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Current Affairs-(January-2019)

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PSC Question and Answer about Current Affairs-(January-2019) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-The longest Rail Cum Road Bridge in India is at


Question2:-The longest Rail cum road bridge in India at Assam was inagurated by the Indian PM on

2018 Dec 25

Question3:-The name of the longest rail cum road bridge in India

Bogy Beel

Question4:-The length of Bogy Beel

4.94 km

Question5:The second longest rail road bridge in india

Dikha -Sonpur

Question6:-The Dikha Sonpur Rail road bridge is across the river


Question7:-The longest Rail-road bridge in the world is

Great Setto

Question8:-In which country the Great Setto rail road bridge is situated


Question9:-The length of Great Setto Rail Road Bridge

13.1 km

Question10:-The longest Railway Bridge

Vembanadu Railway Bridge

Question11:- The Vembanadu Railway Bridge is at


Question12:- The length of Vembanadu Railway Bridge

4.62 km

Question13:-Bogy Beel Rail Road Bridge is across the river


Question14:-The Malyalam Actor who occupies the 49 th place in the list of the richest Indian Celebrities of the Fobes Magazine


Question15:-The Venue of the 23 rd International Film Festival of Kerala


Question16:- The Iranian Director who won the award for the life time achievement in the 23 rd International Film Festival of Kerala

Majeed Majeedi

Question17:- The award for the life time achievement of Cross Word Book was won by

Sasi Tharur

Question18:-Who was appointed as the Chief Econimic Adviser

Krishnamoorthy Subrahmanian

Question19:-the ricest person in India

Mukesh Ambani

Question20:-The Miss World of the year

Vanesa Pones

Question21:-The nationality of Vanesa Pones


Question22:-The former state minister who died recently

C.L. Balakrishnan

Question23:-The RBI Governor who resigned recently

Urjith Pattel

Question24:- Kannur International Airport was inagurated on

2018 Dec 9

Question25:-The German Chancellor who won the first place in the list of the most influential Women in the world of the Fobes Magazine

Angella Merkkal

Question26:-The Balon de Ore Award for the best Football Player was won by

Luka Modrich

Question27:-The nationality of Luka Modrich


Question28:-Who was selected as the best Woman Football Player

Eida Hegarberg

Question29:-The nationality of Eida Hegarberg


Question30:-The Copa Prize for the best young Foot ball player was won by

Kailiyan Embappe

Question31:-The nationality of Kailiyan Embappe


Question32:-The Venue of State School Festival


Question33:-The first complete Solar Powered Airport in the World

Siyal (Nedumpasseri)

Question34:-The first Jnanapeeth winner in the English Language

Amithav Ghosh

Question35:-The district which came in the first place with highest points


Question36:-The Venue of the Miss World Contest this year


Question37:-Amithav Ghosh got the ------ th Jnanapeeth Award


Question38:-The Irani Film which got the Suvarna Chakora Award in the 23 rd Kerala International Film Festival

Anamika Husker

Question39:-The Golden Peacock Award fot the best director in the Kerala International Film Festival was given to

Lijo Jose Pellissery

Question40:-The National Award for the best energy protection of the Buereue of Energy efficiency (under the Central Govt) was given to


Question41:-The new Chief Minster of Missoram


Question42:-The political party of Soramdhanga

Miso National Front

Question43:-The new Chief Minister of Chattisgarh

Bhupesh Bhagel

Question44:-The political party of Bhupesh Bhagel


Question45:- The first Indian woman to win the Badminton World Tour Finals Cup

P.V. Sindhu

Question46:-The Miss Universe of the year .

Cathriyona Grey

Question47:- The nationality of Cathriyona Grey


Question48:-Central Govt launched 100 coins to co memmorate which leader recently

A.B. Vajpayee

Question49:- The last Venue of the Miss World Contest


Question50:-The Indian State where Presidential Rule was imposed after the Governor's Rule for 6 months

Jammu & Kashmir

Question51:-The Pakistani woman who had won the highest Award for the Human Rights Activist of the UNO posthumously

Asma Jahangeer

Question52:-The first UNESCO geo Park of India is going to be constructed at

Papanasam Hill (Varkkala)

Question53:-The country in where so many people died in the Tsunami caused by the bursting of Krakatova Active Volcano


Question54:-The former Chairman of Kerala Kalamandalam who got the Swami Nirmalananda Prize

Dr V.S Sharma

Question55:-The Clinical Establishment Act is enacted in India from

2019 Jan 1

Question56:-The official house of the Telangana Chief Minister

Pragathy Bhavan

Question57:-The TRS Chairman who vowed as the Chief Minister of Telangana again

K. Chandrasekhara Rao

Question58:-The first Food Commission Chairman of Kerala

K.V. Mohan Kumar

Question59:-The first Solar Petrol Pump was established at


Question60:-The famous Bengali Director who died recently

Mrinal Sen

Question61:-Who got the Marthrubhoomi Literacy Prize

N.S. Madhavan

Question62:- Who was appointed as the Chief Right To Information Commissioner

Sudheer Bhargava

Question63:-Wh is appointed as the Chief Justice of Telangana High Court

Thottathil B Radhakrishnan

Question64:- The number of members in the Central Right To Information Commission including the Information Commissioner


Question65:-The first Film in the Independent India to be banned

Neel Akasher Neeche

Question66:- The director of the film Neel Akasher Neeche

Mrinal Sen

Question67:-Who was elected as the Prime Minister of Bengladesh for the 4 th time

Shaikh Haseena

Question68:-The political party of Shaikh Haseena

Avami League

Question69:-The Ashoka Wheel with the biggest Diameter in India is going to be constructed at

Toprakalam Village in Haryana (30 Feet)

Question70:-Who was appointed as the Indian Ambassador of China

Vikram Misri

Question71:-As per the Citizen ship Bill passed by the Loksabha, a person without documents can be acquire Indian Citizenship on living India for a time of ---- years


Question72:- The head of the Five Member Committee appointed to raise the Digital Payment of the Reserve Bank

Nandan Nilekkani

Question73:-The new party formed by the former opposition leader of Panjab Sukhpal Singh Khaira, who was resigned from the Am Admi Party

Panjab Ektha Party

Question74:-Who was reappointed as the CBI Director on the basis of the Supreme Court Verdict

Alok Varma

Question75:-The first Woman to be appointed as the Chief Economic Adviser of the IMF

Geetha Gopinath

Question76:-Which Year is observed as the International Year of Periodic Table by the UNO


Question77:- The World Bank President who was resigned

Jim Yong Kim

Question78:-The 124 th Constitutional Amendment is related with

The 10% economic reservation of the Forward caste

Question79:-The Srilankan Prime Minster

Renil Vikrama Singe

Question80:-The experimental Vehicle named Insight was launched to which planet


Question81:-The new Governor of Reserve Bank

Sakthikanth Das

Question82:-The resigned Cabinet Deputy Minister of Human Resource Development

Upendra Kuswaha

Question83:-The first Indian State to have four Interrnational Airports


Question84:-The famous Economist who resigned from the Economic Advisory Committee of Indian Prime Minister

Surjith Bhalla

Question85:- The Toll Free number of Police, Ambulance, Fire Station immediate help for the Woman, Children and the Senior Citizens


Question86:-The Film Director of the famous film 'Perunthachan' who died recently


Question87:-The first handicapped woman to conquer Mount Winson, the highest Mountain in Antartica

Arunima Sinha

Question88:-The Winner of the Odakkuzhal Award of Guruvayurappan Trust of 2018

Dr E.V. Ramakrishnan

Question89:-The Winner of the Nisagandhi Award

Kalamandalam Kshemavathy

Question90:- The Prize Money of Nisagandhi Award

One Lakh and Fifty thousand Rupees

Question91:-The Winner of Harivarasanam Award

P. Susheela

Question92:-The prize money of Harivarasanam Award

One Lakh Rupees

Question93:- The Winner of Jadayu Smrithi Award

Nedimudi Venu

Question94:-The Prize money of Jadayu Smrithi Award

One Lakh Rupees

Question95:-Who was appointed as the Chief Wilde Life Warden of the Kerala State

Surendra Kumar

Question96:- The First Winner of the Award in the name of Kathakali Guru Madavur Vasudevan Nair

Kalamandalam Gopi

Question97:-The Highest Sivalinga of India is constructed at

Chenkal Maheswaram Sivaparvathy Temple

Question98:- Chenkal Maheswaram Sivaparvathy Temple is located at

Neyyattinkara in Thiruvananthapuram

Question99:-The height of the Sivalinga at Chenkal Maheswaram Sivaparvathy Temple

111.2 Feet

Question100:-The highest commercially valuble cricket player of India

Virat Kohli