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IT and Cyberlaw Part-16

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PSC Question and Answer about IT and Cyberlaw Part-16 including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- The area of hard disk that contains a small program that runs when you start a Computer is

Boot Sector

Question2:- A software which sends information to its creator about user's activity like password, credit card number and other information is


Question3:- FAT stands for allocation table


Question4:- A technology to provide high speer internet access over telephone wiring:


Question5:-Internet packets are called:

Data Grams

Question6:- The acronym means billions of operation per second:


Question7:- The large scale network that connects multiple cooperate LANS together is GINeX publications :


Question8:- A non-volatile memory which holds instruction that run the computer when the power is first turned on is:


Question9:-Resolution of monitor depends on the :

Number of Pixels

Question10:- The CPU access each location in memory by using unique number called the :

Memory Address

Question11:- An eror in software or hardware is called a bug. What is the alternative computer Jargon for it ?


Question12:- Viruses, Trojan horses and worms are :

Able to harm computer system

Question13:- What is the form of Wi-Fi ?

Wireless Fidelity

Question14:- A _ is approximately one billion bytes ?


Question15:-HTTPS stands for

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

Question16:-The inventor of World Wide Web

Tim Berners Lee

Question17:- Which crimes cannot be easily committed through the assistance or use of a comuter


Question18:- A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language is called _______


Question19:- Which technology is used in compact disk


Question20:- Which (Mozilla, Opera, Google, Chrome) is not a web brower


Question21:- All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT:


Question22:- 1MB stands for

1024 KB

Question23:- ________ is a virtual network of libraries of different academics institutions


Question24:- What is EBCIDIC stands for :

Extended Binary Case Decimal Interchange Code

Question25:- Which ( MS Excel, MS Access, MS word, MS Power Point ) is the electronic presentation software inroduced by Microsoft ?

MS Power Point

Question26:- Which ( Laser printer, Inkjet Printer, Dotmatrix Printer, Thermal Printer) is an impact printer ?

Dotmatrix Printer

Question27:- Pick Odd man out ( Keyboard, Mouse, Mircrophone, Printer ):

Printer ( output device, others are input device)

Question28:- The means by which all computers connected to internet identify each other is :

IP address

Question29:- The means by which all the web sites are uploaded to internet identify each other is :

Domain Name

Question30:- The maximum speed at which data can be transfered between two nodes on network is called:


Question31:- Stealing one name, address and other personals information through internet is known as :


Question32:- One kilo bytes stands for :

1024 bits

Question33:- A gate in which all inputs must be low to get high output is called:

NOR gate

Question34:- The ________ button on the quick access toolbar allows you to cancel your recent commands or actions


Question35:- The word is typed that is not in the Word's dictionary, a _________ wavy underline appars below the word


Question36:- _______a command used to repeat your last action


Question37:-___________ software allows users to perform calculation on rows and columns of data

Electronic Spreadsheet

Question38:- In excel, any set of characters containing a letter, hyper, or space is considered ________


Question39:- _____ cells involves creating a single cell by combining two or more seelcted cells


Question40:- A list of instruction used by a computer is called


Question41:- The smallest individually addressable unit of infromation stores on a hard disk is:


Question42:- HTML introduced in


Question43:- World first binary digital computer


Question44:- Which company known as 'Big Blue'?


Question45:- The first mobile viurs:


Question46:- Which technology is used in compact disk.


Question47:- When you quickly press and release the left mouse button twice, you are _______

Double clicking

Question48:- Hardware related softwares is called as _________


Question49:- To delete an incoreect characters in a document, _________ to erase to the right of the insertion point

Press the delete key

Question50:- __________ are lists of commands that appear on the screen


Question51:- The unique signal, generated by a device, that tells the operating system that it is in need of immediate attention is called an :


Question52:- MS-dos is a ___________ operating system

Command driven operating system

Question53:- The combination of the operating system and the processor is referred to the computer ______


Question54:-BIOS stands for

Basic Input Output System

Question55:- Ensuring that the essential peripheral deivces are attached and operation is the _________ process


Question56:- The memory resident portion of the Operating sytem is called the


Question57:- When you explorer the the file, a plus sign in front of a folder indicates .

The folder contains sub folder

Question58:- What is the process of loading the operating system file into dynamic radom access memory


Question59:- Which technology is used in the processor of a computer to simuates a single process or into two virutal processors to the operating sytem

Hyper threading technology

Question60:- Which virus (Trojan horse, SCA virus, Creeper Virus, Rabbit) is related as the first computer virus ?

Creeper virus

Question61:- Which was the first search engine in the internet ?


Question62:- When is world computer literacy day celebrated ?

December 2

Question63:- Which is the first fully supported 64 bit operating system ?


Question64:- ENIAC

Electronic Numeric Integrator and Calculator

Question65:- The unauthorized reproduction in computer crime is considered as :

Software piracy

Question66:- In IT Act 2000, which section deals with the punishement of cyber terrorism ?


Question67:- A program designed to destroy datas on your computer which can travel to infect other computers is called a _________


Question68:- IC Chips used in computers are usually made of __________?


Question69:- The _____ key will launch the start button


Question70:- __________ uses laser technology to store large amounts of information


Question71:- When sending an e-mail the ___________ describes the contents of the message


Question72:- A program written in a high level language is reffered to as _______

Source code

Question73:- Hard disk / Pen drive as considered as ___________ storage


Question74:- __________ is a combination of hardware and software that facilitates the sharing of information between computing devices


Question75:- India's first Cyber crime police station .


Question76:- The term _______ refers to a bad or criminal hacker.

Black hat

Question77:- The protocol used for retrieving email from a mail server is


Question78:- The software application used to access and view websites is called :

Web browser

Question79:- Which is the symbol ( open ended rectangle, parallelogram, Square, Circle) nor associated with the data flow diagram


Question80:- ISDN stands for

Integrated Standard Digital Network

Question81:- The translator program that translates each line of the source program as it runs is called


Question82:- The small piectures of the windows deesktop is called


Question83:- Section 66F of IT Act 2008 deals with

Cyber terrorism

Question84:- One Gigabyte is approximately equal is

1000,000 bytes

Question85:-Check the Odd one out: (Linux, Unix, Windows, Internet)


Question86:- The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are :

Syntax error

Question87:- PDF stands for

Portable Document Format

Question88:- The extension of Microsoft word 2007


Question89:- The extension of Microsoft word 97-2003


Question90:- A computer can perform a variety of jobs, this property of compurter is konwn as


Question91:- The first internet movie

Heart Beat

Question92:- CDAC stands for

Spot Light

Question93:- CDAC:

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

Question94:- The first personal computer

The Altair

Question95:- The first computer game :

Space War

Question96:- Name the computer which defeated Gary Kasparov in Chess:

Deep Blue

Question97:- Short cut key for UNDO is :

Ctrl + Z

Question98:- When a key is pressed on the keyboard, whcih standard is used for converting the keystroke into corresponding bits


Question99:- The information Technology Act was enacted on ______

June 2000

Question100:- The optical input device that interprets pencil marks on paper media is _______