Cinema (Part-III)

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Cinema (Part-III) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- The Charlie Chaplin film which criticizes Industrial Revolution

Modern Times

Question2:- The Malayalam Film 'Kaliyattom' is based on which Shakespearean Drama


Question3:- The biggest Cinema Theater in the World is situated at

New York

Question4:- Who is known as " Lady of Indian Cinema "

Davika Rani Rorich

Question5:- The first winner of J.C. Daniel Award

T.E. Vasudevan

Question6:-Who is considered as the first woman in Indian Film

Narghese Datt

Question7:- The first actress in Indian Film


Question8:- Who is known as the father of Indian Film

Dada Sahib Phalke

Question9:- The first Cinema Hall of India

Elfinston Picture Palace

Question10:- Where is Elfinston Picture Palace is situated


Question11:-The first Malayalam film in which Latha Mankeshkar was the Play Back Singer


Question12:-Lollywood is the Cinema Industry of


Question13:-Who played the role of Gandhiji in the film "Gandhi"

Ben Kinsely

Question14:- Dollywood is the film industry of


Question15:- The Music Director of the Film "Gandhi"

Pandit RaviSanker

Question16:- Golden Pea Cock Award is related with -------- field


Question17:- Sergy Isen Sen is a ----------

Film Director

Question18:- The Film 'Theen Kanya'< is directed by /p>

Satyajith Ray

Question19:- Theen Kanya is the film based on the story written by ------

Rabeendra Nath Tagore

Question20:- Pather Panjali is the film directed by

Satyajith Ray

Question21:-The film Pather Panjali is based on the story of -------

Vibhoothibhooshan Bandhopadhyaya

Question22:- The first Malayalam Novel which was featured

Marthanda Varma

Question23:-The director of the Film "Great Dictator"

Charlie Chaplin

Question24:- The director of the film "Making of Mahatma"

Shyam Benagal

Question25:- Mollywood is the film Industry of


Question26:- The first Feature Film in the World

The Train Robbery

Question27:- The first 3D film in the World

Bana Devil

Question28:-The Malayalam Film which was won the Award of the British Film Institute


Question29:- the film in which 1,25,000 actors/actresses were acted


Question30:- The first Sponsored Malayalam Film


Question31:- The first Actress to won the Oscar Award for the best actress

Janet Gainer

Question32:-The first Indian Actress to be nominated to the Rajya sabha

Narghese Dattu

Question33:- The first Indian to get the Oscar Award

Bhanu Athayya

Question34:-The first Sound Film in India

Alam Ara

Question35:- The film for which MGR got the National Award


Question36:- The Indian Film with the most number of Songs

Indra Sabha

Question37:- The film Indra Sabha has ------ songs


Question38:-The Indian Film Director who won the Doctorate of Oxford University

Satyajith Ray

Question39:- Who invented Cinematography

Lumier Brothers

Question40:-The last film of Satyajith Ray


Question41:-Akira Kurusova was the World famous --------

Film Director

Question42:- Akira Kurusova belongs to which Country


Question43:- The Country where the most number of Feature Films are produced in the World


Question44:- The first person to get Phalke Award and Dada Saheb Award

Satyajith Ray

Question45:- The film 'Gandhi' was directed by

Richard Attenberough

Question46:- Who directed the film 'Salam Bombay'.

Meera Nair

Question47:- The Venue of the Can Film Festival


Question48:-The first film to get the Oscar Award


Question49:-Who won the most number of Oscar Awards from One Category

Sedrik Gibbons

Question50:-the Center of Indian Film Industry


Question51:- The first Indian Actress to appear in a Postal Stamp

Narghese Dattu

Question52:-The year in which Dada Phalke produced the first Feature Film


Question53:- The first film directed by Satyajith Ray

Pather Panjali

Question54:- the original name of Rajanikanth

Sivaji Rao Gakewad

Question55:- The Indian City where the Film Show was conducted


Question56:- The first Indian Feature Film

Raja Harishchandra

Question57:- The first Indian city where International Festival was conducted at


Question58:- the actress who played the main role in hte film "Mother India "


Question59:- The first Indian Actor to get the National Award for the Best Actor

Utham Kumar

Question60:- The first Malayalam Dolby Stereo Film


Question61:- The first Malayalam Realistic Film

The News Paper Boy

Question62:- The headquarters of National Film Ar-caves


Question63:- Kollywood is the ------- Film Industry


Question64:- The reason to get the name 'Kollywood' for the Tamil Film Industry


Question65:- Hollywood is famous for ------

Film Industry

Question66:- The national Awards for the films which encourages National Integrity is

Narghese Dattu Award

Question67:- Golden Globe Award is related with


Question68:- The first Film Society of Kerala


Question69:- The film society, Chitralekha was formed in


Question70:- Chitralekha Film Society was formed under the leadership of

Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Kulathur Bhaskaran Nair

Question71:- The first Malayalam 3D film

My Dear Kutichathan

Question72:- The person who named Oscar Awards

Margret Herrick

Question73:- The film of Charlie Chaplin which Satarised Adolph Hitler

The Great Dictator

Question74:- The first Feature Film to exceed an hour

The Kid

Question75:- The auto biographical film of Charlie Chaplin

Lime Light

Question76:-The first Malayalam Cinema

Vigatha Kumaran

Question77:- Vigatha Kumaran was released in the year


Question78:- Vigatha Kumaran was directed by

J.C. Daniel

Question79:- The first Sound Cinema in Malayalam


Question80:- Balan was released in the year


Question81:- The director of the Film Balan

S. Nettani

Question82:- The second cinema in Malayalam

Marthanda Varma

Question83:-Marthanda Varma was released in the year


Question84:-The first Malayalam Color Film

Kandam Becha Coat

Question85:-the first Color Malayalam Cinema was released in the year


Question86:- The director of the Film, 'Kandam Becha Coat '

T.R. Sundaram

Question87:- J.C Daniel Awards were began to be distributed in


Question88:- The first Indian Film

Pundalik (1912)

Question89:- The first Cinema Scope Film in India

Kagas Ka Phool

Question90:- The first 70 mm Film in India

Around the World (1967)

Question91:- The first Indian Colour Cinema

Kissan Kanya

Question92:- The first 6 track stereophonic film in India


Question93:- he second Malayalam Sound Film


Question94:-The first Malayalam Film to get the National Award


Question95:-The first Malayalam Film to get the Gold Medal of the President


Question96:-The director of Neelakkuyil and Chemmeen

Ramu Karyattu

Question97:- the first actress to get a national award for Malayalam film


Question98:-The film for which Sarada got National Award


Question99:-Kerala Govt established Awards for Malayalam Films in the year


Question100:- The first Malayalam Film to get the State Award for the Best Film

Kumarasambhavam (1969)