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Current Affairs-(August)

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PSC Question and Answer about Current Affairs-(August) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- The newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran Khan

Question2:-Imran Khan is the ----- th PM of Pakistan

22 nd

Question3:-Name of the Political Party represented by Imran Khan

Tehari k Insaf

Question4:- The newly elected Rajyasabha Deputy Chairman


Question5:-The newly appointed Kashmir Governor

Satyapal Malik

Question6:-The newly appointed Sikkim Governor

Ganga Prasad

Question7:-Winner of the Swathi Prize for Life Time Musical Achievement of the year 2016

T.V. Gopalakrishnan

Question8:- Raja Ravi Varma Prize for the year 2016

Anila Jacob

Question9:-The first Woman Chief Justice of Jammu & Kashmir

Geeta Mithal

Question10:- The newly appointed Chairperson of National Women Commission

Rekha Sharma

Question11:-The first Communist Leader to become the Loksabha Speaker

Somanath Chatterjee

Question12:-The tomb of Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Smriti Sthal

Question13:- Smriti Stahl is situated on the banks of

River Yamuna

Question14:- National Good Governance Day is observed on the birthday of ------

Vajpayee (Dec 25)

Question15:-The tourist place of Indonesia where there is a an earth quake recently which resulted in the death of 91 persons


Question16:-The Constitutional Amendment Bill which was passed to give NCBC Constitutional Status

123 rd

Question17:-The full form of NCBC

National Commission on Backward Classes

Question18:- The controversial Massanjore Dam is situated in ------ state


Question19:-Massanjore Dam is situted in the ----- river


Question20:-The Indian states among which the conflicts regarding the Massanjore Dam exists

Jharghand and West Bengal

Question21:-The Massanjore Dam is under the control of ----- state

West Bengal

Question22:- Mayurakshi River falls into -----


Question23:-Festival on Democracy was conducted at ---- which was inagurated by the President Ram Nath Kovind


Question24:-The Malayalam Film which won the best Film award in the Indian Festival conducted at Germany

Ottamuri Velicham

Question25:-The director of the film "Ottamuri Velicham"

Rahul Riji Nair

Question26:-The Award which is known as the Nobel Prize for Arithematics

Fields Medal

Question27:- The Indian which won the Fields medal

Akshay Venkitesh

Question28:-Fields Medal is given to the Mathematicians below ---- Age

Forty Years

Question29:-Fields Medal Award is started to distribute in


Question30:- Fields Medal Award is started to distribute on the recommendation of ------

John Charles Field

Question31:- John Charles Field is a ----- Mathematician


Question32:-The eightth Woman Judge of the Supreme Court in the history of India

Indira Banerjee

Question33:- The first Woman Judge of Indian Supreme Court

Justice Fathima Beevi

Question34:- The second Woman Chief Justice of Indian Supreme Court

Renjana Prakash

Question35:-The permitted number of Judges in Supreme Court including the Chief Justice


Question36:- The Supreme Court of India came into Existance on

1950 Jan 28

Question37:-The newly appointed Chief Justice of Keral High Court

Hrishikesh Roy

Question38:- The Kerala High Court was came into existance on

1956 Nov 1

Question39:-The headquarters of CAPEX


Question40:-The newly appointed Coconut Development Board Chairman

Raju Narayana Swami

Question41:- The Political leader who became famous in the name 'Kalainger'


Question42:- The Tomb of Karunanidhi is situated in

Marina Beach

Question43:-The malayalee who was appointed as the Delhi High Court Chief Justice

Rajendra Menon

Question44:-The venue of 2018 Woman Hockey Champion ship


Question45:-The first Country in the World to make Single Chromosome Yeast


Question46:- The Country which is selected as the Nodal Center of the World Meteriological Organization .


Question47:-The Indian state which introduced the Mobile App facility to complain against the Sound Pollution

Himachal Pradesh

Question48:-The Malyalee who was appointed as the Supreme Court Judge recently

M. k Joseph

Question49:-The Artificial Satellite to be launched by the ISRO which has the most weight

G Sat 11

Question50:-The Vazhuvel is the home of ----- which was recently declared as the memmorial by the state govt

Sugatha Kaumari


Question51:-The first Indian state to introduce the Bio Fuel Policy


Question52:-The chicken meat which got the Earth Index status recently


Question53:- Kataknath Chicken Meat is from ----- Indian state

Madhya Pradesh

Question54:-The biggest Visa Center of India was started in ----- Country


Question55:- India gives 1300 crore Loan to which African Country


Question56:-Kerala got ------ place in the National Youth Athletic Championship


Question57:- The Kerala CM had recently inagurated the Multi Speciality Vetenery Hospital at

Kudappanakkunnu (Tiruvananthapuram)

Question58:-The state Dam Securiity Authority Chairman

Justice R Ramachandran Nair

Question59:-KSRTC Managing Director

Tomin Thachankary

Question60:- The first Patent Arbitration Center of Asia


Question61:-The Indian Team Captain for the 2018 World Woman Hockey Team

Rani Rampal

Question62:-The European Union imposed a fine of 34500 Crore rupees to Which Search Engine Company


Question63:-The first Pakistan Cricketer to get the double Century in One Day Cricket Match

Fakhar Saman

Question64:-2018 Mohan Began Retna Award Winner

Pradeep Choudharya

Question65:-"Swachameva Jayate" is the rural cleanliness and sanitation campaign launched by ----- Govt

Karnataka Govt

Question66:-2018 Woman Hockey Cup Winner


Question67:-The book " Gandhi : The Years That Changed The World (1914-1948)" has been authored by

Ramachandra Guha

Question68:-The Global Disability Summit 2018 was held at

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (London)

Question69:-Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award 2018 was given to

Gopalakrishna Gandhi

Question70:-The International Tiger Day is celebrated every year on

July 29