IT & Cyberlaw (Part-15)

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about IT & Cyberlaw (Part-15) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- A _____ contains commands that can be selected


Question2:- _________ is the process of carrying out commands


Question3:- Which part of the computer helps to store information ?

Disk Drive (Hard disk)

Question4:-A keyboard is what kind of device


Question5:- A collection of related information stored and dealt with as a unit is a


Question6:-The rectangular area of the screen that displays a program , data and or information is a


Question7:- Which is (DDR3,DDR2,DDR5,DDR4) latest level of Ram available in the market?


Question8:- Which is referes to the fastest, biggest and most expensive computers ?

Super computer

Question9:- A collection of related information stored and dealt with as unit is a


Question10:- 'Software Piracy' Refers to

Unauthorized copying of software

Question11:- Which are associated with the cyber crime attempting to acquire information by masquerading as trust worthy entity

Whaling, Clone Phishing, Bait Phishing

Question12:- A group of four bits is known as


Question13:- Section 67 of IT Act 2000 deals with

Publishing of information which is observed in electronic form

Question14:- The hexadecimal equivalent of the decimal number 162 is


Question15:- Which is the standard protocol for e-mails across the internet ?


Question16:- A Java program that execute from a web page is called


Question17:- A private network within an organization or a company that allows controlled access from the outside is known as


Question18:-Which software translate and execute high level language source code, statement by statement ?


Question19:- Which technology is used in exchange of data between different system ?


Question20:- Sending an e-email is similar to

Writing a letter

Question21:- Microsoft word is an example of

Application software

Question22:- Which part of the computer is responsible for all type of calculations


Question23:- Which is the part of the computer that one can touch and feel ?


Question24:- Processing involves:

Transforming input into output

Question25:- Any data instruction entererd into memory of a computer is considered as


Question26:-Which part of the computer displays the work done ?


Question27:- Permanent memory ?


Question28:- A series of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to do it is calle a


Question29:- The OS that allows only one program to run at a time is

Batch Processing

Question30:- The fastest memory in the computer system


Question31:- The ______ the administrative section of the computer system


Question32:- ALU works on the instructions and data held in the


Question33:- __________ is a type of processor architecture - that utilize a small highly optimized set of instructions


Question34:- Query language comes under

4th Generation

Question35:- A compact disk provides __________ type of data access.

Sequential and Direct

Question36:- _______ is a 32 bit number, normally expressed as four octets between the periods

Domain Name

Question37:- The time taken by CPU to retrieve and interpret the instrunction to be executed is called as

Instruction Cycle

Question38:- GUI stands for

Graphical user Inteface

Question39:- Who developed the analytical engine

Charles Babbage

Question40:- Computers, combine bothe measuring and counting are called:


Question41:- In world most of the computers are

Digital computer

Question42:- A process known as _________ is used by large retailers to study trends

data mining

Question43:- ________ terminal ( formerly known as cash register ) are often connected to complex inventory and sales computer system

POS ( Point of Sales)

Question44:- ________ is the ability of an operating system to control the activities of multiple programs at the same time


Question45:- In any computer installation , how many elements consits


Question46:- All minimized window displayed on the __________ bar

Task bar

Question47:- Which number of function key is in a word document to perform its own function ?


Question48:- Which key is used for overwrite a character in a sentence


Question49:- The 'Open Office' is in connection with a


Question50:- To insert the current date in a document the key combination used is


Question51:- In which view Microsoft Word express the work document as it will appear in internet browser ?

Web layout

Question52:- To exit from microsoft word application window which key combination is used

Alt + F4

Question53:- In Microsoft work drop cap is situated in ___________ menu

Format Menu

Question54:- To move the cursor towards the starting of a document , the key is used :

Ctrl + Home

Question55:-Which number of function key is in a woard document to perform its own function ?


Question56:- _______ system is a small, wireless handheld computer that scans an itemes tag :


Question57:- _______ tags plced on an animal for the purpose of track and record collection to database of the animal movement


Question58:- __________ is the science , that attempts to produce machines that display the same type of intelligence that human do

Artificail intelligence

Question59:- _________ is the study of molecules and structres whose size ranges from 1 to 100 nanometers


Question60:- Technology no longer protected by copyright , available to every one is considered to be

Open source

Question61:- In modern surgery, operations are coltrolled by machines instead of human beings , this technology is konwns as :


Question62:- Usuallly ___________ is the minimum size of font announced to edit text in Microsoft Wordk


Question63:- The executable file for MS word is


Question64:- A printer is a ______ device


Question65:- What is the highest zoom percentage in MS Word

500 %

Question66:-The intersected area of rows and column is known as __________

A cell

Question67:- A4 paper size is

8.27 x 11.69 inches

Question68:- Which is the key combination used for format painter in MS Word ?

Ctrl + Shift + C

Question69:- ___________ is data that has been organized or presented in a meaning full form


Question70:- A ___________ is 1024 KB


Question71:- Word processing, power point, paint, photo maker are example of

Application software

Question72:- Scanner is an ____________ device


Question73:- ______ is any part of the computer that you can physically touch ?


Question74:- The CPU and Memory are located on the


Question75:- The components that process data are located in the _________ ?

System Unit

Question76:- A _______ is 1024 MB


Question77:- A string of eight 0s and 1s is called a


Question78:- The file extension of MS excel office package is :


Question79:- In MS word change case option express ___________ cases to foramt the text in different modes


Question80:- The alignment will result in a smooth left & right margin is :


Question81:- It is the process of loading OS:


Question82:- Norton, Kaspersky, AVG, Avira are the examples of which of the following

Anti Virus software

Question83:- UPS is the term denotes for :

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Question84:- Pivot table is an option or function in connection with which application:

MS Excel

Question85:- Computers use the ____________ language to process the data


Question86:- _________ is a set of compuer programs used on a computer to help perform tasks


Question87:- __________ is the set of programs that enables your computer hardware and application software to work together

Systerm software

Question88:- DSL connectivity is indicated ____________ network:


Question89:- HTML stads for

Hyper Text Markup language

Question90:- The Windows, Macintosh , Linux and Android are exmple of different __________

Operating system or Platform

Question91:- _____________ computers are speciallly designed for compled calculations

Super computers

Question92:-Operating system is a ___________ software

System software

Question93:- Binary language consists of ______ digits


Question94:- __________ bits equal to one byte


Question95:- ________ controls the computer system functions, softwares and hardware

The Operating system

Question96:- A byte can hold one _______ of data


Question97:- Which is the electronic presentation software introduced by Microsoft ?

Power Point

Question98:- Control K is the short key for performing the function of :

Insert Link

Question99:- The default worksheet of a work book in MS Excel application


Question100:- The key combination used to point the last row in an excel worksheet is

Ctrol + Down arrow Key