Currentaffairs June-2018

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Currentaffairs June-2018 including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....


Question1:- The Saraswathy Samman of 2017 was given to

Seethamshu Mehtha

Question2:- Seethamshu Mehtha is a writer of ------ language


Question3:-The Literary work of Seethamshu Mehtha which won the Saraswathy Samman


Question4:- The amount of Cash Prize of Saraswathy Samman

15 Lakhs

Question5:- The samithi which organized the Saraswathy Samman

K.K. Birla Foundation

Question6:-The seventh Woman Judge of Supreme Court

Indu Malhotra

Question7:- The first India Woman to be selected from the Bar as the Supreme Court Judge

Indu Malhotra

Question8:- The Muttathu Varkky Sahithya Award was given to ----- recently

K.R. Meera

Question9:- The literary work of K.R. Meera which was selected for the Muttathu Varkky Sahithya Award


Question10:- The Cash Amount of Muttathu Varkkey Award


Question11:- The boundary village where the North Korean Head Kim Jong Unn and the South Korean President Mun J Inn held the meeting


Question12:-The Metropolitan City with the worst atmosphere in the World

New Delhi

Question13:- The famous British Film Director who died recently

Michel Anderson

Question14:- The Film 'Around the World in 80 Days ' is directed by

Michel Anderson

Question15:- Another famous Film of Michel Anderson

Logen's Run

Question16:- The first Cricketer who was the Captain in 150 IPL Cricket Matches

M.S. Dhoni

Question17:- The fastest 100 Wickets in the International Cricket was completed by

Rasheed Khan

Question18:- Rasheed Khan is a ---------- Cricket Player


Question19:- Insight Lander was launched by NASA to ------ planet


Question20:- The first Captain to win the ICC, Champions Trophy, One Day World Cup and Twenty-20 World Cup

M.S. Dhoni

Question21:- The recently died sportsman P.P. Lakshman was related to which sports


Question22:-The 125 th Anniversary of which incident related to the Kerala Renaissance was celebrated in 2018

Villuvandi Yatra led by Ayyankali

Question23:- On which Subject , it is decided not to give Nobel Prize this Year


Question24:- In which American State , Kiluveyya where the Volcanic Eruption occurred is situated

Hawai Islands

Question25:-Shanghai Co-operative Organization is led by


Question26:-The 200 th Anniversary of which Person is celebrated in 2018

Karl Max

Question27:- Karl Max was born in


Question28:- Karl Max was died in


Question29:- Shanghai Co-operation was formed as an Alternate System of which Organization


Question30:- The governing Education Body of the Education of Class 1 to Class XII will be -----

Samagra Siksha Abhiyan

Question31:-The Governing Council Chairman of Samagra Siksha Abhiyan will be ------

Education Minister

Question32:-The person who was the Chief Minister of a state for the longest Continuous period in India

Pavan Kumar Chaling

Question33:- Pavan Kumar Chaling is the CM of


Question34:- Pavan Kumar Chaling completed ------- Years as CM


Question35:- The first State of India which Started the Haritha Mission


Question36:-The first Indian state which became the Bio State


Question37:-Sikkim became the Bio State in


Question38:-Who was appointed as the new Security Adviser of UNO

John Boltan

Question39:- The World Cartoon Day

May 5

Question40:- Who was appointed as the Chairman of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India

Subhash Chandra Khunthiya

Question41:- Lakhwar Dam is situated in ------ river


Question42:-Who wrote the Book "My journey from Marxism-Leninism to Nehruvian Socialism"

C.H Hanumanth Rao

Question43:- The position of India in the World Press Freedom Index of 2018


Question44:-The Venue of World Budhist Conference of 2018


Question45:- International Dance Day is on

April 29

Question46:-Harimau Shakti 2018 is a Joint Military Exercise of -------- &------- Countries .

India & Malyesia

Question47:-The first Meeting of Woman Foreign Ministers was held at


Question48:-World Malaria Day is on

April 25

Question49:- Civil Services Day in 2018 was observed on

April 21

Question50:-Ib Sethu Dam was constructed in which State of India


Question51:- The first Indian Film Producer who got a place in the Madam Thusad Museum

Karan Johar

Question52:- World Hemophilia Day

April 17

Question53:- World Malaria Summit of 2018 was held at

United Kingdom

Question54:- National Panchayath Day is observed on

April 24



Question1:-The unique phone number to which we can call from any where from Kerala when there is Road Accident


Question56:- The second Indian President to visit Siachin Glacier, the highest war field in the World

Ram Nath Kovind

Question57:- US President Trump and North Korean Head Kim Jong Unn met in June 12 at


Question58:- The first Transgender Couples of Kerala

Ishan K Shan & Surya

Question59:- The Malayalam News Paper which is celebrating the Golden Jubily in 2018


Question60:- The oldest PM in the World

Mahathir Bin Muhammed

Question61:- Mahathir Bin Muhammed is the PM of ------


Question62:- Which Company undertook Flipkart


Question63:- The founders of Flipkart

Sachin Bensal & Binny Bensal

Question64:- The first Woman Bishop of London

Sarah Malali

Question65:- The first position in the Arab Business World is captured by ------- as per the Forbes Magazine

M.A. Yusafali

Question66:- The Chinese President who reached in the first position in the list of the most powerful leaders in the World by Forbes Magazine

Shi Jin Ping

Question67:- Narendra Modi is in the ---- th position in the list of Forbes Magazine


Question68:- The first Power station in the Tribal area of Kerala is constructing at


Question69:- The Padmarajan Prize for short story is given to

N. Prabhakaran

Question70:- Who won the O N V Prize

Prabha Varma

Question71:- The Famous Keralite Physics Scientist who died recently

E C G Sudarsan

Question72:- How Many times E C G Sudarsan was nominated for Nobel Prize


Question73:- The full name of E C G Sudarsan

Ennackal Chandy George Sudarsan

Question74:- V Minus A Theory was propounded by

E C G Sudarsan

Question75:- V Minus A Theory was propounded in


Question76:- In the Survey conducted by the organization , "Save the Children", which state in the first position in the attacks towards Women and Children


Question77:- The second person to reach the Everest with Artificial Legs

Siyu Boyu (China)

Question78:- The first Indian Father and Daughter to reach the Everest

Ajith Bajaj and Diya Bajaj

Question79:-The state in which from this School Year, the Presence of Students should be marked with their call "Jai Hind"


Question80:- The BJP Leader who became the CM of Karnataka after the Election and resigned within 55 hrs


Question81:- The Janathadal Leader who became the CM of Karnataka with the support of Congress

H.D. Kumara Swamy

Question82:-The Governor of Karnataka

Vajubhai Vala

Question83:- The Indian State selected by the American Magazine 'Lonely Planet' as the best Tourist Place for Family in the World


Question84:-In which place, an Academy in memory of E.K. Nayanar was established

Barnassery (Kannur)

Question85:- The American Actress whom Prince Harry was married

Magon Markel

Question86:- The TV Program through which the Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan Communicates with the people once in a week

Nam Munnottu

Question87:- The fastest Super Computer in India


Question88:- The 100 th Satellite of ISRO

Cartosat -2

Question89:-'Ormakalude Bhramanapadham' is the autobiography of

Nambi Narayanan

Question90:- India occupies ---- th position as per the study report of "Reporters without Boarders", whose Headquarters is in Paris


Question91:- The person selected as the CPI General Secretary for the third time

Sudhakar Reddy

Question92:- The biggest Tunnel Project of Asia

Sojila Tunnel

Question93:- Sojila Tunnel Project is recently inaugurated by --------

Narendra Modi

Question94:- Sojila Tunnel Project is in ----- State

Jammu & Kasmir

Question95:- The first Neuro Sugeon of Kerala who died recently

Dr. M Sambasivan

Question96:-The Technical Committee Chairman of the Athletic Federation of India who died recently

Tony Daniel

Question97:-The Pakistan Foreign Minister who was disqualified by the Islamabad High Court for concealing his Foreign Job

Khwaja Asif

Question98:- The new Indian Hockey Team Trainer

Harendra Singh

Question99:- Name of the former Bengal Minister, who was also an Economist, died recently

Ashok Mitra


Question100:- As per Africa-Asian Bank report, India occupies ----- th position in Private Property

6 th

Question101:- The highest award in the Kan Film Festival

Pam Di Or

Question102:- The Pam Di Or award winning film of 71 st Kan Festival

Shop Lifters

Question103:- Shop Lifters is a --------- Cinema


Question104:- The director of the Film 'Shop Lifters'

Kreida Hirokasuvo

Question105:-Nipah Virus is found in ------ Country for the first time


Question106:- The first State of India where Nipah Virus is found for the first time

Siligudi (Bengal)

Question107:- Nipah Virus was found in Siligudi in -------Year


Question108:-The place in Kerala where Nipah Virus was first affected

Perambra (Kozhikkod)

Question109:- Name the Actress who became famous through the Superman Film , died recently

Margo Kidar

Question110:- The Black Hole found by the Scientists of Australian National University

J 2517-3602

Question111:- Name the recently died Radio Voice Veteran who was the former dubbing artist and announcer with the AIR

T.P. Radhamani

Question112:- The award for the Best Film Director in the Kan Film Festival was given to

Paval Poulikouski

Question113:- The film which made Paval Poulikouski the best director in the Kan Film Festival

Cold War

Question114:-The film which got the Jury Award in the Kan Film Festival

Kepper Norm

Question115:- The new PM of Armania

Nicol Pashinion

Question116:- The person who became the president of Russia again

Dimitri Medyadev

Question117:- The former Fiji PM who won the V K Krishna Menon award

Mahendra Choudhari

Question118:-The person who was elected as the Venezuela President again

Nicolas Maduro

Question119:-The first Ship of India in which only the Woman sailors rounded the World

INS V Tharini

Question120:- The Indian State to establish a separate Military wing, "Black Panther" for fighting against the Naxalites


Question121:- The first Floating Nuclear Plant in the world was established by --------


Question122:-The first Center for Energy Regulation in India was established with the help of UK at


Question123:- International Museum Day

May 18

Question124:- The International Family Day

May 15

Question125:- The Sabhyatha Dwar, which is in the model of the India Gate at New Delhi and Gateway of India at Mumbai with the height of 32 m was constructed at


Question126:-The first All Woman Passport Seva Kendra was started at

Fagwara (Panjab)

Question127:-The winner of Pandit Karuppan Prize

O. Rajagopal

Question128:- The Venue of 2018 Bimsteck Summit


Question129:- International Nurses Day

May 12

Question130:- The World Bee Day

May 20

Question131:- The youngest Indian Woman to reach the Everest

Sivangi Pathak (Haryana)

Question132:- Who was selected as the Press Council Chairman again

Rtd Just C.K. Prasad

Question133:- The Man Booker Prize Winner

Orga Thokar Chuk

Question134:- For which Novel, Orga Thokar Chuk won Man Booker Prize


Question135:- Orga Thokar Chuk is a ------ writer


Question136:- The first Polish Writer to get the Man Booker Prize

Orga Thokar Chuk

Question137:- The Congress leader who became the Karnataka Deputy CM

G. Parameswara

Question138:- The Memmorial Postage Stamp of which CM of Thiru- Kochi was released recently

C. Kesavan

Question139:- The cyclone formed in Arabian Sea in 2018 May


Question140:- The biggest Bird Statue in the World is at

Chadayamagalam (Jadayu Para) in Kollam district of Kerala

Question141:- The Face Book Head who attended before the European Parliament

Mark Sukkennerg

Question142:- The Country at where the American Regional Office of the Brics New Development Bank was opened