International Organization Part-V

UPSC, PSC, BANK, RAILWAY,etc. Examination Questions

PSC Question and Answer about International Organization Part-V including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:- The basic principles of NAM organization is

The Panchasheel Principles

Question2:- India and China signed the 'Panchasheel Treaty' in


Question3:- The Panchasheel Treaty was signed by

Jawaharlal Nehru and Chou En Lai

Question4:-China attacked India in ------


Question5:- The first Emergency Period in India was declared in


Question6:- The first Secretary General of NAM

Marshal Titto

Question7:- The first Indian Secretary General of NAM

Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

Question8:- The Organization of G-17 was formed during

The 1989 Summit of NAM

Question9:- The full form of NATO

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Question10:- NATO was formed in

1949 April 4

Question11:- The headquarters of NATO

Brassels (Belgium)

Question12:-The number of member countries of NATO


Question13:- The Official Languages of NATO

English and French

Question14:- The full form of OAPEC

Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries

Question15:- The Treaty which paved the way for the formation of OAPEC

Beirut Treaty

Question16:-Beirut Treaty was in ------ year

1968 Jan 9

Question17:- The existing number of members of OAPEC


Question18:- The country resigned from OAPEC


Question19:- The head quarters of OAPEC


Question20:-The full form of OPEC

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Question21:- The number of member countries of OPEC


Question22:-The full form of SAARC

South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation

Question23:-SAARC is the Organization of -------- South Asian Countries


Question24:- SAARC was formed in

1985 December 8

Question25:- The secretariat of SAARC is situated at

Katmandu (Nepal)

Question26:- The head quarters of University of SAARC is situated at

New Delhi

Question27:- The head of SAARC

Secretary General

Question28:- The Secretary Generals of SAARC are appointed from the ----------- of Member Countries

Alphabetical Order

Question29:- SAARC observes ------- as the Charter Day

December 8

Question30:- The Indian Prime Minister during the formation of SAARC

Rajiv Gandhi

Question31:- What is WTO

World Trade Organization

Question32:- WTO was formed in the place of


Question33:- WTO was formed in

1995 Jan 1

Question34:- WTO was formed as per the ------- treaty


Question35:- The headquarters of WTO


Question36:- GATT was formed in


Question37:-The number of member countries of WTO


Question38:- The Human Rights Organization formed in 1961 is

Amnesty International

Question39:- Amnesty International is a ------ Organization

Non Governmental

Question40:- The founder of Amnesty International

Peter Benenson

Question41:- The motto of Amnesty International

"Its better to light a candle than to curse the darkness"

Question42:-Amnesty International got the Nobel prize for Peace in


Question43:-The head quarters of Amnesty International


Question44:- ------ is one of the earliest Environmental Organizations in India

Chipko Movement

Question45:- Chipko Movement was formed at


Question46:- Chipko Movement was formed in .


Question47:- Chipko Movement got the attention of the World in


Question48:- The incident which made Chipko Movement famous in 1980

The protests made in the leadership of Sunderlal Bahuguna against the Construction of Thehari Dam in Bhageerathi River

Question49:- 'Doctors without Boarders' (Medicines Sans Frontiers )is the Organization formed in


Question50:- The Organization , 'Doctors without Boarders' (Medicines Sans Frontiers ) got the Nobel Prize for Peace in


Question51:- ------ is a Non Governmental Environmental Organization


Question52:- The Greenpeace Organization was formed in


Question53:- The Greenpeace Organization was formed at

Vancouver, Canada

Question54:- The head quarters of Greenpeace

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Question55:-The ships owned by Greenpeace

'Rainbow Warrior' and 'Arctic Sun Rise'

Question56:-The full form of IATA

International Air Transport Association

Question57:- IATA was formed in

1945 April 19

Question58:-IATA was formed at

Hwana, Cuba

Question59:- The head quarters of IATA

Montreal, Canada

Question60:- The Organization which is known as ISO

International Standardization Organization

Question61:-ISO was formed in

1947 February 23

Question62:- The head quarters of ISO


Question63:-Lions Club International was formed in

1917 June 7

Question64:- Lions Club was formed by

Melvin Jones

Question65:-The head quarters of Lions Club

Oak Brook (USA)

Question66:- What is Oxfarm

It is the Confederation of 15 Organizations from different Countries

Question67:- The head quarters of Oxfarm

Oxford (England)

Question68:- Oxfarm was formed in


Question69:-Red Cross was formed by

Henry Dunant

Question70:-Red Cross was formed in


Question71:-The head quarters of Red Cross


Question72:- The logo of Red Cross

Red Coloured Cross in the White Background

Question73:- The organization related to Red Cross which works at Israel

Red Cristal

Question74:- The organization related to Red Cross which works at Muslim Countries

Red Crescent

Question75:- Red Cross got Nobel Prize for Peace in

1917, 1944 and 1963

Question76:- The Organization which got Nobel Prize for Peace for the Most Times

Red Cross

Question77:- The War which was the cause of the formation of Red cross

Solferino war

Question78:- Solferino War was in -------


Question79:- The motto of Red Cross until 1961

"Charity in War"

Question80:- Now, the motto of Red Cross is

"With humanity, towards peace "

Question81:- What is IFRC

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Question82:- IFRC was formed in


Question83:- Indian Red Cross Society was formed in


Question84:- The first Nobel Prize for Peace was shared between

Henry Dunant and Frederic Passy

Question85:- Rotary International was formed in


Question86:-Rotary International was formed by

Paul Harris

Question87:- The head quarters of Rotary International Club


Question88:- The earlier motto of Rotary International Club

"One profits most who serves best"

Question89:-The motto of Rotary Club is

"Service above Self"

Question90:- The founder of Scout Movement

Robert Baden Powell

Question91:-Scout Movement was started in


Question92:-Guide Movement was started in


Question93:- The biggest Organization in the world in which the Pupils are members

Scout Movement

Question94:-The head quarters of World Economic Forum


Question95:- The earlier form of WEF

European Management Forum

Question96:- The name World Economic Forum was received by the Organization in the year


Question97:-The Venue of the Yearly meetings of the WEF

Davos (Switzerland)

Question98:-Local Offices of the WEF are started at

Beijing and New York

Question99:- The founder of WEF

Claus Shab

Question100:- The new name of World Wild Life Fund

World Wide Fund for Nature

Question101:- World Life Fund for Nature was formed in


Question102:-The name 'World Life Fund for Nature' was accepted by the Organization in


Question103:- ----------- is the World's biggest Conservation Establishment

World Life Fund for Nature

Question104:-The logo of World Life Fund for Nature


Question105:- The logo is in memory of a Panda named -------


Question106:- The logo of World Life Fund for Nature was designed by

Peter Scott

Question107:- The head quarters of World Life Fund for Nature

Gland (Switzerland)

Question108:-The motto of the Organization ' World Life Fund for Nature ' is


"For a living Planet"

Question110:- Earth Hour is conducted by

World Life Fund for Nature

Question111:- Earth Hour is observed on

Last Saturday of March