IT & Cyberlaw (Part-14)

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about IT & Cyberlaw (Part-14) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-World famous instant messaging app for smart phones

Whats app

Question2:- When was Whatsapp acquired by Facebook


Question3:-Which is known as SMS of internet ?

Twitter (Social networking and micro bloging site)

Question4:-World largest professional network ?

Linked In

Question5:-Who was the founder of Linked In?

Reid Hoffman

Question6:- Founder of Pinterest

Paul Sciarra , Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann

Question7:-What is the common use of Pinterest


Question8:- Headquarters of Watsapp, Pinterest, Linked In, Facebook, Myspace ?


Question9:- What is google plus ?

Internet based social network site (owned by google)

Question10:-Who was the founder of the Myspace

Tom Anderson, Chris DeWolfe, Jon Hart

Question11:-Owner of orkut ?


Question12:-Headquarter of Orkut ?


Question13:-Orkt was closed on ____________

September 30, 2014

Question14:-World first e-commerce was started by _____________


Question15:-e-commerce site alibaba established in _______


Question16:-HTML is a ______________ language


Question17:-Amazon located in which country ?

Washington, U.S.

Question18:-Who was founded Amazon company?

Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994

Question19:-World largest e-commerce business company ?


Question20:-World second largest e-commerce business company ?


Question21:-Which company hold the position of the largest Internet company by revenue in the world?


Question22:- Who has the founder of Flipkart ?

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal,on 2007

Question23:-eBay was founded by ______ ?

Pierre Omidyar in 199

Question24:-Snapdeal e-commerce located in Which country?

New Delhi, India

Question25:- Viruses that travel from computer to computer to spread their infections


Question26:- India passed the IT ACT 2000 and notified it for effectiveness on :

2000 Oct 17

Question27:- Which (Spyware, Cookies, Virus, Malware) is not harmful for computer ?


Question28:- _________ (Mosaic, Mozilla, Opera, Nescapecomposer)is not a web browser


Question29:- An illegal instruction into a computer system or network is called:


Question30:- Bug Means:

A logical error in a program

Question31:- What is the full form of IP

Internet Protocol

Question32:- ENIAC belong to which generation of computer ?


Question33:- Software designed for a specific purpose is called

Application program

Question34:- Storing same data in many places is called


Question35:- Which ( Google, Internet, Search file, Cloud) is a search engine


Question36:- In MS Excel pressing Ctrl + A does

Select the entire work sheet

Question37:- RDBMS stand for

Relational Data Base Management System

Question38:- Where is India's first forensic laboratory has been set up ?


Question39:- Which ( Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+T) is shortcut key can we used to cut text in a document ?

Ctrl + X

Question40:- Buying and selling of products using Internet, computer and network is called


Question41:- The process of acquiring informations like username, password, credit card number without permission


Question42:-World computer security Day is on

November 30

Question43:- The cyber Terrorism comes under _________ of IT Act 2000

Section 66F

Question44:- _____ control and coordinates the overall operations performed by the computer


Question45:- An illegal instruction into a computer system or netowrk is called ?


Question46:- Add Binary numbers 1011 and 1011.


Question47:- Scanf() statement is used for :

Read input Value

Question48:-The 2's compleement of Binanry no 101001 is


Question49:- The protocol used in transport layer is called :


Question50:- Internet Technology, ISOC stands for

Internet Security

Question51:- Convention of binary No. 1010 to its octal equivalent is


Question52:- Viruses that travels from one computer to computer to spread their infection


Question53:- A program written in any high level language is converted into machine language:


Question54:- ______ is a private computer network owned by a company or an organization and is accessible only to its employees

Intranet / Virtual private network

Question55:- Which ( Plotter, Digital Camera, Bar code reader, touch screen) is an output device


Question56:- ________ is used to authenticate electronic records

Digital / Electronic Signature

Question57:- Primary souce of cyber law in India is

IT Act 2000

Question58:- Which ( Records, Fields, File, Buffer) is not a component of database


Question59:- Process of loading operating system into primary memeory is known as


Question60:- Which ( Operating system, Compiler, Utility program, Database software) is not a sytem software

Database Software

Question61:- Amount of data that can be trnasferred per unit time is known as


Question62:- Which (Volatile, Limited Capacity, Lowercost, Fast Access) is not a property of a primary memeory of a computer ?

Fast access

Question63:- An Online discussion group of people who share a common interest as

Chat Group

Question64:- This is based on individual who knows how to use information and communication-technologies and those who don not ?


Question65:- The kind of crime involves altering raw data just before a computer process it and the changing it back after processing is completed

Data tempering

Question66:- Information teochnology Act in india was amended in


Question67:- This netowrk is an autonomous Inter -University cetre of the University Grant Commission


Question68:- Computer to computer to exchange of business documents is done through


Question69:- Who started Free Software Foundation

Richard Stallman

Question70:- Linux is a

Operating System

Question71:- Which ( PRAYAN, FRIENDS, BHOOMI, CARD) is not a governance project in India


Question72:-The resolution of the monitor by the

number of pixels

Question73:- Which language (FORTRAN, C, PROLOG, COBOL) is used for Artificial Itelligence among the ?


Question74:- Who invented high level programming language C

Dennis M Ritiche

Question75:- The horizontal and vertical line on a worksheet are called _____


Question76:- Expansion of UNIVAC ?

Universal Automatic Computer

Question77:- Binary number of decimal number 15 is ?


Question78:- 1'st compleement of the 1011 ?


Question79:- In a client / server network, the user's computer is usually called :


Question80:- FTP stands for ?

File Transfer Protocol

Question81:- What is firewall protection ?


Question82:- _____ is a leagal monopoly granted for a limited time to the owner of invention ?


Question83:- A person who gains unathorized access to a computer network for profit, criminal mischief or personal pleasure is :


Question84:- Encryption of data means that :

Data is enclosed so that it cannot be read without decoding software.

Question85:- Software installed to prevent hacking is called :

Firewall Software

Question86:- During the boot process, the __________ looks for the system files:


Question87:- A collection of parallel lines that connects several devices in a computer is called :


Question88:- Product of data processing is :


Question89:- A temporary storage are attached to the CPU of the computer for input-output operation is a ;


Question90:- _______ is an input device commonly available on laptops :

Touch Pad

Question91:- Which (VDU, Plasma, Pointing devices, CRT) is not related to computer monitor ?

Pointing devices

Question92:- Which ( FORTRAN, BASIC, PASCAL , GOOGLE) is not a computer language ?


Question93:- The brain of a any computer system is :


Question94:- Which computer language is used for artificial intelligence among (FORTRAN, PROLOG, C++, COBOL)


Question95:- Who is known as the father of computer science :

Allen Turing

Question96:- An error occured in computer program is called:


Question97:- The set of software that manages computer hardware resources and provide common services for computer programs in known as :

Operating System

Question98:- BIOS is stored in


Question99:-Tux the Penguin is the mascot of :


Question100:- Which ( JPG, XML, HTML, MPEG) is used for audio and video compression and tranmission :