Mountains (Himalalayas, Everest)

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Mountains (Himalalayas, Everest) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- The word himalaya means ?

the abode of snow

Question2:-Which is the youngest folded Mountain range in the world ?


Question3:-The Himalaya is formed after the convergence of ______________?

Indo - Australian plate and Eurasian plate

Question4:- The Himalaya is mostly formed of____________ rocks ?

sedimentary rocks

Question5:- Who made the first winter ascent of mount everest ?

Leszek Cichy and Krzyswtof Wielicki, on 1980, feb 17

Question6:- How many mountain peaks on earth are more than 8000 meters high above sea level


Question7:- How many parallel Mountain ranges of Himalaya?


The Greater Himalaya(Himadri),The Lesser Himalaya(Himachal),The outer Himalaya(Siwalik)

Question8:- Which are the countries share the Himalayan Mountain Range ?

India, Nepal, pakistan,China,Bhutan and Myanmar

Question9:-Which is the highest peak in the world?

Mt.Everest (8848 m)

Question10:- The Mt. Everest located in ?


Question11:- Which is the northern most range of Himalaya ?


Question12:- The major Mountain ranges of Himadri ?

Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga,Dhaulagiri,Annapoorna,Nanda devi etc.

Question13:-Which mountain range is known as "The back bone of Himalaya "


Question14:- The Mount Everest located in which country ?


Question15:- The north of the great Himalayas (Himadri) is known as ?

Trans Himalayan Zone

Question16:- Which mountain is the world second highest peak ?


Question17:- Which highest mountain that entirely located i India?


Question18:- The Mountain Range which means five treasures of snow ?


Question19:- Kanchenjunga is a peak formed by how many Mountain ranges


Question20:- Which is the third highest Mountain in the world ?

Kanchenjunga (8586 m)

Question21:- The peak K2 is located in ?

Trans Himalayan Zone

Question22:- The Kulu and Kangra valleys are located in ?


Question23:- Most of the hill stations are located in ?


Question24:- Which of the following is the source of the great rivers of India ?

Trans Himalayan Zone

Question25:- Which Mountain also known as " Roof of the world "


Question26:- Which is the largest range of Himachal?

Pir Panjal

Question27:- Which hill station known as "Queen of hill stations" ?


Question28:- The theory related to the origin of Himalaya?

Plate tectonic theory

Question29:- What is the name given to the foot hill zone of Himalaya?


Question30:- The Siwaliks stretch between ?

Potwar basin and Tista

Question31:- Which is known as Outer Himalaya ?


Question32:- Siwalik Hills are known as Abor in which state ?

Arunachal Pradesh

Question33:- The valleys in between Himachal and sivalik is known as _________ ?


Question34:- The grass land found in in this zone are known as _________ ?

merg in kashmir and beegial or payar in UP

Question35:- Name the important glacier situated in Karakoram Range ?

Siachin glacier

Question36:- Lushai hills of Himalaya are also known as?

Mizo hills

Question37:- The stretch of Himalaya between the river Indus and river Sutlej?

Punjab Himalaya

Question38:- The highest peak in Indian Territory is Godwin Austin, in which range it is located?

Karakoram Range

Question39:- Plateau situated in the North of Karakoram Range?

Laddakh plateau

Question40:- Which district is known as district of lakes in the Himachal Range?


Question41:- Which river is older than Himalaya?


Question42:- Famous hill station Mussorrie is located in?

Himachal range

Question43:- The Nepal the Mount Everest is called as ______ ?


Question44:- The Tibet the Everest is called as _________ ?

Chomo Langma

Question45:- The famous valley of Kashmir is lied between?

Pirpanjal and westerly range of the Himadri

Question46:- Kangra valley is located in ? .

Himachal Pradesh

Question47:- Manali valley located in ?

Himachal Pradesh

Question48:- Kullu valley loacted in ?

Himachal Pradesh

Question49:- Lahul valley located in ?

Himachal Pradesh

Question50:- Dune valleys are located in ?

Siwalik range

Question51:- Which is the largest Dune ?


Question52:- Which Mountains are the longest mountain range in the world ?

Andes Mountains, They stretch 4,500 miles (7,200 km)

Question53:- Which is the highest peak in himalayan mountain range ?


Question54:- Which Himalaya's peak is in the Assam state ?

Ninety Nine

Question55:- What is the origin of the Himalayas

Tithis Sea

Question56:- Small himalayan range (grassland) are called ?


Question57:- In which country is the highest peak called Arakanama in himalaya?


The Alps mountains are located in ?


Question59:- Rocky mountains are located in ?


Question60:- Which mountain is known as ' Sea Matha' and ' Chomolungma ' ?

Mae Camel Everest

Question61:- Which mountain peak in the north-west of India ?

Aravali Mountain

Question62:- Which hills are between narmada and Tapti river ?

Mountains of Satpura

Question63:- Which range is known as 'Sahyadri'


Question64:- Kodaikanal is located in which mountain range ?

Palani, Tamilnddu

Question65:- Ooty is located in which mountain range ?

Nilgiri hills, Tamilnddu

Question66:- Which is the highest peak in Chota Nagpur Plateau ?


Question67:- Girnar hills are locted in which state ?


Question68:- Which is the oldest mountain range in India ?


Question69:- What is the highest peak of the Aravali mountain ?

Master Summit

Question70:- Which is the highest mountain peak in Uttarakhand ?

Nanda Devi

Question71:- Alaska mountain range is located at ?