Currentaffairs July-2018

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Currentaffairs July-2018 including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....


Question1:- The First Secret Intelligence Wing of K S R T C


Question2:- The first Transgender Lawyer of India

Satyasree Sharmila

Question3:-The first Private Rocket of Japan which failed in launching

Momo -2

Question4:- The Deputy Chairman of Rajyasabha who completed the Tenure recently

P.J. Kurian

Question5:- The Commission appointed by the Govt to study the problems related with the Film Field

Justice Hema Commission

Question6:- The Political Leader who completed her 100 th birth day recently

K.R. Gouri Amma

Question7:- The Football practicing project launched by the State Govt for Kids

Kick off

Question8:- The project launched by the State Govt for Tennis Practicing


Question9:- The project launched by the State Govt for the practicing of swimming


Question10:- Who was appointed as the State Chief Secretary

Tom Jose

Question11:-Who was appointed as the Coordinator of the Development Missions launched by the Govt

Cheriyan Philip

Question12:- The Country which is in the first position in the Swiss Bank Deposits


Question13:- The place of India in the Swiss Bank Deposits

73 rd

Question14:- The Satellite developed by the Britain to remove the wastes in Space

Remove Debris

Question15:- The venue of 2018 ICC Woman Twenty -20 World Cup

West Indies

Question16:- The solar power scheme started by the Gujarat Govt recently for the Farmers

Surya Sakthi Kisan Yojana

Question17:-The first Indian State to launch a project to form co-operative societies for Trans Genders


Question18:-The Indian State at where Sindhu Darsan Festival was launched recently

Jammu Kashmir

Question19:- The new System going to establish replacing the U G C

Higher Education Commission of India

Question20:-The project launched by the Kerala Sports Department to protect the Tradition Games


Question21:- The person who won the Mundasserry Award recently

Puthussery Ramachandran

Question22:- The Indian State to start Kanyavan Samridhi Yojana


Question23:-The first Indian State which it made it Compulsory to use Plastic fir the Road Construction


Question24:-The Legend Owner Award winner of MACTA


Question25:-The Navy of India with that of --------- Country participated in the Passage exercise (PASSEX) recently


Question26:- The Captain of the Indian Team for the Woman World Cup of 2018

Rani Ram Pal

Question27:- The mobile application launched by the the Indian Govt to find out the missing children

Re Unite

Question28:- The Project launched by the Kerala Govt for the development of Tourism in Northern Kerala

Malanadu Malabar River Cruise Tourism Project

Question29:-The number of questions which can be asked by the members of Loksabha from the next session will be --------


Question30:-The Bollywood Actress who co-operate with the UNESCO in connection with the Ciber Security of Children

Sonakshi Sinha

Question31:-The first Patent Arbitration Center in Asia is going to launch in ------- City


Question32:- The Haritham Project implemented at


Question33:- The fifth Indian Cricket Player who was selected to the Hall of Fame of ICC

Rahul Dravid

Question34:- The fastest Cricket Player who completed 2000 runs in the International Twenty-20 Cricket matches

Virat Kohli

Question35:-UN observed the first International Day of Parliamentarism on

30 June 2018

Question36:- The first Indian state where Khadi Mall was established


Question37:- The first Digital Garden in India

Kanaka Kunnu

Question38:- The ------- govt started Happiness Curriculum for School Children recently


Question39:- The first Pro-Vice chancellor of Central University in India

Dr.K. Jyaprasad

Question40:- The first Indian State to establish the e-waste recycling unit


Question41:- The first Venue of World Kayaking Championship


Question42:-Reserve Bank give permission for which Foreign Bank to function in India

Bank of China

Question43:-The venue of State School Youth Festival 2018


Question44:-The venue of State School Athletics Meet 2018


Question45:- The Bhutan PM visited India recently

Shering Thogbe

Question46:- The project related with the sterilization of Street Dogs .

A B C Programe

Question47:- The state Which started 'One Person One Car Policy '

West Bengal

Question48:- The new project launched by the State Govt Education Department for the School Children to make them ready to speak English fluently

Hello English

Question49:- The first Digital Art Museum of the World is at


Question50:-'The Mute and the Sidelined' was written by

Prof: G. N. Panicker

Question51:-Five people were shot dead at which New Paper Office in U S

Capital Gazette

Question52:- Mount Agung was burst out in -------- Country


Question53:-The Pak Prime Minister Who was banned Lifelong to contest in the Election

Sadique Khakhan Abasi

Question54:-The first Woman Head of Dhanalexmi Bank

T. Latha

Question55:- The Pilgrim Center selected from Kerala in relation with the Swacch Bhatath Mission


Question56:- The Japan Space Ship which covered 30 Crore km within Three and a Half Years


Question57:- The place of Malayalam Language among the most used Indian languages


Question58:- The Kerala Doctor who won the Special award in connection with the Nipa Virus Treatment

Dr Anoop Kumar

Question59:-The first Tribal Employment Exchange Exchange of the Country is going to be established at


Question60:-The longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century is on

July 27

Question61:- The Venue of NATO summit


Question62:-The world country which has the most number of poor people


Question63:-The second biggest statue in the World is constructing at

Hyderabad (Statue of Ramanuja)

Question64:- The Winner of Champions Trophy Hockey


Question65:-The winner of Masters Khabadi World Cup


Question66:- The special Man Booker Prize was given to Michle Ondachi for his ---------- book

The English Patient

Question67:- The largest Economy in the World is


Question68:- The second largest Economy in the World is


Question69:- The third largest Economy in the World is


Question70:- The fourth largest Economy in the World is


Question71:-Who is re-elected as the new chairman of Prasar Bharathi?

Dr. A. Surya Prakash

Question72:- The fifth largest Economy in the World is


Question73:- The sixth largest Economy in the World is


Question74:- The Mascots of 2018 Asian Games

Bhin Bhin, Kaka & Atung

Question75:- The motto of 2018 Asian Games

Energy of Asia

Question76:- The World's smallest and lightest Satellite

Kalam Sat