Repeated Questions-12

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Repeated Questions-12 including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-Hippocambus is seen in which part of the human body


Question2:-The Oil Refinery which is accused of the decoloration of Taj Mahal


Question3:-Who stated that the Dead Body of Bhagat Singh will hang in between India and England for ever

Jawaharlal Nehru

Question4:-Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was established in


Question5:- The national leader who visited the Vaikom Satyagraha Camp on the influence of Gandhiji

Acharya Vinoba Bhave

Question6:- Research Analysis Wing (RAW) was established in


Question7:-What is meant by Equinox

The day on which Night and Day times are equal on Earth

Question8:- The publication started by Panthalam Keralavarma in 1903

Kavana Koumudi

Question9:-Federal Court started to fuction in India as per the 1935 Govt of India Act from ------

1937 Oct 1

Question10:- The Viceroy who was called as the Savior of Panjab

John Lorrence

Question11:- The viceroy who rejected Gandhiji's Plea of not hanging Bhagat Singh

Lord Irwin

Question12:- The advocate appeared for Balagangadhara Thilak in 1908

Muhammed Ali Jinnah

Question13:- Who stated that the Religion is the Opium which makes Human dizzy

Karl Max

Question14:- Who led Perinad Agitation


Question15:- 'Udyana Virunnu' is written by

Pandit Karuppan

Question16:- Banda Bahadur led the Sikhs after ------

Gobind Singh

Question17:-Casablanca City is in


Question18:-The Viceroy who established the system of conducting Exams at the same time in India and England for the selection of Civil Service

Lord Reeding

Question19:- Ladder is the sign of which Political Party

Muslim League

Question20:- The production of which Acid is considered to be as the symbol of Power of a Country

Sulphuric Acid

Question21:- Bahagavat Gita is the conversation between Lord Krishna and ---------


Question22:- Albert Einstein belongs to which religion


Question23:- The Tower of Silence is related with ------ religion


Question24:- The Tower of Silence is situated at


Question25:-The King who ruled with two Capitals, Delhi and Ajmeer

Prithwiraj Chouhan

Question26:- Which is known as Mineral Oil


Question27:- Communist Party was established by Mavo Se Thung in


Question28:- In 1888, ------ formed United Indian Patriotic Association

Sir Sayyid Ahammed Khan

Question29:-The United Indian Patriotic Association was formed as a protest against -------


Question30:-The technology which enables to make the large amount of copies of a plant within a short time

Tissue Culture

Question31:- Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd was came into existence in


Question32:-The Kerala CM who decided to give back the Press of Vakkom Moulavi which was captured by the Travancore Govt


Question33:- Vakkom Moulavi was born at


Question34:- Yoganadam is the publication of


Question35:- Who invented Compact Disc

James .T. Russel

Question36:-The full form of URL

Universal Resource Locator

Question37:- The first computer of India was established at

Indian Statistical Institute , Kolkatha

Question38:- The Lords of Delhi Crowne Ruknudeen Firoz after ---------


Question39:-Which was the cause of 1962 Indo -China War

Giving Political Shelter to Dalailama in India

Question40:-Who gave Dailalama Political Shelter in India

Jawaharlaal Nehru

Question41:- Earnest Hemingway got Nobel Prize for Literature in


Question42:- The Kerala District where the deposits of Ilmanite and Monosite are richly found


Question43:- The first place in Kerala where the Statue of Sree Narayana Guru was constructed


Question44:-The vitamin which is called Anti -Sterility Vitamin

Vitamin E

Question45:-The founder of Andhra Insurance Company

Pattabhi Seetharamayya

Question46:- The second highest Mountain of Africa , Mount Kenya is in ------ country


Question47:- The Country which is situated at the joining point of three Continents :- Asia, Africa and Europe


Question48:- Dr Hargobind Khurana got Nobel Prize in ------


Question49:-The Hindu King, who ruled Delhi before Hemu

Prithwi Raj Chouhan

Question50:- The capital of Cholas


Question51:- The mirror used in Torch

Concave Mirror

Question52:- The default font in MS Word

Times New Roman

Question53:- The information given to the Computer is called


Question54:-The only one Jewish Viceroy of India

Lord Reeding

Question55:- The biography of Karl Max is firstly published in which vernacular language of India


Question56:-The first Woman's University of India is established in


Question57:- The book, 'Isthanbul' is written by

Orhan Paimuk

Question58:- The world famous Agricultural Scientist who was born in Kumbhakonam

M.S. Swaminathan

Question59:-Dome of the Rock is the religious center of --------


Question60:- The Asoka Chakra has ----------spokes


Question61:- Navodaya Vidyalayas are established as a result of the Educational Provisions of ----


Question62:- DPEP was established in


Question63:- The metal used for the production of Hemoglobin


Question64:- Hagiya Sofia is the religious center of --------


Question65:-The study of Spiders


Question66:- The first Woman Representative of the People in India

Mary Punnan Lukose

Question67:-The study of Heart


Question68:- The main system board of Computer

Mother Board

Question69:- The first secretary of Nair Service Society

Mannath Padmanabahan

Question70:- 'Unni Namboodiri' is the publication of

Yogakshema Sabha

Question71:- A group of programs which controls and process information in a computer is called

Operating System

Question72:- The Computer used to control the Space Programs

Super Computer

Question73:- The light beam which is used to record in optical discs and to recover data

Laser Light

Question74:- 'The Prelude' is written by

William Wordsworth

Question75:- The year in which George Bernard Shaw won the Nobel Prize


Question76:-Joseph Pulitzer was born in

Hungary (later went to America)

Question77:-Rajya Sabha received the name in


Question78:- The first Coastal Police Station of Kerala


Question79:-Humayun defeated ------- and regained the Power of Delhi

Islam Sha

Question80:- Defense Food Research Laboratory is situated at


Question81:- The only one African country which shares boundary with Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans


Question82:-The person who gave leadership to Salt Agitation in Boundary

Khan Abdul Gafer Khan

Question83:-Service is the publication of ---------


Question84:- Sivagiri Pilgrimage starts in the month


Question85:-Dr Palpu was in the service of --------- province


Question86:- Tensin Gyatso is the original name of -------


Question87:- The staring point of the Main Eastern Highway which is connected with Muvattupuzha


Question88:-The prominent African Country which is not a member of African Union


Question89:- 'Desikothama' award is given by

Viswabharati University

Question90:-The Viceroy during the INA Trial at Delhi in 1945

Lord Wavel

Question91:- The story of Yayati of Jnanapeeth Winner V.S Khandekkar is taken from


Question92:-The box which includes the most important parts in a computer

System Unit

Question93:- Karnatic Wars were in between

English and French

Question94:- National Vinjan Commission was established in


Question95:- The first Social Reformer of Kerala in the Modern World

Vaikunda Swami

Question96:-The place where Dr Palpu was born

Pettah (Thiruvananthapuram)

Question97:-The process of transferring files from Internet to the PC


Question98:- The basic Unit of adding Data to the Program Excel


Question99:- The process of dividing disc to sectors and tracks


Question100:- One Nibble equals to ----Bit