Jan-2018 (Currentaffairs)

UPSC/PSC/KAS/BANK/RAILWAY/RRB,etc. examination questions

Questions about Jan-2018 (Currentaffairs) including Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- Name the person who was re- elected as Judge of International Court of Justice

Dalveer Bhandari

Question2:-Name the film that made Malayalam actress Parvathi eligible for the Rajat Kamal in the Film Festival held at Goa

Take Off

Question3:-Emmerson Mnangagwa is the new president of


Question4:- Who is re-elected as the new chairman of Prasar Bharathi

Dr. A. Surya Prakash

Question5:- In which country is Chabahar Port


Question6:- Name the first Indian city with Madam Tussad s Museum

New Delhi

Question7:-Who directed the film S- Durga

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan

Question8:-In which post Snehalatha Sreevasthava is appointed in 2017

Loksabha Secretary General

Question9:- In which country is Mount Agung


Question10:- Who was the latest winner of Ezhuthachan Puraskaram


Question11:- Who was elected as the new President of Indian National Congress

Rahul Gandhi

Question12:-Name the capital of Catalonia


Question13:-In which language Krishna Sobthi made her literary contributions


Question14:- Name the author of the book 'Lincoln in the Bardo'

George Sanders

Question15:-First Indian woman martyr who was beatified

Maria Rani

Question16:- Name the political party of Shinzo Abe, Prime minister of Japan

Liberal Democratic Party

Question17:- In which country Uhuru Kenyatha became president


Question18:-Which Indian state declared Urdu second language


Question19:- Name the National Security advisor of India

Ajith Doval

Question20:- Which is the most searched word in 2017 according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Question21:-The venue of 2023 World Cup Cricket


Question22:- Who got the latest Moorthi Devi Award

Joy Goswami

Question23:- Indian cricketer who scored his third double century in One day cricket

Rohith Sharma

Question24:- Who was re-elected as the president of Chile

Sebastian Pinera

Question25:- New Vice Chancelllor of Kerala Agricultural University

Dr. R. Chandra Babu

Question26:- Who is the author of 'Daivathinte Pusthakam' which got Award of Kendra Sahithya Academy Award

K.P. Ramanunni

Question27:- The new chief of UNICEF

Henrietta Holsman Force

Question28:- India's first and only design university, 'World University of Design"

Sonipat (Haryana)

Question29:-India's first ever National Rail and Transport University (NRTU) will be set up at ----------

Vadodara (Gujarath)

Question30:- The chief guest of 2018 Republic Day celebrations

Heads of 10 ASEAN countries

Question31:- ISRO had launched -------- number of satellites in the first PSLV mission of the year 2018


Question32:- The Abhinav Bharath Trustee who filed a writ for the re inquiry of Gandhiji's assassination

Pankaj Phadnis

Question33:-The New Foreign Secretary of India

Vijay Keshav

Question34:- The first states that implemented the suggestion to start the Financial Year in January of the NIITI Ayog were

Madhya Pradesh and Jharghand

Question35:-The former High Court Judge who was released recently after the Six months imprisonment for the Contempt of Court

Justice (Rtd) Karnan

Question36:-The Janathadal (U) state president who resigned from Rajyasabha recently

M.P. Veerendra Kumar

Question37:- The Indian Cricketer who arrived at the world record with David Miller of the Fastest Century of Twenty-20 Cricket

Rohith Sharma

Question38:-The latest Ashes Trophy winners


Question39:-The German who defeated P.V. Sindhu and won Gold Medal in the Wimbledon Super series in Dubai

Akane Yamaguchi

Question40:- The new President of African National Congress

Syril Rafamosa

Question41:- The new Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh

Jayram Takkur

Question42:- The new Chief Minister of Gujarath

Vijay Roopani

Question43:- The plant that was expelled from the Category of Tree as per the Forest Amendment Act in India recently


Question44:- The Political Party that left UDF recently

Janathadal (U)

Question45:- The first Country to implement Equal Wage System


Question46:-The first State in India to implement the system of handling Court Summons through SMS

Tamil Nadu

Question47:- The former Bihar Chief Minister who was sentenced to imprisonment in the Fodder Sam Case

Lalu Prasad Yadav

Question48:- The first National Park in India for the Differently Abled Children

Hyderabad (Thelangana)

Question49:- The latest Harivarasanam Award Winner

K.S. Chithra

Question50:- The Indian to won the World Rapid Chess Championship

Viswanath Anand

Question51:- Viswanath Anand defeated --------- in World Rapid Chess Championship

Vladimar Fedoseeve (Russia)

Question52:- The Venue of World Rapid Chess Championship in which Viswanath Anand won


Question53:-The first Forest Produce to get Geographical Indication Tag from Kerala recently

Nilambur Teak

Question54:-The Kerlite who won the "Kavi Samrat" Award fom the Berampur University of Odisha

K. Sachidanandan

Question55:- The latest winner of Odakkuzhal Award of Guruvayoorappan Trust

Aymanam John

Question56:-The new Chairman of the UGC Commission

Dheerendrapal Singh

Question57:-The new Chairman of ISRO

K. Sivan

Question58:- The fastest Super Computer of India


Question59:- The fastest super computer of India Prathyush is implemented at

IITM of Pune

Question60:- Azheekkode Memmorial Award goes to

M. Mukundan