UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Ecnomics including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- The largest share holder (in percentage share holding) of a nationalized bank is

Government of India

Question2:- ------ is the regulator of Insurance sector in India


Question3:-Which is the number one Country in terms of Purchase


Question4:- -------- is considered to be the originator of the concept of micro finance


Question5:-Repo rate is decided by ------- Organization


Question6:--------- can not be seen in News Papers

Pulse Rate

Question7:- The term 'Demographic Gap' signifies the difference

Between the Birth and Death Ratio

Question8:- The rate of Interest on Term Deposits in banks is stipulated by ---------

Individual Banks Themselves

Question9:- Dis investment in Public Sector is called


Question10:-An individual's actual standard of living can be assessed by

Disposable Personal Income

Question11:- Name a term used in Finance and Banking

Line of Sight

Question12:-The apex bank of Industrial credit in India


Question13:- The prominent function of Central Statistical Organization

To collect national income statistics

Question14:- Bad money drives away Good Money out of circulation . This is related to

Gresham's Law

Question15:- Money value of goods and services producing in a country during a year is called

National Income

Question16:- The full form of PPA in financial World

Purchasing Power Parity

Question17:-------- can be known by dividing National Income by the size of Population

Per Capita Income

Question18:- Depreciation means

Loss of equipment over time due to wear and tear

Question19:-India changed over the decimal system of Coinage in

April , 1957

Question20:-ICICI is the name of a

Financial Institution

Question21:-The identifying number given to the income tax payers by the department is


Question22:- In India, the Inflation is calculated on the basis of -------

Wholesale Price Index (WPI)



Question24:- ---------tax does not increase the Price

Income Tax

Question25:- Devaluation makes imports


Question26:-NABARD was formed in the year


Question27:- The last permission of Five Year Plans are given by

National Development Council

Question28:-The stock exchange which is nick named as 'Big Board'

New York

Question29:- The founder of Village Banks

Muhammed Yunus

Question30:- The name of State Bank of India before 1955

Imperial Bank

Question31:- The Finance Minister during the time of Nationalization of Banks in 1969

Indira Gandhi

Question32:- The Ex officio Chairman of National Development Council

Prime Minister

Question33:- The Ex officio Chairman of Planning Commission

Prime Minister

Question34:-The Ex officio Chairman of Inter Sate Council

Prime Minister

Question35:- The first ATM of India was at


Question36:- The first Bank in India to get ISO Certification

Canara Bank

Question37:- The headquarters of Canara Bank


Question38:-The first Stock Exchange of India


Question39:- Mumbai Stock Exchange was established in


Question40:- The headquarters of Reserve Bank of India


Question41:- The headquarters of LIC


Question42:-The cabinet Finance minister who presented the most number of Budgets in India

Morarji Desai

Question43:-The author of "Asian Drama"

Gunar Mirdal

Question44:- Reserve Bank of India was established in accordance with the -----------

Reserve Bank of India Act , 1934

Question45:- Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry was established by

Birla and Takur Das

Question46:- . Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry was established in


Question47:- 'Boliver' is the Coin of which Country


Question48:- The head quarters of ICICI Bank


Question49:-'Wealth of Nations' was written by

Adam Smith

Question50:- Kochi Stock Exchange was established in the year


Question51:- 'Labors' is the Stock Exchange Index of which Country


Question52:- As the recommendations of -------- Committee, Reserve Bank was established

Hilton Young

Question53:- First Five Year Plan emphasized on


Question54:- The system of exchanging goods for goods was called --------

Barter System

Question55:-The four Subsidiary Companies of General Insurance Company

New India Assurance , Oriental Insurance, National Insurance and United India Insurance

Question56:- The first Country in India to start Cheque Clearing

England (London)

Question57:- Indira Gandhi started to nationalize Banks for the first time in


Question58:- The organization that controls Stock Exchanges in India

SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)

Question59:- The headquarters of Industrial Development Bank of India


Question60:- The founder of second Five Year Plan


Question61:-The early name of State Bank of India

State Bank of India

Question62:- Reserve Bank of India was established in


Question63:- A currency is called Token Currency when ---------

The value of the Currency more than the value of the object with which the Currency is made of

Question64:- The monopoly given by the Govt to produce a particular Object


Question65:- Wall Street is famous for

Stock Exchange

Question66:- The Indian City famous for Share Buisness


Question67:-The Central Bank of India is known as

Reserve Bank

Question68:- Larry is the Coin of


Question69:- LIC was established in


Question70:-The father of Indian Planning

M. Viswesarayya

Question71:-The Validity of a Cheque is -------- from 1 April 2012

3 Months

Question72:-Who formed Human Development Index

Mehaboob Ui Haque

Question73:-Mumbai Stock Exchange is situated at

Dalal Street

Question74:- Adam Smith was born in -------- Country


Question75:-The father of Economics

Adam Smith

Question76:- 'The Economic History of India is written by '

R.C Datt

Question77:-The Budget System was established in India during the period of --------Viceroy


Question78:- The first Online Organization of India


Question79:- Euro is the Coin of ----- Continent


Question80:- The coin of America


Question81:- Wall Street is situated at

New York

Question82:- The founder of World Economic Treaty

Arthur Dankal

Question83:- The first Budget of Independent India was presented by

R.K. Shanmukham Chetty

Question84:- The signature of Reserve Bank Governor is in ------ languages in Indian Currency


Question85:- The fall in Stock Exchange Index is indicated by which animal


Question86:- The Rise in Stock Exchange index is shown by which Animal


Question87:- Reserve Bank of India was Nationalized in


Question88:- The Economic Capital of India


Question89:-The public sector commercial bank which has the most branches in Kerala is

State Bank of India

Question90:-The first Stock Exchange in the World

Antwerp (Belgium)

Question91:-The Currency which is in the most number in the World


Question92:- Post Office Savings Bank System was introduced in India in


Question93:-The head quarters of Unit Trust of India


Question94:- The first Insurance Company of India is

Bombay Mutual Assurance Society Ltd

Question95:- The first Budget of India was presented by

Sir James Wilson (1860)

Question96:- The first Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission

Gulsarilal Nanda

Question97:-The Planning Commission was established in

15 March 1950

Question98:-The Prime Minister of India during the establishment of Planning Commission

Jawahar Lal Nehru

Question99:-Planning Commission was replaced by NITI Aayog in

1 Jan 2015

Question100:- The full form of NITI

National Institution for Transforming India