Information Technology and Cybr law

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Questions about Information Technology including Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. You need a lot of experience in taking an online exam.

Question1:- founder of IBM

Charles Ranlett Flint

Question2:-Founder of apple

apple Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne

Question3:-founder of amazon

Jeff Bezos

Question4:-founder of snapdeal

Kunal Bahl, Rohit Bansal

Question5:-founder of flipkart

Binny Bansal, Sachin Bansal

Question6:-father of google apps

Rajen Sheth

Question7:- father of computer science

Alan Turing

Question8:-Father of modern degital computer

Charles Babbage

Question9:-Father of modern computing

Alan Turing

Question10:- father of analog computer

Mihailo Petrovic

Question11:-Father of sketch pad

Ivan Sutherland

Question12:-Father of B

Ken Thompson and Dennis M Rithce

Question13:-Father of c

Dennis M Ritche

Question14:-Father of C++

Bjarne stroustrup

Question15:-Father of DOS

Tim Patterson In Microsoft

Question16:-Father of PASCAL

Nicklaus writh

Question17:-Father of personal computer

Henry Edward Robert

Question18:-Father of Free soft ware

Richard Mathew Stallman

Question19:- Father of super computer

Seymour Cray

Question20:-Father of BASIC

John G Kemeny and Thomas E Kurtz

Question21:-Father of Logo

Seymour Papert and Wally Feurzeig

Question22:-Father of computer Graphics

Ivan Sutherland

Question23:-Father of portable computer

Adam Osborne

Question24:-Father of computer Graphics

Ivan Sutherland

Question25:-Father of Java

James Gosling

Question26:-Father of COBOL

Grace Murray Hooper

Question27:-Father of Laptop

Bill Moggridge

Question28:-Father of Binary code

Eugene paul Curtis

Question29:- Father of Prolog

Alain Colmerauer

Question30:-Father of compact disc

James T Russell

Question31:-Father of video games

Ralph Baer

Question32:-Father of cameraphone


Question33:-Father of Hard disk drive

Alan Shugart

Question34:-Father of computer virology

Dr. John Vohn NEUMANN

Question35:-Father of page maker

Paul Brainard

Question36:-Father of Floppy Disc

Alan Shugart

Question38:-Father of Univac

Grace Murray Hooper

Question39:-Father of ENIAC

John presper Eckert and John Mauchly

Question40:-Father of vacumtube

John Ambrose Fleming

Question41:-Father of punch card

Heman Hollerith

Question42:-Father of Binary language

George Boole

Question43:-Father of barcode

Normal Joseph Woodland

Question44:-Father of Binary code

Eugene paul Curtis

Question45:-Father of indian super computer

Dr. Vijay B.Bhatnagar

Question46:- Father of computer Game.

Steve Russell

Question47:- Father of Indian IT

Rajiv Gadhi

Question48:-Father of LISP

John Macarthy and Steve Russell

Question49:-Father or touch pad

George E Pheide

Question50:-Father of e-mail

Ray Tomlinson

Question51:-Father of Image Scanner

Ray Kurzwell

Question52:-Father of OCR

Emanuel Gold Berg

Question53:- Father of OMR

James Carigher

Question54:-Father of MICR

Kenneth Edrige

Question55:-father of android

Andy Rubin , Nick Sears,Rich Miner

Question56:-Father of Microsoft

Bill gates and Paul allen

Question57:- Father of computer architechture

Dr.John Von Newman

Question58:-Father of keybord

Christother latham sholes

Question59:-Father of stored program concept

Dr. John Von Newman

Question60:-Father of light pen

Jay forrester

Question61:-Father of inkjet printer

Richard day

Question62:-Father of laser printer

Gary Stark Weather

Question63:-Father of internet

Vinton cert

Question64:-Father of free software movement.

Richard Matthew Stallman

Question65:-Father of monitor

Captain John Ericsson

Question66:- Father of mouse

Doug Engelbart

Question67:-Father of track ball


Question68:-Father of wed camera

Quentin Stafford Fraser

Question69:-Father of Joystic

CB Mirick

Question70:-Father of touch screen

Samuel Hurst

Question71:-Founder of the Unix operating system

Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie

Question72:-Father of integrated circuit


Question73:-Father of digital camera

Steven sasson

Question74:-Father of wed camera

Quentin Stafford Fraser

Question75:-The first computerized district collectorate in Kerala


Question76:-The first paperless government office in Kerala

IT mission

Question77:-Interl core i3 released in


Question78:-Interl core 2/core realeased in


Question79:- The first microprocessor war developed in 1971 by _____


Question80:-The first microprocessor

Initel 4004

Question81:-The first e-literature village in kerala


Question82:-The first e-literature district in Kerala


Question83:-The fist e-literature Grama Panchayath in Kerala


Question84:-India’s first biggest IT company in india


Question85:-The first Indian village to have its own website

Hasdehar village , Haryana

Question86:-The first internet magazine in Malayalam

Question87:-The first software park in India

Technopark Tvm

Question88:-First info park in kerala


Question89:-ATM system first launched in


Question90:-The first bank to get online banking facility


Question91:-First IT park in the private sector in kerala

Muthoot Techno Polis

Question92:-The first Robot installed in India

Programme 150 b C-DAC

Question93:-He is the co-founder of Wikipedia

Jimmy Donal Wales / He is called as Jimbo Wales

Question94:-The first microprocessor

Initel 4004

Question95:- The first computerized district collectorate in Kerala


Question96:-Inter Pentium released in


Question97:-The first computerized district collectorate in Kerala


Question98:- Intel Atom realeased in


Question99:-The first paperless government office in Kerala

IT mission

Question100:-Intel Celeron released in