Information Technology and Cybr law

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Question1:-IT ACT 2000 was approved by the union cabinet on

2000 May 13

Question2:- IT Act 2000 was passed by the parliament on

2000 june 9

Question3:-IT Act get notified for effectiveness on

2000 October 17

Question4:-How many chaparters and sections in IT Act 2000

13 chapter and 94 Sections

Question5:-ITA 2008 passed by Rajyasbha on

2008 December 24

Question6:- ITA 2008 was accented by president on

2009 February 5

Question7:- ITA 2008 get notified for effectiveness on

2009 October 27

Question8:- How many chapters and sections in ITA 2008

14 chapters and 124 sections

Question9:-3.Authentication of electronic records comes under ____________of IT Act 2000

Chapter II section 3

Question10:- Electroninc Signature or Digital signaure comes under _______ of IT Act 2000

Chapter II section 3A

Question11:-Leadgal recognition of Electronic Signature comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter III Section 5

Question12:-Leadgal recognition of Electronic records comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter III Section 4

Question13:- e-gonverns comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter III

Question14:-use of electronic recodes comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter III Section 6

Question15:-secure of electronic records comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter V Section 14

Question16:- secure of electronic signaure comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter V Section 15

Question17:-Licence to issue electronic signature Certificates comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter VI Section 21

Question18:-Access to computers and data comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter VI Section 29

Question19:-Certifying authority to issue electronic signature Certificate comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter VII Section 35

Question20:-Acceptance of Digital Signature Certificate comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter VIII Section 41

Question21:-Penalty and compensation for damage to computer, computer comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter IX Section 43

Question22:- Compensation for failure to protect data comes under __________ on IT Act 2000

Chapter IX Section 43A

Question23:-Appeal to High Court comes under __________ on IT Act 2000.

Chapter X Section 62

Question24:- Recovery of penalty or compensation comes under __________ on IT Act 2000.

Chapter X Section 64

Question25:-Tampering with computer source documents comes under __________ on IT Act 2000.

Chapter XI Section 65

Question26:-Punishment for sending offensive messages through comes under __________ on IT Act 2000.

Chapter XI Section 66A

Question27:- Punishment for identity theft comes under __________ on IT Act 2000.

Chapter XI Section 66C

Question28:- Power to investigate offences comes under __________ on IT Act 2000.

Chapter XI Section 78

Question29:- Power of police officer and other officers to enter, search comes under __________ on IT Act 2000.

Chapter XIII Section 80

Question30:-National Internet Security day

February 6

Question31:- National computer Literacy day

December 2

Question32:- National Internet Safety Day

November 30

Question33:- The first cyber crime police station in India was setup at _____


Question34:- The first cyber crime police station in Kerala was setup at __________

Pattom, Thriuvananthapurma

Question35:- The first cyber crime police station in Kerala was setup on __________

on July 1,2009

Question36:- High tech crime enquiry cell established in kerala at ______

plice Headquarter Tvm

Question38:-High tech crime enquiry cell established in kerala on _________

on 5th may 2006.

Question39:-Uuathorized person access to a computer either directly or through a network.


Question40:-The hackers are good , who focus on securing IT system

White hat hacker or Ethhical hackers

Question41:- Hacking for leagal or testing purpose

White hat hacker or Ethhical hackers

Question42:- Bad purpose hacker is called as

Black hat hacker

Question43:-some hackers are Testing and provide securing code for preventing the attack

White hat hacker or Ethhical hackers

Question44:- unauthorized hackers are called as_________

Black hat hacker

Question45:-som hacker access the data and destroy the data or system

Black hat hacker

Question46:- A combination of black and white hat hacker.

Grey hat hacker

Question47:-Hackers are does not hack for personal gain but they can access the system without permission which is illegal.

Grey hat hacker

Question48:- Some hackers are expert in creating duplicate website which is difficult to differentiate. They catch the information like password, account name etc. through this website. Normally this type of hacking found in bank web site, e-commercial site. This is known as ____________


Question49:-Phisher creates a cloned email, he manages to get a previously delivered email of other person and then send the same email with links or attachments replaced by malicious ones.

Clone phishing

Question50:-the email appears to be from the original sender but it is a fake e-mail

Address spoofing

Question51:-Spear phishing is known as_________


Question52:- One attack blocking a website or internet service

Denial of Service Attack

Question53:-The cyber attackers send bulk of requests is not affordable to the webserver, then the web server fail to response. This attack is called as_________

Denial of Service Attack

Question54:- A financial cyber crime conducted in Bank is called as_________

Salami Attack

Question55:-The cyber attackers are altering of the data or information is called as_________

Data Didling

Question56:-Some one Spreading false messages about a person or a company through e-mail, mobile

Cyber defamation

Question57:-Hacker's attack manly target to Government web sites and other infrastructure, gvt policy sites. this type of attacke is called as _________

Cyber Terrorism

Question58:- Cyber Terrorism is also known as _________

Cyber War

Question59:-Spreading sexual pictures, videos of children through internet, especially children.

Cyber pornography

Question60:-Hacker Making identical domain name and attracting customers to duplicate domain.

Cyber Squatting

Question61:-Sending bulk mail to server and break the capacity of the email server.

E-mail bombing

Question62:-Some one steals another person’s information with out their knowledge.

Identity theft

Question63:-unwanted mails are filtered by the email provider and sent to a separate folder called ___________

Spam mail

Question64:- Spam mail is also called as _______

Junk mail .

Question65:-Copying files from one computer to another by using any media

Data theft

Question66:-Some E-mails are hide the original sender’s address:

E-mail spoofing

Question67:-Email that appears to have been originated form one source when it was actually sent from another source

E-mail spoofing

Question68:-harassing an individual or group of a individul by using internet especially women, is called as_________

E-mail spoofing

Question69:-Creating fake currencies, stamps, marklists, certificate, etc . with help of IT infrastructure

Cyber forgery

Question70:-________ is a program that can replicate itself and can make harmful to the other computer programs.


Question71:-_______ need minimum One attachment to spread


Question72:- someone forcefully takes the control of a website. Then they can change content of the web site:

Web Jacking

Question73:-A computer connected to the internet that has been compromised by a hacker , virus or trojan horse to perform malicious task under remote direction, this type of attack is called as_________


Question74:-Releasing or spreading of virus is called as_________

Virus dissemination

Question75:-Illegal copying of genuine programs.

Software piracy

Question76:-An error in software or hardware is called a ______


Question77:- bugs often correct itself, and is therefore difficult to troubleshoot is called as_________


Question78:-Superconducting Quantum Interference Device


Question79:-______ Is the process of inserting information bits into data to break up bit patterns to affect the synchronous.

Bit stuffing

Question80:-IT Act 2008 passed by Lokah Sabha on

2008 December 23

Question81:-Accessing RAM without interfering with the CPU. Clever exploitation of CPU:

Cycle Stealing

Question82:-what is CARD

Computer aided administration of Registraton Department, It Is a Adhra Pradesh Government e-governance project

Question83:-What is ERP

(Enterprise Resource Planning ) (ERP).Is a business management software typically suite for all application or functions in the company. It include salary, marketing, store, production, HRM,etc…

Question84:-Dishonestly withholding assets for the purpose of conversion of such assests, by one or more pesons to who the assets were entrusted either to be held or to be used for specific purpose


Question85:-_______ is a software application which creates a virtual machine version of a mobile device, computer etc,


Question86:- Simulatior is also konwn as_________


Question87:-Rearranges the file on your harddisk so that had disk space is increased and become more faster:

Disk defragmenter

Question88:-Floppy disk are organized by _______


Question89:-Father of B

Ken Thompson and Dennis M Rithce

Question90:-father of google

larry page, sergey Brin

Question91:-google headquarters

mountain view , california,united states

Question92:-founder of twitter

Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, Biz Stone

Question93:-founder of WhatsApp

Jan Koum, Brian Acton

Question94:-founder of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg

Question95:-father of gamil

Paul Buchheit

Question96:-father of email

Raymond Samuel Ray Tomlinson

Question97:-first email was send by _________

Raymond Samuel "Ray" Tomlinson in 1971

Question98:-First messeage was like_____________


Question99:-father of hotmail

Sabeer Bhatia

Question100:-father of yahoo

Jerry Yang David Filo