GK Part-12

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about GK (Part-12) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- Vakkom Moulavi was died in


Question2:- Who wrote a novel "Guru" based on the life of Sree Narayana Guru

K. Surendran

Question3:- Brahmananda Shiva Yogi was born in the year


Question4:- The Viceroy during the time of Poona Pact

Lord Wellington

Question5:- Barabathi stadium is situated at


Question6:- The parallel Governments were formed at Belia and Sathara Provinces during the time of

Quite India Movement

Question7:- The Renaissance leader Basaveswar lived at


Question8:-The news paper 'Pashchimodayam' was published by

Herman Gundert

Question9:- Patkai Mountain ranges divides India from ------


Question10:- The first Kerala Parliamentary speaker who died in Harness

Seethi Haji

Question11:-The Political party to which Seethi Haji belonged to

Muslim League

Question12:- The first Test Tube Baby of South India

Kamala Ratnam

Question13:- How long was Hundred Years War

116 Years

Question14:- Which is known as the Capital of Western Classical Music


Question15:-The country which is known as the land of Blue Sky


Question16:-Which country is known as the Switzerland of Middle Asia


Question17:-The country which is known as the Pearl of Persian Ocean


Question18:-The number which was given to Nelson Mandela during the imprisonment


Question19:- The first document from India which is included in the Memory Book of UNESCO


Question20:- Who wrote preface to "Nalini" of Kumaranasan

A.R Rajaraja Varma

Question21:-The Renaissance Leader of Kerala who was the manager of Thycaud Residency

Thycaud Ayya

Question22:- The most prevalent gas Bio Gas


Question23:-The king 'Elera' who conquered Sreelanka and ruled belongs to which dynasty


Question24:- The committee that recommended the formation of NABARD

Shivaraman Committee

Question25:-The cricketer who is known as "Baroda Express"

Irfan Patan

Question26:- The person who is referred as 'Nadaputha in Ancient Documents


Question27:-The only edible Orchid


Question28:- The Budhism was propagated at Nepal by


Question29:- The headquarters of Dravidian University


Question30:-The lightest bone in the Human body is


Question31:-Bharthruhari Caves are located at


Question32:- The viceroy of British India when Price of Wales visited India

Lord Reeding

Question33:- The dead language that is included in the Eighth Schedule of Indian Constitution


Question34:-Who called Kumaranasan the poet of Revolution

Thayattu Sankaran

Question35:- The native place of Lord Krishna "Vrindavan" was situated at which district


Question36:-NATPAK is related with


Question37:-The third largest river of Kerala


Question38:-The country which is known as Portuguese West Africa in earlier days


Question39:- Calcium was discovered by

Humphry Davi

Question40:-Calcium was discovered in


Question41:- The award which is known as British Oscar


Question42:- The Governor General of British India at the time when Pitt's India Act was passed

Warren Hastings

Question43:-the Police Superintendent who was responsible for the death of Lala Lajapath Ray


Question44:- The Police Superintendent Sanders was killed by the group led by

Bhagat Singh

Question45:-Sanders was killed during the time of ------- viceroy

Lord Irwin

Question46:- Mughal King Babur was the successor of ----------- country from Mother's side .


Question47:- The leader who was known as "Puratchi Thalavan'


Question48:- The remainings of historically important temple "Parthinon" was founded from


Question49:-George V was crowned as the King of British Kingdom in


Question50:-George V was crowned at Delhi during the time of ------

Lord Hardinge

Question51:-The coin 'Pula' is of ------- country


Question52:- Organization which publishes 'Memory Book', which includes the list of rare documents


Question53:- The elephant day is observed in Kerala on

October 14

Question54:-Kumaranasan was born in


Question55:- The central secretariat Library is named after which leader

Lal Bahadur Sasthri

Question56:- The Travancore King who invited Thycaud Ayya to the Palace

Swathi Thirunnal

Question57:- Simon Commission was appointed to study the political reforms recommended by ------


Question58:-When Simon commission was appointed, the viceroy of British India was

Lord Irwin

Question59:-"The international peace is the dream of a coward" is the words of

Benitto Mussolini

Question60:-Sreenarayana Dharma Sangham was registered in


Question61:- The writer of the novel 'Dharma Raja'

C.V. Raman Pillai

Question62:- Ananda Math is established by

Brahmananda Shivayogi

Question63:- Where is Rajaram Mohan Roy Library Foundation


Question64:- The first Indian Musician to use Violin in Classical Music Performances

Muthuswami Dikshither

Question65:- The number of basic 'ragas' in Karnatic Music


Question66:-'Namma' Metro is the name of Metro in


Question67:- The publication 'Prabodhini' was published by

C. Kesavan

Question68:- The last disciple of Sreenarayana Guru

Anandatheertha Swamikal

Question69:- The British India Viceroy who made peace with Afghanisthan

Lord Rippon

Question70:-The Governor General who abolished "Sathi"

William Bentic

Question71:-The Viceroy of British India who established high courts at Kolkkatha, Mumbai and Chennai

Lord Canning

Question72:-The founding Chairman of National Diary Development


Dr. Vargheese Kurian

Question73:-The first Governor General of British India

Warren Hastings

Question74:- Phalke Ratna Award is related to which field


Question75:- The Viceroy who cancelled Bengal Division

Lord Hardinge

Question76:-The honor 'Vidwan' was awarded to Pandit Karuppan by

Kerala Varma Valiya Koyi Thampuran

Question77:- Ayyankali was died in


Question78:- The country which is known as the islands of Navy


Question79:- The Anti- Dowry day is observed on

November 24

Question80:- The number of alphabets in the Egyptian Language


Question81:- The religion of Philippines


Question82:- The original name of Brahmananda Shivayogi

Karattu Govindan Kutty Menon

Question83:-The Kerala Renaissance leader who is related to the famous Muthukulam Speech

Mannathu Padmanabhan

Question84:-The biggest known star

V.Y. Kanis Mejoris

Question85:-The Navamanjari written by Sreenarayana Guru was dedicated to

Chattambi Swamikal

Question86:-The classical dance form which includes Hindu-Muslim cultures


Question87:-The post of president of World Bank is given to the persons from -----country


Question88:- The basic book Bharathanatya

Abhinaya Darppanam

Question89:- The first Comptroller and Auditor General of India

V. Narahari Rao

Question90:-Chengiskhan belongs to which country


Question91:- The Governor General who founded Fort William College

Lord Wellesly

Question92:- The densest non metal


Question93:-The army post office in India starts with the digit


Question94:- The first secretary of Swaraj Party

Mottilal Nehru

Question95:-The Governor General of British India who established Censorship of press act

Lord Wellesly

Question96:-The second Indian to be the winner of World Food Prize

Dr. Varghese Kurian

Question97:- Mary Robinson is the first President of which country


Question98:-The Vernacular Press Act was cancelled by

Lord Rippon

Question99:- The biggest island in the Indian Ocean


Question100:- The first British Indian Governor General who died in harness

Lord Convallies

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