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Current Affairs-(September-2018)

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PSC Question and Answer about Current Affairs-(September-2018) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-The Venue of Youth Olympics 2018

Bunas Aires

Question2:-Current UGC Chairman

D.P. Singh

Question3:-The first Dolphin Research Center is going to establish in


Question4:-The International Agency appointed by the PM for the reconstruction of Kerala after the Flood


Question5:-Which Company introduced the Quadri Cycle named Cutie


Question6:-The Indian Woman who was appointed as the Leader of US atomic energy commissiom

Reeta Barrenwall

Question7:-The International Airport which started to function in Kerala recently


Question8:-Who was appointed as the Deputy Advisor of the National Security Council

R.N Ravi

Question9:-The Russian President who visited India recently

Vladimer Putchin

Question10:- The Richest Malayalee

M.A. Yusafali

Question11:- The second Richest Malayalaee

Ravi. B. Pillai

Question12:-The national conference related with the Cyber Security conducted by the Kerala Police

Kokkoon 2018

Question13:- The Venue of Kokkoon 2018


Question14:-India signed treaty with which Country to hand over S-400 missile


Question15:-The cyclone which threatened Kerala recently


Question16:- The first Malayalee Woman to get place among the list of the most powerful women in the World

Alice Vaidyan

Question17:-The first Bio Diversity Panchayath of Kerala


Question18:- The first Airport of Sikkim


Question19:-Who wrote the Book " Satyameva Jayathe"

M.M. Hassan

Question20:-The Express that connects the Holy cities Mecca and Madeena

Hamarine Express

Question21:-The Kerala Minister to get the Dr A P J Abul Kalam Award

K.K Shylaja

Question22:- Who was appointed as the Chief Economic Advisor of IMF

Geetha Gopinath

Question23:- The first Woman to be the Bank Board Chairperson in Soudi Arabia

Lubna Al Layan

Question24:-U.S recently cancelled the Co-operation treaty with which Country


Question25:-The daughter of the famous painter L.L. Haldanker who modelled for his painting " Lady with a Lamp" died recently. Her name

Geetha Uplekkar

Question26:- Who defeated Bengladesh in Asia Cup Cricket


Question27:-Who were the winners of the " Champion of the Earth Prize"

Narendra Modi and Immanuel Macrone

Question28:- Champion on Earth Award is given by


Question29:-Champions on Earth Award is related with

Environmental Activities

Question30:- With which country India signed a Defence Treaty for 40000 Crore Rupees


Question31:-On which subject it is decided not to give Nobel Prize this year


Question32:-Hayabusa-2 is the Space ship of which Country


Question33:-The World's biggest Health Scheme which started in India

Ayushman Bharath

Question34:-The Chairman of Vayalar Rama Varma Trust

M.K. Sanu

Question35:-The Balamani Amma Prize Winner

Sreekumran Thampi

Question36:- The Indonesian Island where Tsunami affected recently

Sulavesi and Palu

Question37:-The Nobel Prize Winners of Chemistry 2018

Francise. H. Arnold, George. P. Smith and Sir Grigory P Winter

Question38:-Francise H Arnold is the ----- th Woman to get the Nobel Prize in Chemistry


Question39:-Nobel Prize Winners for Peace 2018

Nadiya Murad and Dennis Mukveg

Question40:- The first Person from Iraque to get the Nobel Prize

Nadiya Murad

Question41:- The first person from Kongo to get the Nobel prize

Dennis Mukveg

Question42:-Nobel Prize Winners of Physics 2018

Arthur Ashkin , Jerad Mouru and Dona Stickland

Question43:-The oldest Nobel Prize Winner

Arthur Ashkin (96)

Question44:- The Youngest Nobel Prize Winner

Malala Yusafsai

Question45:-Nobel Prize Winners for Medicine 2018

James Alison, and Thusuku Honjo

Question46:-Vayalar Award Winner of the Year .

K.V. Mohan Kumar

Question47:-The 46 th Chief Justice of Indian Spreme Court

Renjan Gogoi

Question48:-The first Indian Chief Justice from North Eastern states

Renjan Gogoi

Question49:-Renjan Gogoi is the native of


Question50:-Who was appointed as the Indian News Paper Society President

Jayanth Mamman Mathew

Question51:-Who was elected as the 13 th President of Pakistan

Dr Arif Alvi

Question52:- The first tourist to Moon is

Yusaku Meysava

Question53:-The first Train in the world using Hydrogen as fuel started service in


Question54:-Chandrayaan 2 of India will be launched in

Jan 2019

Question55:- The Indian who was appointed as the assistant secretary general of UNO

Sathya Tripadi

Question56:-The only Indian state which has four International Airports


Question57:- Dhyan Chand Award of the year was given to

Bobby Alosius

Question58:-Vallathol Sahithya Award was given to

M. Mukundan

Question59:- The Prize Money of Vallathol Award

Rs 1,11,1111

Question60:-The famous Indian News Reporter who died recently

Kuldeeep Nayyar

Question61:- The Indian News Reporter who was a passenger in the Lahore Bus trip of A.B. Vajpayee

Kuldeep Nayyar

Question62:-The Autobiography of Kuldeep Nayyar

Beyond the LInes

Question63:-The first woman IAS officer of Independent India who died recently

Anna Malhotra

Question64:- The frull form of DRDO

Defense Research Development Organization

Question65:- Who was appointed as the Chairman of DRDO

G. Satheesh Reddy

Question66:- Renjan Gogoi will continue as the Supreme Court Chief Justice till

2019 Nov 19

Question67:- Who was the Combodian PM for last 33 years

Hun Sen

Question68:- The newly appointed Governor of the state Bihar

Lalji Tandon

Question69:- The newly appointed Governor of the state Haryana

Satyadev Narayan Arya

Question70:-The newly appointed Governor of the state Uttarakhand

Baby Rani Mourya

Question71:-The newly appointed Governor of the state Jammu and Kashmir

Satya Pal Malik

Question72:-The newly appointed Governor of the state Sikkim

Ganga Prasad

Question73:- The newly appointed Governor of the state Meghalaya

Thathagatha Roy

Question74:- The newly appointed Governor of the state Tripura

Kaptan Singh Solanki

Question75:- The Satellite launched by NASA to calculate the Ice Loss of the Earth

Ice Sat 2

Question76:- India recently launched the 2 satellites of which country using PSLV 42 Rocket


Question77:- The Cyclone affected in the Northern Philippines recently


Question78:-The first Japan Athlet to win the Grandslam

Navomi Osakka

Question79:-2018 US open Winner

Navomi Osakka

Question80:-Navomi Osakka defeated whom in the Final of US opan

Sereena Williams

Question81:-The new PM of Australia

Scott Morrison

Question82:-The first Gober Free City of India


Question83:- the Country which reached the first place in the 2018 Asian Games


Question84:- The South Asian country which has the most number of International Tourists


Question85:- The Miss Universe of 1995 who died recently

Chelsi Smith

Question86:- The Venue of International Energy Trade Union


Question87:-The Cyclone affected recently in the Eastern Coast of U. S


Question88:- The Indian Ministers who participated in Two Plus Two Conference

Sushama Swaraj and Niramala Seetharaman

Question89:-Pema Khandu is the Chief Minister of which of the following Indian States

Arunachal Pradesh

Question90:-Name the Keralaite who was recently been honoured with the Padmavibhooshan Award in 2018

P. Parameswaran

Question91:-The author of the famous Novel Arachar

K.R. Meera

Question92:-The South Eastern Asian Country where Ujala Scheme of India was implemented


Question93:- VINBAX-2018 Military Excercise was conducted at Jabalpur in Madhyapradesh between India and --------


Question94:- Which Heritage monument is depicted in the new 10 rupee note by RBI

Konark Sun Temple

Question95:- Who wrote the book " Sravukalkkoppam Neenthumbol"

Jacob Thomas

Question96:-In which City was the first Khelo India Games held

New Delhi

Question97:- In which Country Adbul Hamid was re elected President


Question98:-In which year Pinarayi Vijayan became the Chief Minister of Kerala


Question99:-Name the Assembly Constituency in Kerala where byelection was held in 2017


Question100:-Name the Organization that got the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

International Campaign to abolish Nuclear Weapons