IT and Cyber Law (Part-12)

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about Computer Fundamental (Part-IV) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-___________ Is the individual unit of memory ?

Bit ( one bit = either 0 or 1 of binary digit)

Question2:-a nibble is a group of ______ bits

4 bits ( a nibble can represent 24 = 16 alphanumeric symbols)

Question3:-one byte is a group of __________ bits

8 bits ( a byte can represent 28 = 256 alphanumeric symbols)

Question4:-What is Data ?

Data is a representation of facts, concepts, instructions, coding for the required format which should be suitable for processing by electronic device or human . Data is the input of a particular software or OS. Normally it is not meaningful.

Question5:-What is Information ?

It is processed or organized or classified data, which has some meaningful values for the receiver, decisions made based on the prcessed data. Information is the output of the software.

Question6:-What is ASCII?

Amercian Standard code for Information Interchange.

ASCII was developed from telegraph code

The ASCII table has 128 characters, value 0 to 127

Each key on the keyboard represent a ASCII value

ASCII code of A-Z (capital letter) is 65-90

ASCII code of a-z (small letter) is 97-122

ASCII code of 0-9 is 48-57

ASCII code of DEL is 127 (last value)

ASCII code of Space is 32

Extended ASCII code table start from 128 to 255

Question7:-ASCII code is a _____ bit code

7 bit

Question8:-What is EBCDIC?

Extended Binary coded Decimal Interchage Code

it is 8 bit code

it is used in mainframe computer lie IBM mainframe and IBM midrange computer

Question9:-What is UNICODE?

Unicode is a character encoding standard

it was formed in 1991

it is 16 bit code

Question10:-what is ISCII

Indian Script Code for Information Interchange

It represent various indian languages

In 1991, the Bureau of Indian Standards adopted the Indian Standard Code for Information Interchange (ISCII)

it is an 8 bit code, 256 symbols

Question11:-What is ANSI ?

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

founded on October 19, 1918

it have two type code FIPS AND GNIS

Question12:-Nobel price of computer world is _____________

Turing Prize

Question13:- The vacum tubes invented by________ ?

Lee De Forest

Question14:-Puched card invented by ___________ ?

Herman Holliarth

Question15:-what is C Language ?

It is a general purpose procedural language, developed by Richie at Bell labs in 1972

Question16:- What is PASCAL language ?

It is a procedural language, developed by Niklaus in 1970

Question17:-what is Java language?

It is a general purpose Object oriented programming language

Developed by James Gosling of Sun Microsysem in 1991

it is a platform independent program, its extension is .java

GNU general public license

Java is first internet language

first name of java is OAK

Java program run on Java virtual machine

Question18:- What is c++ language ?

Multipurpose object oriented programing language,developed by Bijarne Stroustrup in 1983 at Bell lab

Question19:- What is COBOL language ?

Common Business Oriented Language introduced in 1959. procedural and object oriented language

Question20:-What is FORTRAN language?

Formula Translation,it is used for numeric computation and scientific calculation, Object oriented programing language,desigined by John Backus of IBM in 1957,

Question21:-What is Logo Language ?

Logo is an educational programming language, designed in 1967

it is used for graphical purpose

Question22:-what is BASIC language?

BASIC ( Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)is a family of general-purpose, high-level programming languages, developed In 1964,it is a procedural language.

Question23:- What is is ADA ?

High level object oriented programing language.

Question24:-What is Pearl

PEARL (Process and experiment automation realtime language) multitasking and real-time programming language. Being a high-level and cross platform language, developed in 1977,

Question25:-What is Python ?

Python is an high-level programming language for general-purpose programming. Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991

Question26:-What is Ruby ?

It is an open source programing language. It is a cross platform, object oriented and general puprpose programing language. In 1990s developed by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto in Japan

Question27:-One application run on Multiple operating system like windows and linux is called as ____________

Cross platfrom language

Question28:-What is a super computer ?

A supercomputer is a computer with a high level of computing performance ,it is measured in floating-point operations per second (FLOPS) instead of million instructions per second (MIPS).

Question29:-Father of super computer ?

Simur Cray

Question30:-Father of Indian super computer ?

Vijay P Bhatkar

Question31:-Super Computer "Sunway TaihuLight" ?

It was designed by the National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering & Technology (NRCPC) , chaina in 2016

speed :- 93.01 PFLOPS

Question32:- Super computer "Tianhe" ?

It was designed by the National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering & Technology (NRCPC) , chaina in 2013

speed :- 33.86 PFLOPS

Question33:- Super computer "Titan"

Titan is a supercomputer built by Cray , US

speed :- 17.59 PFLOPS

Question34:-Super computer "IBM Sequoia"?

Sequoia is a supercomputer built by IBM , US

speed :- 17.17 PFLOPS

Question35:-Super computer "K" ?

It is develope in Japan in 2011 Speed 10.51 PFLOPS

Question36:-World famous super computers

Tianhe-IA, speed 2.566 PFLOPS, developed in China

Cray Jaguar, speed 1.759 PFLOPS, developed in U.S

IBM Roadrunner, speed 1.026 PFLOPS, developed in US

other super comuters Earth Simulator, Encanto, JUGENE, Numerical Wind Tunnel

Question37:- Super computers developed by IBM ?

IBM Roadrunner, Blue Gene, ACI White , MIRA

Question38:-Which computer break the tera FLOP barrier?



ADITYA:-Developed by Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, Speed 790.7 teraflop/s, which is used for climate research and operational forecasting.

PARAM Yuva II:- Developed by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) , Spedd 524 TFLOPS.

Pratyush:- is the first Petaflop Supercomputer developed by India, it is the world 4th fastest cmputer. Speed 6.8 petaflops

PARAM-8000:- India's first super computer developed by C-DAC

PARAM 10000, PARAM 8600, PARAM YUVA , PARAM PADMA is developed by C-DAC

SAGA -220 is developed by ISRO, Speed 220 TeraFlops

Question40:-Who is the father of Computer Architecture ?

John Von Neu Mann

Question41:-First computer programmer ?

Ada Lovelace

Question42:- Charles Babbage autobiography ?

"Passage from the life of philosopher"

Question43:-Who wrote the book "The third apple"

Charles Babbage

Question44:-UNIVAC AND ENIAC developed by

John Presper Eckert and W Mauchly

Question45:-Micro soft's first OS

DOS , IN 1981

Question46:-First microprocessor INTEL 4004 developed by .

Faggin ,Hoff and Mazor

Question47:-First spread sheet computer program for personal computer _____

Visi Calc

Question48:-First video game related with __________ game


Question49:-The first real time computer

Whirl Wind

Question50:- The first personal computer

The Altair

Question51:-The computer that was employeed performing for statistical calculation _________

Hollerith's Tabulator

Question52:-First robot developed by C-DAC


Question53:-First computer installed in India


Question54:-The first computer Game

Space war

Question55:-First film made with computer graphics


Question56:-Which bank introduce online banking in India


Question57:-First practical High level language ______________

FORTRAN, invented by John Backus

Question58:- First general purpose comuputer and calculate the value of Pi(3.14)


Question59:-First HTTP communication between client and server.

World Wide Web, Invented by Tim Berners-Lee

Question60:-First state in india introduce e-mail system in government office


Question61:-Innovator in database systems and transaction processing implementation.

Jim Gray

Question62:-First super compuer installed in India

Cary X-MP-14 (USA)

Question63:-First book of personal computer

Computer Libration and Dream Machine

Question64:-First indigeniously developed computer in India


Question65:-Database is a collection of _________


Question66:-Each records in Database is a collection of _______


Question67:-___________ is a collection of related records


Question68:-Each table in Databse has a unique field is called _____________

Primary Key

Question69:- _________ is a key used to link two tables together.


Question70:- Top most bar of program is called as ___________

Title bar

Question71:-What is is an algoritham ?

To write a logical step-by-step method to solve the problem is called algorithm.

Question72:- What is flow chart ?

A flowchart is the graphical or pictorial representation of an algorithm with the help of different symbols, shapes and arrows .

Question73:-Oval shape in flowchart indicate __________

start / end

Question74:-Arrow in flowchart indicate __________


Question75:-Parallelogram shape in flowchart indicate __________

Input / Output

Question76:-Rectangle shape in flowchart indicate __________


Question77:-Diamond shape in flowchart indicate __________


Question78:-__________ is a widely used abstract data type (ADT)—or data structure implementing


Question79:-__________ is a data structure consisting of a value in Tree


Question80:-The top node in a tree is called _____


Question81:-A node directly connected to another node when moving away from the Root, is called____________


Question82:-The converse notion of a child, is called __________


Question83:- The first e-governce district in India ?


Question84:-First World Wide Web information service stared in

1995 January 14

Question85:-India's First Well established IT company

Infosys ( it is the fist it company cross the turnover 100 crore)

Question86:-The first state in India conduct e-voting


Question87:-The first computer animated news reader

Ananova from Russia

Question88:- First IT university

J P University

Question89:-First internet movie

Heart Beet

Question90:-First micro computer in the world


Question91:-UTP cable

Unshield Twisted Pair Cable, it can be used tor LAN connection

Question92:- Co-Axial cable

Cable TV wire and old LAN cable

Question93:-All the computers in the network other than server is called ____________


Question94:-_________ coputer powerful than other computer in a network ?



Internet Message Access Protocol


Personal Area Network


Kerala State Wide Area Network

Question98:-Moto of ICANN

One word, One internet

Question99:-How many parts have IP address?

Four parts and three dots

Question100:- world wide web released in ___________