GK-32 (Population)

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PSC Question and Answer about GK-32 (Population) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- Which day is observed as world population day ?

July -11

Question2:- What percentage of World's population lives in India?


Question3:- Which is the least populated state in India?


Question4:-Which state in India has the lowest number of females in comparison to males?


Question5:- Which country has a better gender ratio than India?


Question6:- What is the overall literacy rate of India as per 2011 census?

India's literacy rate is at 74.04%. Kerala has achieved a literacy rate of 93.91%. Bihar is the least literate state in India, with a literacy of 63.82%.

Question7:-Which is the most populated Union Territory in India?


Question8:-What is the population of India according to 2011 census?

102.8 crore.

Question9:- According to 2011 census, state the population density of India

324 persons per s km.

Question10:-What is the marriageable age for boys and girls in India according to law?

Boys: 21 years, Girls: 18 years

Question11:-Which is the most literate state in India?


Question12:- What percentage of world land area is there in India


Question13:- Name the year of demographic divide?


Question14:- According to 2011 census how many cities have the population of more than one lakh?


Question15:-According to 2011 census which is most populated city of India?

Greater Mumbai.

Question16:- According to 2011 census what is the urban population of India?

28.5 crore (27.78%)

Question17:- According to 2011 census What is the death rate in India?

persons per thousand

Question18:- According to 2011 census What is the population rate in India?


Question19:-Which union territory, has the lowest density of population?

Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 13 persons per s km (2011 census).

Question20:- TWhich union territory has the highest density of population?

Delhi, 9294 persons per square km (2011 census).

Question21:- Which state of India has minimum density of population and how much?

Arunachal Pradesh, 13 persons (2011 census) per s km.

Question22:- State the most densely populated state of India.

West Bengal, 904 persons per square kilometre (2011 census).

Question23:-Name the most populated state of India and mention its population.

Uttar Pradesh, 166052859 persons(2011 census) .

Question24:- Who is called as the "Father of Demographic Studies"?

A. Karl Marx

Question25:- Which is the earliest treaty used the term "census"for the first time in India?


Question26:- When was first census held in India?


Question27:- Who was the Governor-General when first census was held?

Lord Mayo

Question28:- What do you understand by Sex ratio?

Number of females per 1000 males

Question29:- Which of the following state has largest number of metropolitan cities in India as per census 2011?

Uttar Pradesh

Question30:- Which of the following state has largest number of towns in India as per census 2011?


Question31:- What was the mascot of Census 2011?

Female Enumerator

Question32:-According to Census 2011, which union territory has the lowest population growth rate?


Question33:- According to Census 2011, which union territory has the highest population growth rate

Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Question34:- Which is the state has negative population growth is according to Census 2011?

Nagaland's population growth rate is - 0.58%.

Question35:-According to 2011 census, the literacy rate among men in India ?


Question36:- According to 2011 census, the literacy rate among women in India ?


Question37:- As per 2011 census, the literacy rate in India is ?


Question38:- __is the Census Commissoner, under whose guidance the 2011 Census has been conducted ?

Dr C Chandramouli

Question39:- As per 2011 census, the number of women per 1,000 men in India is ?


Question40:- The National Commission on population is headed by ?

Prime Minister

Question41:- The slogan of Census 2011 was ?

Our Census, Our Future

Question42:- The first ever Census in modern human history was conducted by ?


Question43:- The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes Constitute_ and __% of the Indian population ?

16.2%, 8.2%

Question44:- Prior to 2011 the caste census was last conducted in the year ?


Question45:-The First Indian Registrar General and Census Commissioner of Independent India was ?

R A Gopalaswami

Question46:-The First Registrar General and Census Commissioner of Independent India was ?

M W M Yeatts

Question47:- The latest census commenced on ?

1 May, 2010

Question48:- The most populous city in India, according to 2011 Census, is ?


Question49:-As per 2011 Census, the total population of India is ?


Question50:-Second most populous country in the world?


Question51:- Density of population is defined as the number of persons per square ?


Question52:- As per Census 2011, the population density of India?


Question53:- Which state has become the most densely populated state with 1102 persons per square kilometer?


Question54:-Which state has least densely populated state with 17 persons per square kilometer?

Arunachal Pradesh

Question55:- Which state has the highest sex ratio?


Question56:- Which state has the lowest sex ratio?


Question57:- As perCensus 2011, Andhra Pradesh density of population?


Question58:-Number of districts recorded in Census was?


Question59:- According to Census 2011, India has the what % of World’s population?


Question60:-What is the total literacy rate of India?


Question61:-Most literate state in India (Rate)

Kerala (93.91%)

Question62:- Least Literate state in India (Rate)


Question63:- According to Census 2011 which Indian state has highest fertility rate?


Question64:- State with Highest sex ratio

Kerala (1084/1000)

Question65:-According to Census 2011 which is the most populated district