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Current Affairs-(November-2018)

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PSC Question and Answer about Current Affairs-(November-2018) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-Who is selected for NASA's mission to send first human to space

Alyssa Carson

Question2:-Which was the venue of US-Russia summit held recently


Question3:-Which Gulf Country opened its first Movie Theatre in 2018, after over 35 years of prohibition for religious reasons

Soudi Arabia

Question4:-The venue of 11 th World Hindi Conference


Question5:-The venue of 2022 World Cup Football


Question6:-Which Committee is appointed to lay down standards for Metro Rail Systems

E. Sreedharan Committeee

Question7:-Which Country has the topmost position in the world press freedom index 2018


Question8:-The state Poverty Eradication Mission of Govt of Kerala is otherwise known as


Question9:-The sheme implemented by Govt of Kerala for Children affected by Juvanile Diabetics


Question10:- The Fourth Indian Cricketer to score 10000 runs in One Day Cricket

M.S Dhoni

Question11:- The proposed state of National Police Museum

New Delhi

Question12:-Moon Jae is the President of

South Korea

Question13:-Who is the winner of US open badminton championship Men's Singles held at California in July 2017

H.S Pranoy

Question14:-The impeachment Notice against whom was rejected by Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkiah Naidu in 2018 April

Dipak Misra

Question15:-Who was the recepient of Mathrubhoomi Literary Award 2017

M.K. Sanu

Question16:- Who was the director of Controversial Bollywood film 'Indu Sarkkar'

Madhur Bhandarkar

Question17:-Which state Govt has launched 'The Solar Briefcase' to provide electricity in remote areas


Question18:- The venue of 10 th BRICS summit


Question19:-The first city in Kerala where city gas project was implemented


Question20:-Parent Department of National Disaster Management Authority (India) abbreviated NDMA

Ministry of Home Affairs

Question21:-Name the Satellite , which launched by ISRO as its 100 th satellite from Satheesh Dhawan Space Centre , Sreeharikkotta on 12 th January 2018

Carto Sat 2

Question22:- K.P Ramanunni bagged Kendra Sahitya Academy Award for his work

Daivathinte Pusthakam

Question23:- Which Atomic Plant got Record for runnung continuously for 766 days


Question24:-What is the strength of member countries in Commonwealth of Nations


Question25:-Where is the first Green Mall of the Country was inaugurated in 2018 March


Question26:-The nationality of Stephan Constantaine, the coach of Indian Football Team


Question27:-Which country hosted the 17 th World Sanskrit Conference (WSC-2018)


Question28:-Which Country launched the Space Mission 'Hayabusa'


Question29:-Which state has the maximum number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in India


Question30:- Who got the Nikkei Asia Prize 2018

Dr Bindeswar Pathak

Question31:-Who has been appointed as the new chairperson of the National Green Tribunal (NGT)

Adarsh Kumar Goe

Question32:-Who won the 2018 World Cup Football


Question33:-The winners of the first Cricket Test Match between India and Afghanistan was India. The Venue


Question34:-The World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is observed every year on

June 15

Question35:-The last country to join the club of Test Cricket playing nations


Question36:- The former Chief Minister of Kerala whose birth centinery is celebrated recently

K. Karunakaran

Question37:-Number of Teams participated in 2018 World Cup Football


Question38:-In which state is Gadikan village where "No Toilet No Bride" resolution was passed


Question39:-Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Airport is in


Question40:- The Art Deco of which Indian City has been entered into the list of World Heritage Site


Question41:-Who got the latest Kalidasa Samman for Visual Arts

Anjolie Ela Menon

Question42:-Which University has decided to confer D litt to T. Padmanabhan and M.A. Yasafali

M.G. University

Question43:-Which day was obesrved as the International Day of Parliamentarism by UNO

June 30

Question44:- Which Country has the largest army in the World in terms of number of Personnel


Question45:-Which Country conferred the honour 'Grand Collar of the State ' on Narendra Modi


Question46:-The Rank of India in the 2018 Global Real Estate Index .


Question47:-The Venue of 2017 miss universe pageant

Les Vegas

Question48:-The first Malayalee to become the Deputy Chairman of the Rajyasabha was passed away recently. His name

M.M. Jacob

Question49:- The Novel 'English Patient ' that has won the Golden Man Booker Prize is authored by

Michal Ondatje

Question50:-The number of questions that can be asked by a member in Lok Sabha fom the next session


Question51:- The first Indian to score 2000 runs in Twenty-20 International Cricket

Mithali Raj

Question52:-The first Asian Country to defeat a Latin American Country in World Cup Football


Question53:- The National portal to find out missing children which was brought into effect recently

Track the Child

Question54:-The new Chairman of Payments Council of India

Vishwas Patel

Question55:-The president of which country inaugurated the 2018 World Cup football


Question56:-The state to launch Child Protection Units in all districts


Question57:-The venue of 2018 ICC Women's Twenty-20 World Cup

West Indies

Question58:-The World Sports Journalists Day

July 2

Question59:-Which City in Rajastan witnessed participation of one lakh performing Yoga

Kota (Rajastan)

Question60:-Which award was won by Lawrence Hadded David Nabarro recently

World Food Prize

Question61:-The fifth Indian o get the ICC Hall of Fame

Rahul Dravid

Question62:-In which Country is Tham Luang Cave where 12 children and their Football Coach were trapped


Question63:-Deepa Karmakar is associated with which sports


Question64:-The winner of Satyendra Dube Memmorial Award issued by the Kanpur IIT fir the fight against of Curruption

Raju Narayana Swami

Question65:-The venue of the conference held in December by the UNICEF related with the Mother-Child death


Question66:- 'Gotrabandhu Project' is going to implement in which place in Kerala


Question67:-The longest Sea Bridge in the world which was inaugurated recently

Hongkong -Makkavu

Question68:-The length of Hongkong -Makkavu Bridge

55 km

Question69:-The newly implemented award for the noted performance of the Police Men during the Calamities

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Award

Question70:-Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Award will be announced on

January 23 (Netaji's Birthday )

Question71:-Who is appointed as the State Welfare Board Chair Person

Susan Kodi

Question72:-The winner of latest Dr Palpu Award

V.S Achuthanandan

Question73:-The first Tribal Employment Exchange in India was started to function at


Question74:-The Cyclone affected at the Andhra-Odisha Coast recently


Question75:-The first Cyclone Forecasting Center of the Kerala was established at


Question76:-The Manjeswaram MLA who died recently

P. B. Abdul Rasaque

Question77:-The famous advocate of India who was appointed as the Solicitor General of India recently

Thushar Mehtha

Question78:-The second Highest Law Official of India

Solicitor General

Question79:-The first Woman director of Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram

Dr Rekha Nair

Question80:-The famous Musician died recently

Annapoorna Devi

Question81:-The Early name of Annapoorna Devi

Roshanaro Khan

Question82:-The first Crypto Currency ATM of India was at


Question83:Who is the Miss Kerala 2018-

Prathibha Sai

Question84:-The place of India in the Global Poverty Index


Question85:-The new name of Allahabad City

Prayaga Raj

Question86:-The place of India in the list of Carbon Emitting Countries


Question87:-The first placed Country in the list Carbon Emitting Countries


Question88:-The full name of M.N Palur who was died recently

Palur Madhavan Namboothiri

Question89:-Who was died after the fasting of 111 days in connection with the the cleaning of Ganga

G.D. Agarwal

Question90:- The first Engine less Train manufactured in India

Train 18

Question91:-The winner of Swadeshi Sastra Congress Puraskar of the year

Dr M. Rajeevan

Question92:-The winner of N.C Chandrasekhar Award

V.S Achuthanandan

Question93:-The nearest Man Made Object to the Sun

Parker Solar Mission

Question94:-Parker Solar Mission was launched by


Question95:-The Indonesian Airplane which wrecked into the Sea with the 189 Passengers recently

Boing 737 Max of the Lion Air

Question96:-The Night Shelter Project launched by the Social Justice Department for Woman and Children

"Ente Koodu"

Question97:-The Woman who was acquitted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the blasphemy case

Asia Beevi

Question98:-The new name adopted by Macidonia after the long fight with the Greece

Republic of North Macidonia

Question99:-The Hindi Film which passed 1200 weeks of show in the Mumbai Maratha Mandir Theatre

Dilwale Dulhanuya Le Jayenge (Released on 1995 Oct 20)

Question100:-Dilwale Dulhanuya Le Jayenge is the Film directed by

Adithya Chopra