UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Currentaffairs-March-2018 including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....


updated on 25/03/2018

Question1:-The Pak Humanist died recently

Asma Jahangheer

Question2:- The new Security device developed by the Indian Railway to avoid the train accidents of the track men


Question3:- The country which banned the film 'Padman' of Akshay Kumar


Question4:- The highest hotel in the world Jivora is established at

Dubai (75 storayed)

Question5:- The new director of the Vigilance

Nirmal Chandra Asthana

Question6:- The new chairman of the Kendra Sahithya Accademy

Chandrasekhara Kambar

Question7:-The military center in Jammu which was attacked by the terrorists recently


Question8:- Raffel War Agreement is between -------- countries

India and France

Question9:- Which neighboring country of India is recently noted for its Political Troubles


Question10:-Which country conferred on Narendra Modi the honour of "Grand Collar Of the State "


Question11:- UNESCO announced which day as the Radio Day

February 13

Question12:- The venue of the International Meeting on Unani medicines of 2018

New Delhi

Question13:- The Unani Day is observed on the birth day of which Freedom Fighter

Hakkim Ajmal Khan

Question14:- The African Country which retreated from the UN Refugee Programme


Question15:-Narendra Modi laid foundation for the first Hindu Temple of which Country


Question16:- The first temple of the UAE is in the model of


Question17:-The 88 th Mahamasthakabhksheka festival was inaugurated by -------- at Sravanbalgola

President Ram Nath Kovind

Question18:- The Gujarath Pro term Speaker who was sentenced imprisonment for violating Election Rules

Nima Ben Pattel

Question19:- For which Keralite a memorial is establishing at London

V.K. Krishna Menon

Question20:- M.P. Paul Prize winner

U.A. Khader

Question21:-The winner of P. Bhaskaran Foundation Award

Arjunan Master

Question22:-The winner of Ananthamoorthy Prize of the year

M.K. Sanu

Question23:- The Grama Panchayath which got the Swaraj Trophy of 2017/18

Sreekrishnapuram (Palakkad)

Question24:-The best District Panchayath of 2016/17


Question25:- The best Block Panchayath of 2016/17

Lhalam (Kotyam)

Question26:-The venue of state wise Panchatath Day of the year


Question27:- The first Municipal Corporation of the Country to establish a Hydro electric power project

Thiruvananthpuram (Killiyar)

Question28:- The winner of Vagbhadananda Prize

T. Padmanabhan

Question29:- The project which was launched jointly by the Kerala State Literacy Mission and Jail department for the prisoners

Jail Jyothi

Question30:- The Canadian President who visited India recently

Justin Trudo

Question31:-The African Country where Emergency was declared after the Resignation of the Prime Minister Hayli Mariam Dasale


Question32:-The state which came to the first position of the Health Index prepared by the Niti Ayog, World Bank and Ministry of Health jointly


Question33:- The richest city in the World


Question34:- Mumbai is the ------ richest city in the world


Question35:- The new president of South Africa

Syril Rafamose

Question36:-The new Prime Minister of Nepal

K.P. Sharma Oli

Question37:- K.P. Sharma Oli is the ----- th Prime Minister of Nepal


Question38:-The Iran President who visited India recently and signed nine treaties with India is

Hussan Ruhani

Question39:- The new organization formed for the Play Back Singers of Malyalm Movies

SAMAM (Singers Association of Malayalam Movies)

Question40:- The first Female Fighter Pilot of India

Avani Chathurvedi

Question41:- The new chairman of Matsyafed

P.P. Chitharanjan

Question42:-The first Country to use Virtual Currency


Question43:-The Virtual Currency of Venesuala


Question44:- The venue of World Information Technology Conference


Question45:- The new deputy Prime Minister of Australia

Michael Machormac

Question46:- On October 31 st, 2018 the statue of which leader is going to be inaugurated at Gujarath

Sardar Vallabhai Patel

Question47:-The name given to the statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel

Statue of Unity

Question48:- The highest Statue in the World

Statue of Unity at Gujarath (182 m)

Question49:-The The Statue of Unity is situated at

Sadhubed Island

Question50:- The new Kerala High court Chief Justice

Antony Dominic

Question51:-The Keralite who become Chief Justice of Kerala High Court after K.K. Usha

Antony Dominic

Question52:-The owner of Roadstar Sportscar

Elen Mask

Question53:-The name of the rocket in which the Roadstar sprtscar was sent to the space

Falcon Heavy Rocket

Question54:- The most powerful rocket in the world

Falcon Heavy Rocket