gopalan

Question48:-The innermost colour of the Rainbow


Question49:-The real name of " Mother of Aurbindo Ashram"

Meera Richard

Question50:- Which is the equipment used to detect things under Water


Question51:- Who is called the Father of Psychology

Sigmund Freud

Question52:- Name the French person who developed the script for the Blind

Louis Braille

Question53:-Vypin Island is situated in ------- district


Question54:-The bird which lay eggs in the Nests of other birds


Question55:- Name the Organization which fought for the freedom of Mayyazhi

Mahe Mahajana Sabha

Question56:-Who is called Maratha Machiavelli

Nana Phadnavis

Question57:- Jewish Synagogue in Mattancherry was established in the year


Question58:- How many articles are there in the original Indian Constitution


Question59:- The work of M T which deals with the thoughts of Bheema


Question60:-Whose maiden name was Kumaru


Question61:- Name the last Parvam or Chapter of Mahabharatha

Swargarohana Parvam

Question62:- Name the bird which builds the largest nest on trees

Bald Eagle

Question63:-Name the Mughal Ruler who killed the fifth Sikh Guru Arjun Dev


Question64:-Nataraja Guru is the Son of which Social Reformer

Dr Palpu

Question65:- Where is Tarvancore Titanium is located


Question66:-Who described the Bengal Partition as the Bomb on Hindu Muslim Unity

Surendra Nath Banerjee

Question67:- The first Malayalee Sportsman to receive the Khel Retna Award

K.M. Beena Mol

Question68:-When did Clement Atlee declared the decision to give India Freedom

20 Feb 1947

Question69:- Where is Anaconda found

South America

Question70:- At which palace, Kasthurba Gandhi passed away

Agha Khan Palace

Question71:-Who presented the first budget of India during the period of Lord Canning in 1860

Sir James Wilson

Question72:- The King who commenced the Bhadradeepam and Murajapam at Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple

Marthanda Varma

Question73:- Who is the author of 'Nalacharitham Kilippattu'

Kunchan Nambiar

Question74:- The founder of Satyasodhak Samaj

Jyothibha Phule

Question75:-The football player who served as the Minister of Sports in his Country


Question76:-Bay of Bengal is a part of ------ Ocean

Indian ocean

Question77:-An Agency which nurtures growth in the field of Education, Science , Culture under United Nations


Question78:-The first European disciple of Sree Narayana Guru

Earnest Kirk

Question79:- Who is the Ex officio Chairman of National Development Council

Prime Minister

Question80:-The first language which received the status of Classical language in India


Question81:-Name the Commission which enquired about Mumbai Riot of 1993

Sree Krishna Commission

Question82:- Which river in Eastern India has male name


Question83:- Name the Coup conducted by Hitler in 1923

Beer Hall Putsch

Question84:-In which country , the science of languages called Linguistics originated


Question85:- The last annual meeting of SNDP Yogam in which Sree Narayana Guru participated was held in


Question86:- In which year NABARD came to being


Question87:- Name the Malayalee who became famous through his speech in the UN

V.K. Krishna Menon

Question88:-Which Organism has different Chromosome number in Male an Female

Honey Bee

Question89:- The Sultan who minted Arab silver coins in India


Question90:-The country ruled by Mussolini


Question91:-Gandhiji was iprisoned for the first time at


Question92:-Who initiated steps for the tradition of Mughal Garden


Question93:- In which sea Ural merges

Caspian Sea

Question94:- Which Airport of West Bengal is close to Sikkim


Question95:- Name the Governor General of British India who adopted English instead of Persian as the official language of India

William Bentick

Question96:- How many number of Muscles in the Human Body


Question97:-The work of Benyamin which deals with the life of non residents


Question98:On the Banks of which River is Madurai


Question99:-The British Ruler who repealed Bengal Partition

George V

Question100:-Who led Hindustan Socialist Republican Association

Bhagat Singh