GK-25 (Blood)

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about GK-25 (Blood) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- The Tissue in the form of Liquid


Question2:- What is known as the "River of Life "


Question3:- Hormones are carried by -------


Question4:- The study of Blood is known as


Question5:-The liquid portion of Blood is known as


Question6:- The 90% of Plasma is ------


Question7:- The -----% of Blood is Plasma


Question8:-The Colour of Plasma

The Color of Hey

Question9:- The three types of Blood Cells are

White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells and Platelets

Question10:- The red colour of the Red Blood Cells are due to the presence of ---------


Question11:-The Metal contained in the Hemoglobin


Question12:------- carries Oxygen to the different parts of the Body


Question13:- Red Blood Cells are formed in ----

Bone Marrow

Question14:- The life span of Red Blood Cells

120 Days

Question15:-The Red Blood Cells are destroyed at

Liver and Spleen

Question16:-The Immunity of the body is given by


Question17:-Antibodies are produced in the body by

White Blood Cells

Question18:- The Blood Cells that can be moved by itself

White Blood Cells

Question19:- ------ helps to clot the Blood


Question20:- The metal that helps to clot the blood


Question21:- The Vitamin that helps to clot the blood

Vitamin -K

Question22:- There is an average of ------- amount of Blood in the Human Body

5.7 Ltr

Question23:- The ------% of the weight of the body is blood


Question24:- The pH Value of Human Blood is


Question25:-Who discovered Blood Circulation

William Harvey

Question26:-Who discovered Blood Groups

Karl Land Steiner

Question27:- Which Blood Group is known as 'Universal Donor'

O Negative

Question28:- Which Blood Group is known as 'Universal Recipient'


Question29:-The Blood Group which has no Antigen


Question30:- The Blood Group which has no Antibody


Question31:- The average Blood Pressure of Human Body

120/80 mm/Hg

Question32:-The instrument for measuring Blood Pressure


Question33:- The age group of people whom can donate Blood

15 Yrs to 55 Yrs

Question34:-The amount of Blood taken from the body during the time of Blood Donation

300 mm

Question35:- A healthy person can donate Blood ----- times in a year

3 to 4 times

Question36:-The donated blood can be used for ----- days

35 to 42 Days

Question37:- The Blood Group which is the most common in the world

O Positive

Question38:- The Rarest Blood Group in the World

AB Negative

Question39:- The Blood Group which is found in very few people is

Bombay Group

Question40:- The Bombay Blood Group is also known as

HH Group

Question41:-The Chemical used as Anti Coagulant in Blood Banks

Sodium Citrate

Question42:- The first recognized artificial blood group is

Hemo Pure

Question43:- Poly Heem is a ------

Artificial Blood Variety

Question44:- The Viscosity of Blood


Question45:- The process of formation of Blood Cells


Question46:-The anti-coagulant present in Blood is .


Question47:- Largest WBC


Question48:- Graveyard of RBC


Question49:-The process of formation of RBC


Question50:- The process of formation of WBC<


Question51:-Life Span of WBC

5 to 12 Days

Question52:- Which disease is known as 'Christmas Disease '


Question53:- World Hemophilia Day is observed on

April 17

Question54:-World Blood Donation Day is observed on

June 14

Question55:- The instrument used to measure Hemoglobin Count