UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Currentaffairs-April-2018 including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....


Updated on 26/04/2018

Question1:-The neighboring country of India in where National emergency was declared recently


Question2:- The president of Srilanka

Mithripala Sirisena

Question3:- The new Chief Minister of Tripura

Biplav Deb Kumar

Question4:- The person who became the life time President of China through Constitutional Amendment

Shijin Ping

Question5:- The Chinese Parliament

National Peoples Congress

Question6:- The first scheduled caste woman who was elected to Pak Senate

Krishnakumari Koli

Question7:- Who was the latest winner of Bharat Jyothi Award

P. Sreerama Krishnan

Question8:- The person who was elected as the Nepal President again

Bindya Devi Bhandari

Question9:- The first woman to become the head of the CIA

Jina Haspal

Question10:- The Scientist who died recently

Stephan Hockins

Question11:- "The brief History of Time " is written by

Stephan Hockins

Question12:- Stephan Hockins was born in which country


Question13:- "Large Scale Structure of Space Time " is written jointly by Stephan Hockins and ---------

G F R Ellies

Question14:- The film based on the life of Stephan Hockins

'The theory of Everything"

Question15:-The place of India in the list of happiness prepared by UN


Question16:-The country which has the first place in the list of happiness prepared by UN


Question17:-The first Food Safety district of India


Question18:-The person who became the president of Russia for the 4 th time

Vladimer Putchin

Question19:- The panchayath which was modeled by the Central Govt for making 500 villages of India, complete Yoga Villages

Kunnathanam (Pathanamthitta)

Question20:- The fruit which was declared as the official fruit of Kerala recently

Jack Fruit

Question21:-The southern zonal head of Kendra Sahithya Academy

Prabha Varma

Question22:- The painting of Raja Ravi Varma which was sold for 5.17 crore rupees


Question23:-The new security adviser of US

John Boltten

Question24:- The venue first Global Digital Conference


Question25:-The construction of the biggest solar park of the world is continuing in ---- country


Question26:-The first Green Mall was opened at

Thiruvananthapuram (Mall of Travancore)

Question27:- The new Health Insurance Project of Central Govt


Question28:- The world Happiness Day

March 20

Question29:-The French President who visited India recently

Emmanuel Macron

Question30:-Catalonia which demands independence is a part of ------ country


Question31:-Where is All India Institute of Ayurveda

New Delhi

Question32:- In which subject the Royal Swedish Academy of Science has selected three American scientists Rainer Weiss, Barry .c Barish and Kip .s Thorne for 2017 Nobel Prize


Question33:- Prof Jagdish Mukhi is the new Governor of


Question34:- Satya Pal Malik is the new Governor of


Question35:- The International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) is observed on -----every year on

October 11

Question36:- Which constituency is represented by P.Sreeramakrishnan, the current speaker , in Krala Legislative Assembly


Question37:- The Venue of the World Economic Forum 2018


Question38:- The richest city in India


Question39:- The oldest to secure world number one in Lawn Tennis

Roger Frederer

Question40:-The new Chief Justice of Kerala High Court

Js Antony Dominique

Question41:- The Nationality of Richard H Thaler who has won 2017 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to behavioral economics


Question42:-The first lady super star of Indian cinema who passed away recently


Question43:- Mitra Shakthi 2017 was a joint military training exercise between India and -----

Sri Lanka

Question44:- Cyril Ramaphosa is the new president of

South Africa

Question45:- First Indian Woman Martyr who was beatified

Maria Rani

Question46:- .In 2017, the Ayurveda Day was observed on

October 17

Question47:- In which subject, Kazuo Ishiguro won Nobel Prize in 2017


Question48:-Name the minister for Culture in Kerala

A.K. Balan

Question49:- The first Country in the world to grant citizenship to a robot

Saudi Arabia

Question50:- The height of the statue of Unity

182 m

Question51:- Who was the author of 'Daivathinte Pusthakam' which got the Award of Kendra Sahithya Academy Award

K.P. Ramanunni

Question52:-Which country was defeated in the finals of 2017 Asia Cup Hockey


Question53:- The prize money of the latest Jyan Peeth Award

11 Lakhs

Question54:- The president of Kerala Sahithya Academy


Question55:- Party of Hope is the opposition party in


Question56:- World Osteoporosis day is observed on

October 20

Question57:- 2018 is celebrated as the year of


Question58:- Bandhan Express started in 2017 November connects India and


Question59:- The capital of Catalonia


Question60:-Which country lifted 2017 Asia Cup Hockey


Question61:- The new chairman of the State Bank of Travancore

Rajnish Kumar

Question62:-Whose birth day is celebrated as the National Ayurveda Day


Question63:- The latest Vayalar Award winner

T.D. Ramakrishnan

Question64:- Who go the latest Padmaprabha Puraskaram

Prabha Varma

Question65:-Who got the first Khasak Puraskaram by O.V. Vijayan Foundation

K.V. Mohan Kumar

Question66:-The first woman to get the DGP rank in Kerala Police

R. Sreelekha

Question67:- Which day is declared as the world Radio Day by UNESCO


Question68:- Who is the new chairman of Central Academy of Letters

Chandrasekhara Kambar

Question69:-With which country, India made the Rafel Aircraft deal


Question70:-The Ruling party of Japan

Liberal Democratic Party

Question71:-The Tamil word which was recently included in the Oxford Dictionary


Question72:- The venue of 2017 Asia Cup Hockey


Question73:-The venue of World Kerala Sabha held in 2018


Question74:- Kerala has conducted the country's first ever-ever transgender one day athlete meet. The venue was


Question75:-In which district is Sreekrishnapuram which bagged the Swaraj Trophy for 2016-17


Question76:- Which Temple in Tamil Nadu was adjudged as the cleanest iconic place in country under Swachhta Hi Seva (cleanliness is service )programme

Madurai Meenakshi

Question77:-Which became the first state in the country to incorporate skill development programme in higher education


Question78:-The winner of 2017 Man Booker Prize

George Saunders

Question78a:- India's first Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) under Hybrid Annuity Mode will come up in


Question79:-In which Indian state Gangaprasad is appointed new governor


Question80:- The seat of International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons which has won 2017 Nobel Peace Prize



Updated on 10/04/2018

Question81:- The new Vice Chancellor of Malayalam University

Anil Vallthol

Question82:- The head of Kanchi Math , who died recently

Jayaendra Saraswathy

Question83:- The biggest Solar Park in the world has been inaugurated recently at

Pavagada (Karnataka)

Question84:-The richest person in the world as per Hurun Magazine Survey

Jeff Besos (Amazon Company)

Question85:- The second Richest person in the world as per the Hurun Magazine Survey

Warren Buffet

Question86:- The Richest Indian person as per the Hurun Magazine Survey

Mukesh Ambani

Question87:- The Richest Keralite as per the Hurun Magazine

M.A. Yusafali

Question88:- The former Chairperson of State Woman Commission who died recently

Justice (Rtd) Sreedevi

Question89:- The youngest Indian Shooter who won Gold in the World Cup

Manu Bhakar

Question90:-Manu Bhakar is the native of


Question91:-The neighboring country of India where Emergency has been declared recently


Question92:- According to the Global Power Index, India has the ------- place in the Military Force in the world


Question93:- According to the Global Power Index, which country has the first place in the Military Force in the world


Question94:- According to the Global Power Index, which country has the second place in the Military Force in the world


Question95:- According to the Global Power Index, which country has the third place in the Military Force in the world


Question96:-The new Chief Minister of Meghalaya

Conrad Sangma

Question97:-To which Party , Conrad Sangma belongs

National Peoples Party

Question98:- The (Kerala state) best actor of 2017

Indrans (film : Alorukkam)

Question99:- The (Kerala state) best actress of 2017

Parvathy ( film : Take Off)

Question100: The (Kerala state) best film of 2017

Ottamuri Velicham

Question101:- The director of the film 'Ottamuri Velicham'

Rahul Riji Nair

Question102:- The (Kerala State) best Director of 2017

Lijo Jose Pellissery (film : ee. ma. you)

Question103:- The new Chief Minister of Nagaland

Nephue Riyo

Question104:- To which party Nephu Rio belongs to

Democratic Progressive Party

Question105:- The Elliviesel Prize given to whom is recently bought back

Ong San Suchi

Question106:- Ong San Suchi belongs to which Country


Question107:- Who signed the contract to continue as the trainer of Indian Foot Ball Team until 2019

Stephan Constantain

Question108:- The Indian Woman who was selected to the Director Board of ICC

Indra Nuyi

Question109:-Julan Goswamy is associated with which sports item


Question110:- The person who took as Minister of Transport in Kerala again

K.K. Saseendran

Question111:- The world woman's day is observed on

March 8

Question112:- The latest winner of Kamalaya Goyanka Foundation Prize

C.G. Rajagopal

Question113:- The Mexican Film Director who got the Oscar for the best Director

Gillermo Del Toro (Shape of Water)

Question114:- The film which got Four Oscar Awards including the Best Film

The Shape of Water

Question115:-How many nominations did the film 'The Shape of Water' get


Question116:- The person who won the Life Time Achievement Prize of the Asian Voice Weekly, Britain

Shathrughnan Sinha

Question117:-The Gulf Country which had been made 12 treaties with India recently


Question118:- The first World Photography Award of the Kerala Media Academy was given to

Nick Utt

Question119:- The Prize Winning Photography of Nick Utt

"Terror of War"

Question120:-"Terror of War" also won the famous ------- prize

Pulitzer Prize

Question121:- The famous photograph "Terror of war " is associated with

Vietnam War

Question122:- The Kerala City that ranked fourth place in the list of the hottest places in India


Question123:- The hottest city in India


Question124:- The Oscar winner for the Best Actor of the year

Garry Oldman

Question125:- The film for which Garry Oldman got the Oscar for the best Actor

Darkest Hour

Question126:- Garry Oldman plaiyed the role of ------- in the film Darkest Hour

Winston Churchil

Question127:- The Indian athlete who won the Gold Medal for Shooting in the World Cup

Shah Sir Rizwi

Question128:- The Indian born who became the Head of the Anti Terrorist Department of Scotland Yard

Neel Basu

Question129:- The first Indian Union Territory which works completely on the Solar Energy


Question130:-The Indian state which had recently been passed the bill of Death Penalty for the crime of raping 12 year or below old Children


Question131:- The new Political Party of Actor Kamalahasan

Makkal Neethi Mayyam

Question132:-The former Bengladesh President who was imprisoned for 5 years in the Corruption case

Khalida Siya

Question133:- Who was elected as the Bengladesh President again

Abdul Hameed