International Organization Part-IV

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about International Organization Part-IV including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-The UN University of Peace is situate at

Coastarica (Middle America)

Question2:- African union was formed in

1963 May 15

Question3:- The early name of African Union

Organization of African Unity

Question4:-The headquarters of African Union

Adis Ababa (Ethyopia)

Question5:-The name 'African Union' was accepted by the organization in the Summit held at


Question6:- The only one African Country , which is not a member of African Union


Question7:- 'The official name of the organization, 'Arab League'

League of Arab States

Question8:- League of Arab States was formed in

1945 March 22

Question9:- League of Arab States was formed at


Question10:- The number of members in the League of Arab States


Question11:-the country which is under suspension from League of Arab States now


Question12:- The headquarters of League of Arab States


Question13:-Arab Leauge was formed through ------- Treaty


Question14:- The most populated member of Arab League is


Question15:- Asian Development Bank (ADB) was formed in


Question16:- The ADB has ----- members


Question17:- The head quarters of ADB

Manila (Philippines)

Question18:-The full form of ASEAN

Association of South East Asian Nations

Question19:- ASEAN was formed in

1967 August 7

Question20:- ASEAN was formed through the -------- declaration


Question21:- The number of members of ASEAN


Question22:- Which are the member Countries of ASEAN

Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Combodia, Myanmar, Brunai and Laos

Question23:- The last member joined in the ASEAN


Question24:-Combodia became a member in ASEAN in


Question25:- The head quarters of ASEAN

Jakkartha (Indonesia)

Question26:- The official name of the organization Commonwealth

Commonwealth of Nations

Question27:- The early official name of Commonwealth

British Commonwealth of Nations

Question28:- The countries which were/are the colonies of British are the members of --------


Question29:- The number of members of Commonwealth


Question30:-The last country which resigned from Commonwealth


Question31:-Gambia resigned from Commonwealth in

2013 October

Question32:- The idea of Commonwealth was approved in the ------ conference

Imperial Conference (1926)

Question33:- The symbolic Head of Commonwealth is

British Queen /King (British Monarch)

Question34:- Commonwealth has no ------

Written Constitution

Question35:- The headquarters of Commonwealth

Malbero House (Britain)

Question36:- Commonwealth Day is observed on

May 24 (Queen Victoria's Birthday)

Question37:-A meeting of the Head of Commonwealth nations is held once in very --------Years


Question38:-A conference of the Finance Ministers of the Commonwealth Nations is held ----------

Once in Every Year

Question39:- The first country to resign from the Commonwealth is


Question40:- Ireland is resigned from the Commonwealth in


Question41:- The countries which were the members of Commonwealth even though they were not the British Colonoes

Mosambic and Ruwanda

Question42:- Mosambic got freedom from -------- country


Question43:- Ruwanda got freedom from ------ country


Question44:-The biggest Commonwealth Country


Question45:- The most populated Commonwealth Country


Question46:- The organization that is connected with the Belfor Declaration is .


Question47:- Belfor declaration was in


Question48:- The organization of the early republican units of USSR

CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)

Question49:- CIS was found in

1991 Dec 8

Question50:-The number of members of CIS


Question51:-The headquarters of CIS


Question52:-The official Language of CIS


Question53:- European Union was formed in

1993 Nov 1

Question54:- the head quarters of European Union

Brassels (Belgium)

Question55:-The head quarters of European Central Bank

Frankfert (Germany)

Question56:- Euro Currency is produced by

European Central Bank

Question57:- The motto of European Union

United i Diversity

Question58:-The official Anthem of European Union is based on ------

9 th Symphony Composed by Beethoven

Question59:- Beethovan was a --------- musician


Question60:- The G-8 was formed in


Question61:- G-8 was formed at


Question62:- G-8 is the union of ------ countries


Question63:- The members of G-8 countries

Canada, France, Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Britain and America

Question64:-The last member of G-8


Question65:- Russia became a member of G-8 in


Question66:- The only one Asian Country which was a member of G-8


Question67:- The first summit of G-8 Countries was held at

Rambouillet (France)

Question68:-The Summit of G-8 is held at -------- in a year


Question69:- The organization G-15 was formed at


Question70:- The organization G- 15 was formed during the Summit of -----

NAM (Non Aligned Movement

Question71:- The organization G-15 was formed in


Question72:- The G-15 countries from the continent of North America

Jamaica and Mexico

Question73:- The G-15 countries from the continent of South America < /p>

Argentina, Chili, Venezuela ,Brazil and Colombia

Question74:- The G-15 countries from the continent of Africa

Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Zimbawe

Question75:- The G-15 countries from the continent of Asia

India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Iran and Malesia

Question76:- The G-15 countries from the continent of Europe

No Countries from Europe

Question77:-The G-17 is an Organization of ---- Countries


Question78:- The last members of G-17

Chili, Iran and Kenya

Question79:- The country which resigned from the G-17 in 2011


Question80:- G-77 is an organization of ------ countries


Question81:-The G-77 was formed in

1964 June 15

Question82:- INTERPOL is the telegraphic address of -------

International Criminal Police Organization

Question83:- INTERPOL was formed in


Question84:-The Telegraphic Name INTERPOL was accepted officially by the organization in


Question85:- The number of members of INTERPOL is


Question86:- The head quarters of INTERPOL

Leons (France)

Question87:-In India , ------ represents INTERPOL


Question88:- The second biggest International (Non Sports)Organization of the World is


Question89:-The idea of Non Aligned Movement was proposed by

Jawaharlal Nehru

Question90:- The idea of Non Aligned Movement (NAM) was proposed in


Question91:- The Yugoslovian President who supported the idea of NAM

Marshal Titto

Question92:- The Egyptian President who supported the idea of NAM

Gamal Abdul Nassar

Question93:- The Indonesian President who supported the idea of NAM


Question94:- The Ghana Leader who supported the idea of NAM

Quami Encruma

Question95:- The conference held at ----- is considered to be the the cause of the birth of NAM

Banthung (Indonesia)

Question96:- The ideas introduced at the Banthung Conference got the Consent at

Briyoni Conference (Yugoslovia)

Question97:- The main leaders who participated in the Briyoni Conference are

Titto, Nehru and Nassar

Question98:-The organization NAM was established officially in

1961 September

Question99:- The organization NAM was established officially at


Question100:-The first Summit of NAM was held at