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Current Affairs-(December-2018)

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PSC Question and Answer about Current Affairs-(December-2018) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-Who was elected as Kamaroon President again

Paul Bia

Question2:-The only one leader who became Chief Minister of two Indian States passed away recently. Who was that Leader

N.D Theevari

Question3:-N.D. Theevari became the Chief Minister of which two Indian states

Utterpradesh and Utterakhand

Question4:- The new Vice Chancellor of Kerala University

Dr V.P. Mahadevan Pillai

Question5: The Winner of Ezhuthachan Award of the Year

M. Mukundan

Question6:-The new President of Vietnam

Fu Trong

Question7:-The newly appointed Reliance Director, who was the former Chairman of the State Bank of India

Arundhathi Bhattacharya

Question8:-The expelled U.S attorney General

Jeff Sessions

Question9:- One of the Six Airports in India which was selected by the Central Govt for the development in the Public-Prvate Partnership Model (PPP maodel)

Thiruvananthapuram International Airport

Question10:-The Indian state which won the Future Policy Award of the UNO


Question11:-The new head of the Pakistan Spy Agency, ISI

Assim Muneer

Question12:- The Venue of the Asian Para Games


Question13:-The Final Scientific Paper of Stephan Hawking which was published recently

Black Hole Entropy and Soft Hair

Question14:-The winner of First ONV Award issued by the Kerala University

Sugatha Kumari

Question15:-The Indian Ship capable of launching Ballistic Missiles with Nuclear Power

INS Arihanth

Question16:-The Cricket Player who got the Prize for the best Player in the Women Twenty-20 Cricket World Cup

Aleesa Heeli

Question17:-The winner of 2018 Ezhuthachan Award

M. Mukundan

Question18:Which Indian Film was selected to place in the list of World's 100 Best Films -

Pather Panjali

Question19:-The Winner of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race in this year

Payippadan Chundan

Question20:-The Winner of V.R. Krishnayyar Award

Kesavananda Bharathi

Question21:- The Woman Athlet of winning the most number of Gold Medals in the World Championships

Mary Com

Question22:-The Athlet who won her 6 th Gold Medal in the World Women Boxing Championship

Mary Com

Question23:- The former cabinet railway minister who died recently

C. K. Jaffer Shereef

Question24:-The first Beauty Accademy for the Transgenders in India was established at


Question25:-The former cabinet minister and Actor who died recently


Question26:-The Cabinet Minster who died recently

Ananth Kumar

Question27:- The Indian City with the highest Salary Rate


Question28:-The Mangolian Native who won the Miss Earth 2018


Question29:-The new Chair Person of the TESLA

Robin Denom

Question30:-The Butter Fly which got the status of official butterfly of Kerla State

Budha Mayuri

Question31:-The Keralite who won the Infosys Prize

Dr. S.K Satheesh

Question32:-The Satellite with the Most Weight launched from India


Question33:-GSAT-29 was launched from


Question34:-The Rocket which carried the GSAT-29 to the space


Question35:-Bahubali is a ---- Rocket

GSLV Mark 3 Rocket

Question36:-GSAT-29 is the ----- th Communicative Satellite of india


Question37:-GSAT-29 satellite was developed by


Question38:-The Cyclone which affected Tamilnad badly


Question39:-Which Bank won the European Microfinance Prize

Isaf Small Finance Bank

Question40:-Who is the winner of Vagbhadanantha Prize

T. Padmanabhan

Question41:-The Kerala Minister who won the Bharath Jyothi Prize

K.K. Shyleja

Question42:-The Kerlaite who became the Chief Executive Officer of Google

Thomas Kurian

Question43:-The M.P from Vayanadu who died recently

M. I. Shanavas

Question44:-The Winner of Guru Gopinath National Prize

Kanak Rele

Question45:-The head of the International Police Agency, INTERPOL

Kim Jong Young

Question46:- The head quarters of INTERPOL .


Question47:-In which Indian state the Legislative Assembly was dissolved recently

Jammu & Kashmir

Question48:-The tenur of Legislative Assembly of Jammu & Kashmir

6 Years

Question49:-The Governor of Jammu & Kashmir

Satyapal Malik

Question50:-The winner of 'Asan Kavitha Puraskaram' of the year

Desamangalam Ramakrishnan

Question51:-What is the other name of Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

Ayushman Bharat

Question52:-At which place Prime Minister inaugurated Ayushman Bharat


Question53:- Pakyong is the first Airport of which of the Indian State


Question54:-Which Section of the Indian Penal Code that made Adultery a Criminal Offence was sriken down by a five judge bench headed by Dipak Misra


Question55:-Who headed the Five Judge Bench that allowed the entry of Women in Sabarima Ayyappa Temple saying that Women irrespective of their age , have the right to enter the Temple

Dipak Misra

Question56:-Ordinal Status of Renjan Gogoi as the Chief Justice of India


Question57:- The President of Vietnam who passed away recently

Tran Dai Quang

Question58:-The first person to be stripped off the honorary Canadian citizenship that was bestowed in 2007

Aung San Suu Kyi

Question59:- Who received the first ever 'Genderless' Award

Emma Watson

Question60:-The Indian-American who resigned from the post of United states Ambassador to the United Nations

Nikki Halei

Question61:-Who were conferred Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award in 2018

S. Mirabai Chanu & Virat Kohli

Question62:-The Indian who received the UN Champions of the Earth Award , the highest environmental honour of the United Nations

Narendra Modi

Question63:-How many Rafel Fighter Aircrafts are being bought by India from France


Question64:-Who is the Solicitor General of India

Tushar Mehta

Question65:-Who was appointed as the Deputy National Security Advisor in 2018 October

R.N. Ravi

Question66:- Who was renominated as the Chairman of the Loksabha Ethics Committee

L.K. Advani

Question67:-Who was appointed as the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission in 2018 September

Kamlesh Vyas

Question68:-Who was appointed as the Director General of the Boarder Security Force in 2018 September

Rajni Kanth Misra

Question69:- The first Indian and Asian to have 800 dismissals in International Cricket

M.S. Dhoni

Question70:-What is the Rank of India in World terms of largest pictorial warning on Cigerette Packs

5 th

Question71:-What is the Rank of India in World Hunger Index

103 (total 119)

Question72:- Who was appointed as the Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund in 2018 October

Gita Gopinath

Question73:-The researchers of which Country have developed World's first bio-electric medicine

United States

Question74:-Who is the author of the book "The Paradoxical Prime Minister Narendra Modi and His India "

Sashi Tarur

Question75:-Who has become the first shooter from Inida to claim a Gold at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics

Manu Bhakar

Question76:- Which state Govt has decided to set up Anti-Terrorist force 'Kavach'


Question77:-India's first 2G Ethanol Bio-Refinery will be set up in which state , where Ethanol will be produced from Rice Straw


Question78:- Which African Country will host the 2022 Youth Olympics Games


Question79:-Who has been chosen as the India's first Trans Beauty Queen

Veena Sendre

Question80:-Who has been appointed as the ambassador and India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Conference on Disarmanant

Pankaj Sharma

Question81:-Which Day is observed as Legal Services Day in India

November 9

Question82:-What were the names of the Mascots of 18 th Asian Games

Bhim Bhim, Atung and Kaka

Question83:-The new President of Maldives

Ibrahim Solih

Question84:- The first country in the world where a child is born through the gene editing of the Fetus


Question85:-The new Minister for Water Resources of Kerala Govt

K. Krishnan Kutty

Question86:-The Winner of the Thulasee Vana Award

K. R. Shyama

Question87:-The renowned Italian Film Director who died recently

Bernado Bertoluchi

Question88:-The tenure of Chief Election Commissioner

6 Years or 65 Years old (Whichever is the earliest)

Question89:-The chief election commissioner of India

Sunil Arora

Question90:-The recently retired Chief Election Commissioner of India

Ohm Prakash Ravath

Question91:-The Film directed by Bernado Berthaluchi which got 9 Oscar Awards

The Last Emperor

Question92:-The Malayalam Actor who got the 'Rajatha Mayuram' award for the best actor in the Goan Film Festival

Chempan Vinod

Question93:-The Rajataha Mayura Award for the Best Director was given to ----- in the Goan Film Festival

Jose Pellisserry

Question94:-The first Malayalam Actor to get the Rajataha Mayura Award

Chempan Vinod

Question95:-The mission "InSight" was sent to which planet


Question96:-The Full name of InSight Mission

Interior Exploraion Using Seismic Investigations and Geodesy and Heat Transport Mission

Question97:-The Weight of InSight

360 Kg

Question98:-InSight was launched on

2018 May 5

Question99:-The place on Mars where the Mission InSight touched

Elizium Planetia

Question100:-The Woman who became the president of Georgia

Salomi Surabishwili