Repeated Questions-15

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Repeated Questions-15 including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- The scientist who discovered that the sun light is comprised of seven colours


Question2:- The only person who held the offices of the Chief Justice of supreme court, Vice President and President

M. Hidayathullah

Question3:- The founder of Mythraka Vamsha


Question4:-The name of the Horse of Sribudha


Question5:- Who organised the All India Backward Community Meeting at Nagpur in 1930 Aug

B.R. Ambedkar

Question6:- Where did St Thomas reached in Kerala

Kodungallur (Mallyankara)

Question7:-Guruvayur Satyagraha was in the leadership of --------

K. Kelappan

Question8:-Who discovered Nylon

W.H. Karothers

Question9:- -------- will select the Nobel Prize Winner for Peace every Year

Norwegian Parliament

Question10:-The founder of the Organization, Servants of God

Khan Abdul Gafer Khan

Question11:-The licence to be taken for the independent Software is known as

General Public Licence

Question12:- The director of the Film "Theen Kanya"

Satyajith Ray

Question13:- The Film Theen Kanya is based on the story written by

Rabindranath Tagore

Question14:- Dengue Fever is spread by

Eadis Egypti Mosquittos

Question15:-'City of Joy' is written by

Dominic Lappier

Question16:- Which City is described in the book , 'City of Joy'


Question17:- The communist ruler who ruled for the longest continuous period in the World

Fidel Castro

Question18:- Which country was ruled by Fidel Castro


Question19:-The fifth biggest satellite in the Solar System


Question20:- The highest peak in South America


Question21:- Gateway of India is situated at


Question22:- Gateway of India was designed by

George Witette

Question23:-The Dictionary by Herman Gundert was published in the Year


Question24:- The preface of the English Translation of Gitanjali by Tagore was written by

W.B. Yeats

Question25:- The meaning of the Word 'Bible'


Question26:- The country in where the most of the places enlisted in the World Heritage List is situated


Question27:- The name of the Galaxy in which the Solar System is included

Milky Way

Question28:- Guru Gobind Singh was born at


Question29:- The first Indian Cricketer to get a Century in Test Cricket

Lala Amarnath

Question30:- Dengue Fever is due to


Question31:- Jaipur City was built by

Maharaja Jaising II

Question32:-Jahangir was born at

Fathepur Sikri

Question33:- The country which is known as the Britain of the South


Question34:- The father of Indian Loksabha

G.V Mavlankar

Question35:- Drain of Wealth Theory is introduced by

Dada Bhai Navaroji

Question36:- The quorum of Loksabha


Question37:- Who founded Soviet Union


Question38:- The clouds that forms circles around the Moon and the Sun

Sirous Stratus

Question39:- The oldest member of Solar System

The Sun

Question40:-The AHARDS project is related with the development of ------------ area


Question41:- Mahabalipura Town was built by

Narasimha Varman I

Question42:- The place of Memory in Brain

Cortex (Ceribrum)

Question43:- Another name for Slave Dynasty

Ilbari Dynasty

Question44:-The riverr originates at Brahma Giri in Kudaku District


Question45:- Muslim League was formed in


Question46:-The city of Mosques .


Question47:- Khetri Copper Mine is situated at


Question48:- Golkhonda Fort is situated at


Question49:-The distance between Sun and Earth is maximum on

July 4

Question50:-The Tomb of Jahangir is situated on the banks of

River Ravi

Question51:-The river which originates from Thrayambak Village in Nassik district of Maharashtra


Question52:- The Sikh Guru who was murdered by Aurangazeeb

Guru Thej Bahadur

Question53:- The founder of Missionaries of Charity

Mother Teresa

Question54:- The Rashtrakooda King who built the Kailas Nath Temple at Ellora

Krishna I

Question55:- The Victoria lake is in ------- Continent


Question56:-India has ------- position in the Muslim population


Question57:- Enied is written by


Question58:-The oldest Flower in the World


Question59:- Angel Waterfalls is in the river -------


Question60:-The branch of Muslim League was started o function in Kerala in the year -----


Question61:-Whose Autobiography is 'Dreams From My Father'

Barack Obama

Question62:- River Sabari is the tributary of -------


Question63:- Prince of Wales Museum is situated at


Question64:- Prince of Wales Museum was designed by

George Witette

Question65:-The Pencilin Facory is situated at -------- in Maharashtra


Question66:-The novel written by Vikram Seth in the form of a poem

The Golden Gate

Question67:- The average weight of a Kidney of a human being is

130 gm

Question68:-The father of Modern Mysore

M. Visweswara Ayya

Question69:- The first Woman to climb the Everest

Junko Taboy

Question70:-Air Force Academy is situated at


Question71:-The oldest American President

Ronald Regon

Question72:- The founder of the Political Magazine 'Malayali'

C. Krishna Pillai

Question73:- The headquarters of African Union

Addis Ababa

Question74:- Muriyad Lake is situated at


Question75:- The Average Weight of the adult human brain

1300 gm to 1400 gm

Question76:- The Socrates of Maharashtra

Gopalakrishna Gokhale

Question77:- The first Roman Catholican President of America

John F Kennedy

Question78:- The biggest Lake of Africa


Question79:- The first person to be the Honorary Captain of Indian Navy

Sachin Tendulkar

Question80:- The person to become the President of America Four Times

Franklin D Rooswelt

Question81:-The Indian State which shares boundary with neighboring Country from the three Sides


Question82:- The most Famous Lodhi Sulthan

Sikkender Lodhi

Question83:- The Famous Buddhiist Temple of Maharashtra


Question84:- America became independent in

1776 July 4

Question85:-Vietnam War was ended in


Question86:-Who is known as the Ulcer that defeated Aurangazeb er


Question86:- Union Territory which shares boundary with three States


Question88:-The main port of Karnataka


Question89:- The total bones on the face of Human


Question90:- Abraham Lincoln is the -------- th President of America


Question91:- Which Country has the longest National Anthem


Question92:- Florida Strait is in between -------- & ---------

America & Cuba

Question93:- Mission of Life Museum is situated at

New Delhi

Question94:- Mission of Life Museum is started in memory of whom

APJ Abdul Kalam

Question95:-The Autobiography of Gandhiji was first published in ------


Question96:-The River which connects the Capital Cities, Vienna, Belgrade, Budapest and Bratislava

River Danube

Question97:-The longest Sea Strait


Question98:- The Play ground of America


Question99:- The Capital of Vietnam


Question100:- Where is Malayali Temple is situated