Information Technology and Cybr law

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Question1:-SSL stand for

Secure Socket Layer

Question2:- TLS

Transport Layer Security


Internet Engineering Task Force


Transmission Control Protocol


Message Authentication Code

Question6:- CA in IT Act

Certificate Authority

Question7:- POP3 is a _______


Question8:- what is pop3

Post office Protocol

Question9:-What is PGP

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP )

Question10:- PGP is a ____________



Hypertext Transfer Protocol


Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured

Question13:- Buffer overflow attack

It is a DoS attack is simply to send more traffic to a network address


Internet Control Message Protocol

Question15:-SYN attack

An attacker can send a number of connection requests very rapidly and then fail to respond to the reply.

Question16:- Teardrop attack

This type of denial of service attack

Question17:-smurf attack

In this attack, the perpetrator sends an IP ping request to a reciveing site, the ping packet specify the commands.


Data Encryption Standards


National Institute of Stndards Technology

Question20:-Data encryption Algorithsms

DSA(Digital signature algorithm), RSA, SHA, MD5, MAC

Question21:-Data confidentiality

Authorized person should be able to access the data.

Question22:- Data integrity

Data should remain the same

Question23:-What is PAP.

Password Authentication Protocol

Question24:- What is CHAP.

Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol


Remote Authentication Dial in User Service


Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

Question27:- What is digital water mark?

Pieces of information added to the digital data ( audio, video, or small image), to identifying the original is commonly used for copyright protection.

Question28:- What is digital forensc

Is a brach of forensic scinece, encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital device, often in relation to computer crime.

Question29:- UPS

Uninterruptable power supply


Wireless Intrusion Preventions System

Question31:- WIDS

Wireless Intrusion Detection System

Question32:- WPA

wifi protected access

Question33:- public key algoritham ___________


Question34:- RDBMS

Relational Database Management System

Question35:- SQL

Structured Query Lnaguage

Question36:- SIM card

Subscriber Indentity Module card

Question38:-MM card

Multi Media card

Question39:-SD card

Secure Digital card

Question40:-FAT 12

It is used only on floppy disk

Question41:- FAT 16

MS DOS, Windows95/98

Question42:- FAT

File Allocation Table


Unix File System

Question44:- CDFS

Compact Disk File System , it is used for CD

Question45:-som hacker access the data and destroy the data or system

Black hat hacker

Question46:- ISO

International Organization for standardization


Universal Disk Format , it is used for DVD, CD

Question48:- SNMP

Simple Network Management Protocol


Universal Serail Bus


Trivial File Transfer Protocol


Wireless Encryption Protocol

Question52:- WPA

Wifi Protected Access

Question53:-Social Engineering ?

A non technical kind of intrusion that relies heavily on human interaction.

Question54:- Reverse Social Engineering

A person asking him or her for personal information or ID. They first create problem, then encouraging employee to ask for solution.

Question55:- Section 419 IPC

Whn the fraudster by stolen identifying information impersonate the victim to commit fraud or cheating.

Question56:-Section 420 IPC

Disclossing valuable personal data in the nature of identifiable information whcih is used later to swindle money from victim account.

Question57:-Section 468 IPC

Commits frogery of website which is in the nature of electronic reocord to lure the victim to pass theri identifiable information in order to cheat them.

Question58:- 471 IPC

Dishonestly uses as genuine , the aforesaid fake website in the nature of electronic records.

Question59:-SQL injection is an __________.

Cyber attack

Question60:-Polymorphic virus

These virus change their characteristics after each attack.

Question61:-Metamorphic virus.

Viruses rewrite themselves completely each time they are to infect newly executable , it can reprogram itself.

Question62:-What is Worm.

A self replicating program able to propagate itself across network.


is a slang word, closily linked with computer hacking.

Question64:-Ping of death

This attack modifies the IP portion of the Header.

Question65:-SYN Flood attack

This attack radomly opens up many TCP ports.

Question66:-CPU hogging

These attacks constitute program sucah as trojan horses or viruses that tie up CPU cycles, memory or other resources.

Question67:-Smurf attack

Sending a large number of spoofed ICMP echo or ping, regquest to broadcast address.

Question68:-Man in the Middle Attack

A hacker have access to network packetes that come across the network.


Vital information Resource under Siege

Question70:-________ is a program that can replicate itself and can make harmful to the other computer programs.


Question71:-What is difference between Virs and Worms

Work copies itself and run independently and travel across a network. A virus is dependent upon a host file or boot sector.

Question72:-Cyber Bullying

Consistently harass somebody over the internet.


a portable sotrage device succh as usb drives (thumbdrive) to illicitly download confidential data from a network endpoint.

Question74:-Thumbsucking is known as



A person who is engaged in online credit card fraud.

Question76:-The use of ipod etc. to download information illegally

pod slurping

Question77:- Use bluetooth devices to approach and stole information



A collection infected computer


Wireless Fidelity

Question80:-802.11 indicate ___________ net work

wifi network

Question81:-802.16 indicate ___________ net work


Question82:-802.15 indicate ___________ net work


Question83:-__________ used to connect a wireless card to an antena


Question84:-white listing

Whitelisting is the input validation, all input may only pass if it is validated as known good input.


Sanitizing is tha approach to defuse a posiiblly malicious (infected) input and to replace it by non malicious input.

Question86:- ASCII

American Standard Code for Information Interchange


Unicode Transformation Format


Extensible access control markup language.


is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing.

It can be used by spyware to track user's browsing activities.

Question90:-Secret key system is known as

private key or symmetric key cryptography


Question91:-Load testing

Load tests are software testing, end to end performance test under normal and anticipated peak production load.

Question92:-smoke test

The smoke test is the initial run of a performance test to see if your application can perform its operation under a normal load.


SQL injection


Cross site scripting, The hacker inserts malicious data into a dynamic webpage.

Question95:-dot dot slash (../) attack

The web application is manipulated to allow access to files or other resources of the web server, that are not normally accessible.

Question96:-Another name of dot dot slash attack

Dierctory traversal attack


Action taken by a program as it browses page to page on a website.

Question98:-Net extortion

Copying the company's confidential data in order to extort said company for huge amount.

Question99:-Web jacking

The hacker gains access and control over the website of another.

Question100:-Computer vandalism

destroying or damaging propery of others.