UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Cinema-IV including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- Kerala State Film Development Corporation was established in the year


Question2:-The first Cinema scope Film in Malayalam

Thacholi Ambu

Question3:- Thacholi Ambu was released in the year


Question4:- The story of the Film 'Ummachu' was written by

P.C. Kuttikrishnan

Question5:- The songs in the Film 'Nirmala' were written by

G. Sankarakkurup

Question6:-The story of the film 'Mathilukal' is written by

Vaikkom Muhammed Basheer

Question7:- The Malayalam Actor who made a World Record by acting the most number of Films

Prem Nazeer

Question8:- The film in which no actresses are played


Question9:-The film Mathilukal was released in the year


Question10:- The youngest actress to get the Urvasi Award

Monisha Unni

Question11:-The Malayalam Actress who acted in the most number of films


Question12:-The original name of the Actor Prem Nazeer

Abdul Khader

Question13:- The film based on the Malabar Revolution


Question14:-The Indian Film which is Shown for the longest period

Dilwale Dul Haniya Le Jayemge

Question15:- The Indian Film which was shown for the longest period in the same Theatre


Question16:- The Theatre in which the Film Shole was shown for the longest period

Reagal Theatre

Question17:- Who is known as the Natikar Thilakam

Sivaaji Ganesan

Question18:- The first Film Show in the World was at


Question19:- The first Film Show in the World was in

1895 March 22

Question20:- The father of Story Films

Edwin.S. Poter

Question21:-The father of Modern Cinema

David Grifith

Question22:- The names of Lumier Brothers

August Lumier and Luyi Lumier

Question23:- The first Scientific Film in the World

A trip to Moon

Question24:- A trip to Moon was directed by

Georges Mellis

Question25:-Who directed the famous film Bicycles Thieves

Victoria Diseeka

Question26:- Tollywood is the film industry of


Question27:- The mecca of World Cinema

Hollywood City

Question28:-The Capital of World Cinema


Question29:-The first Actor to get the Nobel Prize for the best Actor

Emil Jennings

Question30:-The hero of Harry Porter Film

Daniel Radcliff

Question31:-Kan Film Festival was started in the year


Question32:- The Indian Woman who is included in the Jury of Kan Film Festival

Aiswarya Rai

Question33:- The biggest Film Festival in the World

Kan Film Festival

Question34:- The Oscar Award was established in the year


Question35:- The first Sound Film in the World

Jass Singer

Question36:- The film Jass Singer was released in the year


Question37:-The first Colour Film in the World

Becky Sharp

Question38:- The first Cinema Scope Film in the World

The Robe

Question39:- The father of Cartoon Films

Walt Disney

Question40:- Ramoji Film City is situated at


Question41:- The first actor to won the Bharat Award

Sanjeev Kumar

Question42:- The Indian State with the most number of Cinema Theaters

Andhra Pradesh

Question43:- The three films of Satyajith Ray which is known as 'Aputhrayam' together

Pather Panjali, Aparajitha and Apur Sansar

Question44:-The Indian News Paper which published a Cinema Advertisement

Times Of India

Question45:- Times Of India published a Film Add for the first time in


Question46:- .The first Indian Film which included a Film Song

Dhup Choun

Question47:- The Indian Novel which was featured for the most number of times


Question48:- National Film Awards were started in


Question49:- Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and Industry was started in


Question50:-The director of the Film "Shole"

Ramesh Sippi

Question51:- The first Indian Actress to won Padmasree

narghese Dattu

Question52:-Satyajith Film and Television Institute is located at


Question53:- The Indian Actress to won the Best Actress National Award for the most number of times

Sabana Azmi

Question54:- The Indian poet who played a role in the film 'Valmiki Prathima '

Rabindra Nath Tagore

Question55:- The first Indian Film in which women were acted

Mohini Basmasur

Question56:-Federation of Film Societies of India was established in the year

1959 September

Question57:- The first film of Amitabh Bachan

Sath Hindustani

Question58:- The first Indian Actor to won the Chevalier Award of French Govt

Sivaji Ganesan

Question59:- The Telungu Actor who was the Chief Minister

N.T Rama Rao

Question60:- The first Hit Film in India

Lanka Dahan

Question61:- Lanka Dahan was released in the year


Question62:- The first Malayalam Director to get Dada Phalke Award

Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Question63:- Adoor Gopalakrishnan won the Dada Phalke Award in


Question64:- The Hindi Film for which Yesudas got the National Award

Chit Chor

Question65:- The first independent Film Studio of Kerala


Question66:-First English Film produced in India


Question67:- First Movie which celebrate Golden Jubilee in India

Tukaram , Marathi

Question68:- The first Foreigner who awarded with Filmfare Award

Nazia Hassan

Question69:-First Indian Film which got exemption from Entertainment Tax

Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje

Question70:- The first Indian Movie submitted for Oscar

Mother India

Question71:- Satyajith Rai won Oscar in the year


Question72:- Film Fare Awards started from the year


Question73:- Total number o Awards won by Satyajith Rai in National Award


Question74:- First Film Fare Award for Best Actor was won by

Dilip Kumar

Question75:- Film and Television Institute is located


Question76:-First 3D animated Film from India is

Road Side Romeo

Question77:- First Indian Animation Film

Ek Anek Aur Ekta

Question78:- The first Indian Animation Film was directed by

Vijaya Mulay

Question79:- Doordarsan was founded in India in


Question80:- The first Air Conditioned Cinema Theater in India

Regal Cinema located in Mumbai

Question81:- Bhanu Athayya won Oscar Award for

Costume Design in film Gandhi

Question82:- Satyajith Rai won which Oscar Award

Honorary Oscar Award for Life Time Achievement

Question83:- Which movie established Amitabh Bachan as "Angry Young man"  

Sanjeer and Deewar

Question84:- The Film Mother India was directed by

Mahboob Khan

Question85:- The first Panavision Film of India


Question86:- The Film Alam Ara was directed by

Ardeshi Irani

Question87:- The first 70 mm film of India

Around The World

Question88:-First Sanskrit Film of India

Adi Sankara

Question89:-The film Adi Sankara was directed by

G.V. Ayyar

Question90:- Commercial Cinema begin in India in the year


Question91:- Which Indian Actor is known as Tragedy King

Dilip Kumar

Question92:- The Music Director who won Oscar Award for India

A.R. Rahman

Question93:-The Indian Sound Engineer who got Oscar for the film Slum Dog Millianaire

Rassul Pookkutty

Question94:- The first sentence spoke in Malayalam Film

Hello Mister

Question95:-The first Malayalam Classical Movie


Question96:-First DTS Malayalam Film

Millennium Stars

Question97:- The first state award for the best actor was won by


Question98:- The Malayalam Film Director who won the most number of Awards

Adoor Gopalalkrishnan

Question99:- The Malayalam Film which won the most number of Awards


Question100:-The Malayalam Actor who acted in the most number of Films

Jagathy Sreekumar