IT & CYBER LAW (Part-11)

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about IT & CYBER LAW (Part-11) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-___________ used to produce hard copy of information ?


Question2:-____________ and _____________ printers is called as impact printer?

Character printer and Line printer

Question3:-Impact printers are noisy and _________

less expensive

Question4:-__________ printer print on a character at a time

Character printer

Question5:- _______ printer have pins in printer head and pin produces dots on paper?

Dot Matrix

Question6:-Which printer print one lines at time _____________ ?

Line printer

Question7:-Wheel with pin printer is called ____________

Daisy wheel printer ( character printer)

Question8:- what is comb printer ?

Comb printers, also called line matrix printers, printed a matrix of dots instead of individual characters

Question9:-Which printer is called train printer ?

Chain printers (also known as train printers) place the type on a horizontally-moving chain or on a track.

Question10:- what is a Band priner ?

Band printers are a variation of chain printers, where a thin steel band is used instead of a chain

Question11:- ___________ printers does'nt make direct contact with paper

Non impact printer

Question12:-Which printer is working with the help of Laser light ?

Laser printer

Question13:-___________ printer spray inozing ink on paper ?

Inkjet printer

Question14:-__________ printer is used for graphical image printing purpose


Question15:- ____________ printer using thermal paper for printing

Thermal printer

Question16:- Which are the devices can perfrom both input and output operations.

Modem, Internet card, Sound Card, Fax, Touch Screen, Head set with mic, Network devices,

Question17:-Which are the memories included in primary memory?

RAM,ROM,PROM,EPROM,EEPROM,Register,Cache Memory,Flash Memory, Virtual Memory,

Question18:- Which are the memories included in Secondary Memory?

Hard disk,Memory stick,CD, Floppy disk,Magnetic tape,DVD, ZIP Disk, etc.

Question19:- Which is known as Main memory

Primary memory

Question20:-Which memmory directly access to the CPU

primary memory

Question21:-Which memory faster and expensive than Secodary memory

Primary memory

Question22:- ROM is also known as ______________

Manufracturers Memory or permanent memory

Question23:-What is volatile memory

When the power is switched off, all the data inside the memory will lost.

Question24:-RAM is _________________ momory

Non-volatile and Read only memory

Question25:- Which memory store the booting instruction ?


Question26:-The instruction stored in ROM is called as _______________

Firm ware (this is a software written in hardware,normally it is written in ROM)


Programmable Read only Memory, it can be write once only.


Eraasable PROM, it can be write several times by erase its content by using ultra violet rays.


Electrically Erasable PROM, it can be write several times by erase its content by using electrical signals.

Question30:-_____________ memory stores operating systems files during booting

RAM (Random Access Memory)

Question31:-RAM is a ________________ memory

Volatile (all the content will lose when power is off) or Temperory Memory

Question32:-Which memory is used to store executable programs.


Question33:-What is the difference between Static and Dynamic RAM

Static Ram is expensive and fster than Dynamic RAM

Question34:- Secondary memory is also known as_________

Auxiliary Memory, it is a Non Volatile

Question35:-Hard disk plates are spinning on ______________


Question36:-In hard disk each circular plates is divided into concentric circles called _____


Question37:-In hard disk each track is divided into _______


Question38:-Speed of hard disk is measured in _____________

Revelution per minute.

Question39:- in had disk data access in ____________ manner?

Random Acess

Question40:-First hard drive used system

RAMAC305 IBM, in 1956, its capacity is 5mb only.

Question41:-Major hard disc manufactures

Western digital, Segates, Toshiba, Samsung, dell, Hp, etc...

Question42:-Floppy disk cpacity

1.44mb, is a random access memory

Question43:-Floppy disk invented in ________

1971, by Alan Shugart

Question44:- Which are the optical disk

CD, DVD, Blue Ray

Question45:- CD cpapacity_________

700 mb

Question46:- DVD capacity

4.7 gb

Question47:-Blue Ray Disk cpapcity

16 to 25 GB

Question48:-____________ Data accessing mechanism in Magnetic Tape

Sequential Mechanism

Question49:- Set of instruction given to the computer for specific purpose is called_____________


Question50:- _________ Is a collection of programs


Question51:-First Generation Computer uses language ____________

Machine language

Question52:-________ can control interanal computer operation and function of the computer

System Software

Question53:- ________ software reading the data from input device, checking system components and converting data/ instruction to computer

System software

Question54:-_____________ is a software create user interface and organize connected hardware resource

Operating system

Question55:- __________ is a system software which control the internal operation of computer and reading data from input device

Operating System

Question56:-Types of operating systems

Windows, NT, Linux, Unix, Mac, Dos,

Question57:- Which are the category of low level language

Mechanic level languag and Assembly level language

Question58:-Programs written in __________ tend to be relatively non-portable, mainly because of the close relationship between the language and the specific hardware architecture.

low-level languages

Question59:- What is Mecanic or Machine language

Machine code is the only language a computer can process directly without a previous transformation, but it difficult to understand humanbeings.

Question60:-Assembly language is a ____________

Symbolic representations of code.

Question61:- ___________ Converts instructions written in assembly language into machine language

Assembler eg. Fortran, Lisa

Question62:-______________ converts instruction written in high level language into machine language whole at once

Compiler eg. C, C++

Question63:-__________ converts high level languag into machine lange line by line .

Interpreter eg, Java, python , LISP, Ocamle

Question64:- ____________ sftwere is used for some utility like file comressing, backup, cd writing, system cleaning etc.

Utility software

Question65:- ___________ software is used for particular application like office use, accounting etc.

Application software

Question66:-Examples of Word processing softwares ?

MS word, Note pad, word pad, Open office wirter, etc.

Question67:-Examples of Database softwares ?

MySql, SQL server, Access, Oracle,Postgrey SQL

Question68:-Examples of Spread sheet softwares

Lotus, MS Excel, Open office Calc, Google sheet.

Question69:-Examples of Media player Software

Real player, Media player, VLC media player, Winamp, etc.

Question70:-Examples of Presentation Software

MS Powerpoint, Open office Impress, Keynotes

Question71:-Examples of Accounting Software

Tally, Quick Book, Dynamic, etc.

Question72:-Examples of Image Editing software

GIMP, Photoshop, Paint, Paint plus ,etc.

Question73:-What is package software ?

This is a group of softwers, which satisfy millions of usres.

Question74:-______ software is used for special application and it is customised based on the user needs

Customized software eg. ERP, School Management, Hospital managment, etc.

Question75:-____________ is the instructions written in the software in any highlevel languages

Source code

Question76:-First version of Windows ?

Windows 1.01 , released in 20 November, 1985

Question77:- windows 95 released in

24 August 1995

Question78:- Windows XP released in

25 October 2001

Question79:-windows vista released in

30 January 2007

Question80:-Windows7 released in

22 October 2009

Question81:-Windows 8 released in

26 October 2012

Question82:-Windows 10 released in

29 July 2015

Question83:-Linux is __________ source operating system

Open source

Question84:- Linux licenced under ___________

GNU , General Purpose License.

Question85:- Linux kernal, Shell and application program together called as ____________


Question86:-__________ is backbone of Linux operating system


Question87:- ____________ is the usre interface of Linux


Question88:- Differnt type of Liux distributions

Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Deepin,openSUSE, etc.

Question89:-DOS operating system developed by___________


Question90:-Solaris is developed by ____________

Sun Micro System

Question91:-BOSS operating system is developed by______

India, Bharat Operating System Solution

Question92:-Mac os is developed by ______


Question93:- Mobile phone operating system

Android, Symbian, Iphone OS, Windows Phone, Bada, Jelly beans

Question94:-Latest version of Android is __________

Oreo, released in August 21, 2017

Question95:-What is bugs?

Error happen during execution of a program

Question96:- What is Patch

Patch is a repair fo known software bugs, usallay awailable on internet without payment.

Question97:-What is debugging ?

Is a process of remove bugs from a program

Question98:- GUI developed by _________

Micro Soft

Question99:-Which software used in IT@School ?

Ubuntu Linux

Question100:- __________ application sotware developed by KSEB