GK-27 (Inventions and Persons)

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about GK-27 (Inventions and Persons) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- Who discovered Vaccination

Edward Jenner

Question2:-Who invented Steam Engine

James Watt

Question3:- Who invented Umbrella

Samuel Fox

Question4:- Who invented Postage Stamps

Rowland Hill

Question5:-Who invented Reflexive Telescope

Isaac Newton

Question6:- Who invented Mobile Phone

Martin Cooper

Question7:- Who invented Electric Iron

Henry Seelai

Question8:- Who invented Match Box

John Walker

Question9:- Who invented Radio


Question10:- Who invented Blood Bank

Charles Richard Drrew

Question11: Who discovered Revolver -

Samuel Colt

Question12:- Who invented Dynamite

Alfred Nobel

Question13:-Who discovered Tank

Earnest, Sinton

Question14:-Who invented Radar

Robert Watson Watt

Question15:- Who discovered Pencilin

Alexander Fleming

Question16:- Who invented Atom Model


Question17:-Who discovered Cycle

Mac Millan

Question18:- Who invented Tier


Question19:- Who discovered Computer

Charles Babbage

Question20:- Who discovered Compound Micro Scope

Sakarias Janson

Question21:-Who discovered Pendulum Clock

Christian Huygens

Question22:- Who invented Radium

Madam Curie & Peary Curie

Question23:- Who discovered Helicopter

Luis Breguet

Question24:-Who invented Electric Arch Lamp

Humphry Davi

Question25:- Who invented DC Generator

Michel Faraday

Question26:-Who invented Jet Engine

Frank Vittle

Question27:- Who discovered Hover Coft

C.S .Cockerel

Question28:- Who discovered Aspirin

Felix Hofman

Question29:- Who invented Carburetor

Gotlib Diamler

Question30:- Who invented Motor Car

Carl Bence

Question31:- Who invented Motor Cycle

Gotlib Diamler

Question32:-Who invented X-Ray


Question33:- Who discovered Typewriter

Christopher Sholas

Question34:- Who discovered Transistor

Bardene and Shoklee

Question35:- Who invented Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell

Question36:-Who discovered Sub Marine

David Bushnel

Question37:- Who discovered Stitching Machine

Walter Hunt

Question38:-Who discovered Safety Pin

Walter Hunt

Question39:- Wireless Telegraph was invented by


Question40:- Electric Battery was discovered by

Alexander Volta

Question41:- Barometer was invented by


Question42:- Airplane was invented by

Wilbur Wright & Orville Wright

Question43:- Ball Pen was invented by

John Loud

Question44:- Fountain Pen was invented by

Louis Waterman

Question45:- Lift was invented by


Question46:- Electric Lamp was invented by .

Thomas Alva Edison

Question47:- Nylon was discovered by

W.H. Kuriakose

Question48:- Machine Gun was invented by

Richard Gatling

Question49:-Carbon Philament was invented by

Thomas Alva Edison

Question50:- Gramaphone was invented by

Thomas Alva Edison

Question51:-Proton was discovered by

Ruther Ford

Question52:- Electron was discovered by

J.J. Thomson

Question53:-Neutron was discovered by

James Chadwick

Question54:- Atomic Theory was discovered by

John Dalton

Question55:- Super Conductivity of Metals is discovered by

Camarling Owns

Question56:-Carbon Dating is discovered by

Frank Liby

Question57:- Carbon Dioxide is discovered by

Joseph Black

Question58:- Stainless Steel is discovered by

Harry Biarly

Question59:-pH Scale is invented by


Question60:- Cement is invented by

Joseph Aspidin