UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about INDIAN STATES AND SUPERLATIVES(Part-IV) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....


Question1:- The Dravidian language which is the mother tongue of the most people in India


Question2:- The temple which is visited by the most number of people in the world

Venkideswara Temple, Tiruppati

Question3:- Venkideswara Temple, Tiruppati is also known as

Temple of Seven Hills

Question4:- The Main Festival of Venkideswara Temple, Tiruppati


Question5:-The second biggest Cave of India is

Belam Caves

Question6:- The biggest Cave of India is

Amarnath Caves , Jammu & Kashmir

Question7:- The longest Caves in India

Belam Caves

Question8:- The biggest Caves in the Plateau of India

Balam Caves

Question9:-The highest part in the Eastern Ghats


Question10:- Jindhagadha is the part of ---------

Arack Valley

Question11:-The deepest Port in India


Question12:- The port Gangavaram was inaugurated in


Question13:- The biggest South India District


Question14:-The Indian film producer who produced the most number of Films

D. Ramanaidu

Question15:- D. Ramanaidu got the Dada Phalke Award in


Question16:- The Loksabha Constituency with the most number of Voters in India is


Question17:- The biggest Agricultural Market in India is at


Question18:- The Indian Film which got the Highest Box Office Collection in India is


Question19:- The religious center where the most number of Pilgrims visit in the World

Venkideswara Temple, Tiruppati

Question20:- The South Indian Railway Station which handles the most number of Trains


Question21:-The biggest Dam of South India

Nagarjuna Sagar

Question22:- The second biggest Dam in India

Nagarjuna Sagar

Question23:-The biggest Fresh Water lake in India


Question24:-The second biggest statue on single rock is at

Lepakshi Temple (Ananthpur District)

Question25:- The biggest Baniyan Tree in the World

Thimmamma Marrimanu

Question26:-The most populated non capital city of India

Visakha Patanam


Question27:-The biggest private sector Port in India


Question28:- Mundra Port is in -------- district of Gujarat


Question29:- Mundra Port was started by

Adani Group

Question30:-Now Mundra Port is under the Control of

D P World

Question31:- The biggest port in Gujarat


Question32:- The port which is established due to the Indo-Pak division


Question33:- The most powerful Tide in India is occurred at -----------


Question34:-The biggest Archaeological Excavation Center of Indus Valley Civilization in India

Dhola Veera

Question35:- Dhola Veera is situated in at ------- Island in -------- district

Khadir Island & Kutch

Question36:-The western most part of India

Guhar Motti (Kutch District)

Question37:-The biggest non capital city in India


Question38:- The biggest Statue in the World is constructing at

Vadodara (statue of unity)

Question39:-The architecture of Statue of Unity

Joseph Menna

Question40:- The biggest district in India


Question41:-The capital of Kutch


Question42:-The biggest lined Canal in the World is

Sardar Sarovar Project

Question43:- The biggest Oil Refinery in India


Question44:-The western most Railway Station in India


Question45:-The heighest Budha Statue in India is constructing at -------

Dev Ni Mor

Question46:- The biggest private sector Thermal Power Plant in India is

Mundra Thermal Power Plant

Question47:- The second biggest Thermal Power Plant in India

Mundra Thermal Power Plant

Question48:- The biggest biosphere reserve in India

Gyan Bharati (Raan of Kutch)

Question49:-The highest Literary Award in Gujarati Literature

Ranjith Ram Gold Medal


Question50:- The second biggest district in India


Question51:- The biggest lake in Jammu & Kashmir


Question52:- The largest amount of Saffron is produced by which Indian state

Jammu & Kashmir

Question53:-The second biggest rail route in India

Himasagar Express

Question54:- Himasagar Express connects --------& ----------

Kanyakumari & Jammu Thavi

Question55:- The highest mountain in India

Godwin Austin or Mount K2

Question56:-The highest War place in the World

Siacchin Glacier

Question57:- The coldest War Place in the World

Siacchin Glacier

Question58:- The highest part of the World where is established an STD system

Siacchin Glacier

Question59:-The biggest Glacier in India

Siacchin Glacier

Question60:-The highest airport in India

Kushok Bakullah Rimpoche Airport (Leh)

Question61:- The biggest Cave in India

Amarnath Cave

Question62:- The longest railway tunnel in India

Pir Panjal

Question63:- The highest ATM in the world is established at


Question64:- The pilgrim place in India which is the second most visited

Vaishno Devi Temple

Question65:-The Northern most part of India

Indira Cole

Question66:- The biggest Ice Deposit other than poles is found at


Question67:-The highest Helipad in the World is

Sonam at Siacchin Glacier

Question68:- The highest observatory in the World is at

Chang Thang at Ladak

Question69:- The biggest National Park in India

Hemis National Park

Question70:-The second biggest protected area in India next to Nanda Devi Biosphere

Hemis National Park

Question71:- The biggest Loksabha Constituency in India


Question72:- The highest Polling Booth in India

Anlaythu (Ladak Constituency)

Question73:- One of the Biggest Provinces in India during the British Rule


Question74:- The longest road Tunnel in India

Chenani- Nashri Tunnel

Question75:-The largest Tulip Garden in Asia is at

Jammu & Kashmir

Question76:-Tulip Festival is conducted at Jammu & Kashmir in every ----------month by the Govt


Question77:- The highest Research Center on Earth is at

Changla (D R D O)

Question78:- The western most river among the five rivers which is the base of the name Punjab is


Question79:- The largest notified protected area in India

Hemis National Park

Question80:- The coldest place in India


Question81:- The second coldest living area in the world is


Question82:- The highest plateau in India

Ladak Plateau


Question83:-The biggest river island in South Asia


Question84:- Majuli Island is situated in ------- river


Question85:- The biggest city in the North -Eastern India


Question86:- The Indian city which is in the first position in the production of Tea


Question87:- The train which covers the longest distance in India

Vivek Express

Question88:- Vivek Express connects ------- & -------- places

Dibrugadh (Assam) & Kanyakumari (Tamilnadu)

Question89:- The Tea Tender in which the most amount of C S T Tea sale is occurred

Guvahati Tea Tender

Question90:- The youngest Chief Minister of an Indian State

Praphulla kumar Mohantha

Question91:-The largest bridge in India is

Dhola -Sadiya Bridge

Question92:- Another name for Dhola-Sadiya Bridge

Bhupan Hasarika Bridge

Question93:-Bhupan Hassarika Bridge is constructed across -------- river


Question94:- The oldest Oil Production is at


Question95:- The oldest Golf Course in Asia is at

Jorhath Jimghana Club

Question96:-The third oldest Golf Course in the World is at

Jorhath Jimghana Club

Question97:-The oldest High Court in the North Eastern part of India

Guwahati High Court

Question98:- The Indian state with the highest growth rate of Muslim Population as per the 2011 Census