UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about INDIAN STATES AND SUPERLATIVES(Part-I) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....


Question1:- The fastest river in India


Question2:-The Indian state with the highest average Budhist Population


Question3:- The second largest religion of Sikkim


Question4:-The highest mountain in India

Kanjan Janga

Question5:-The eastern most Mountain of India which has more than 8000 m height

Kanjan Janga

Question6:- The highest lake in India


Question7:- The last state to be the part of India


Question8:-The Chief Minister for the longest term in an Indian state

Pavan Kumar Chamling

Question9:- The highest National Park of in India

Kanja Janga National Park


Question10:- The highest tourist place in South India


Question11:-The oldest Dravidian Language


Question12:-The youngest Dravidian Language


Question13:-The Dravidian language spoken by the most number of people


Question14:- The longest corridor in India is situated in ------

Rameswaram Temple

Question15:- The longest Beach in India

Marina Beach (Chennai)

Question16:- The Tomb of Anna Durai, MGR and Jayalalitha is situated at

Marina Beach

Question17:- The highest Statue in Tamilnadu

Thiruvalluvar Statue (Kanyakumari)

Question18:-The southern most railway station of India


Question19:-The most slopped way in Indian railway

Mettuppalayam - Ootty

Question20:- The biggest biosphere reserve of South India

Gulf of Mannar

Question21:- The longest sea bridge of South India

Pamban Bridge (Anna-Indira Gandhi Bridge)

Question22:- The southern most Major Port in the mainland of India


Question23:- The southern most Major Port in India

Port Blaire

Question24:-The southern most port in Tamilnadu


Question25:- The longest named railway station in India

Sri Venkatanarasimharajuvaiapeta

Question26:-The Indian state through where the NH -7 passes for the longest distance


Question27:- The oldest Municipal Corporation in India


Question28:- The headquarters of Chennai Municipal Corporation

Rippon Building

Question29:- The White House of Chennai

Rippon Building

Question30:-The oldest Municipal Corporation among the Common Wealth Nations out of the UK is


Question31:- The biggest railway station of Tamilnadu


Question32:- The oldest local political party in India

Dravida Munnetta Kazhakam (D M K)

Question33:- The D M K Party was established in


Question34:- The early name of D M K

Justice Party

Question35:- The Highest railway station in South India


Question36:-The Indian state with the most number of Srilankan Refugees


Question37:- The funeral in which the most number of people participated in India is of ---------

C.N . Anna Durai

Question38:- The oldest literary work in Tamil


Question39:-The biggest Temple Complex in India

Sreerangam Temple (Tiruchirappally)

Question40:- Sreerangam Temple is dedicated to

Lord Maha Vishnu

Question41:- One of the biggest Temple Ponds in India

Kmalalayam of Sri Thyagaraja Temple (Thiruvarur)

Question42:-The biggest Temple Charriot in India is of -------- Temple

Sri Thyagaraja Temple , Thiruvarur

Question43:- The second biggest Temple Charriot in India is of ---------- Temple

Sri Villiputhur

Question44:-The Woman Chief Minister for the longest period in India is -------

Janaki Ramachandaran

Question45:-The longest Canal in the South India is

Buckingham Canal

Question46:- Buckingham Canal connects ------- & -----------.

Vijayavada and Villupuram District of Tamilnadu

Question47:- The second longest Canal in India

Buckingham Canal

Question48:-The Southern most mountain ranges of India is -------

Cardamom Hills

Question49:-Chengotta Pass is situated in ------

Cardamom Hills

Question50:- The highest part of Tamilnadu is

Doda Betta

Question51:-Doda Betta is situated in ------- Hills

Nilgiri Hills

Question52:- The longest Tourist Place in the Nilgiri Hills

Doda Betta

Question53:- The most of the Epigraphs in rocks discovered by the Archaeological Survey of India are situated at


Question54:- The biggest Municipal Corporation in Tamilnadu


Question55:- The second biggest Municipal Corporation in Tamilnadu is


Question56:- The part of India which is nearest to the Srilanka


Question57:- The biggest airport in Tamilnadu is


Question58:-The second biggest airport of Tamilnadu is


Question59:- The biggest Hill Station in Nilgiri Hills


Question60:- The second biggest Hill Station in Nilgiri Hills


Question61:- The biggest Rose Garden in India is

Govt Rose Garden , Ootty

Question62:- The southern most district of the mainland of India


Question63:-the southern most district of Indian Union


Question64:- The oldest railway station of India which still exists


Question65:-The railway system started in the South India at ------ in 1856


Question66:- The biggest Judicial Complex in India is situated in


Question67:-The person who became the Chief Minister of an Indian State for the most Times

Jyalalitha (5 Times)


Question68:- The richest, most populated and the biggest Princely State during the time of Indian Independence is


Question69:-The second biggest Princely State during the time of Indian Independence is


Question70:-The biggest Tiger Reserve in India is

Nagarjuna Srisailam Sanctuary

Question71:-The Nagarjuna Srisailam Sanctuary is renamed as ------ in 1992

Rajiv Gandhi Wild Life Sanctuary

Question72:- Rajiv Gandhi Wild Life Sanctuary is situated at

Telangana - Andhrapradesh

Question73:- The longest Fly Over in the South India is at


Question74:- The Fly Over at Hyderabad is named after

P.V . Narasimha Rao

Question75:- The most modern Coin Making Mint in India is at

Cheralappally (Hyderabad)

Question76:- The biggest Film Production Complex in the World

Ramoji Film City

Question77:-The last three Princely States that joined in the India

Ramoji, Junagadh and Kashmir

Question78:- The most popular News Paper in Telangana

Ee Nadu

Question79:-The news paper 'Ee Nadu' was established by ------

Ramoji Rao

Question80:-The biggest Thermal Power Plant in South India is

Ramagundam Power Plant (Karim Nagar Districy)

Question81:- The biggest Hydro Electric Power Plant is

Sri sailam

Question82:- Sri sailam Hydro Power Plant is situated at

Telangana -Andhrapradesh

Question83:-The Loksabha Constituency with the most number of Voters in India in 2014 Election



Question84:-Tehari Dam is in --------- river


Question85:-The highest Dam of India


Question86:- The biggest Mountain which is completely situated in India

Nanda Devi

Question87:-The biggest River Valley of India

Bhageerathy -Alakananda

Question88:- The biggest Hydro Electric Project of India

Tehari Project

Question89:- The bigest Optical Telescope of India was established at

Ninital (2016)

Question90:- The political leader who was the CM of an Indian state for the shortest period is

Hareesh Ravath


Question91:- The place in India where get the most Rainfall


Question92:- The Indian state which has the most population growth rate as per 2011 Sensus


Question93:- The highest Plunge Type Water fall in India

Nohkalikai Water falls


Question94:-The biggest Cultural Festival of the North -Eastern India

Hornbill Festival

Question95:-Hornbill Festival is observed at -------

Kissam (near Kohima)

Question96:- One of the highest place in South Eastern Asia is


Question97:-Saramath is situated at

Myanmar-India Boundary


Question98:- The person who took fasting struggle for the longest period in the world

Erome Sharmila

Question99:- The most widely spoken language of Manipur


Question100:- the second biggest Airport of North Eastern India