B.R. Ambdekar

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Question1:- B.R. Ambdekar was born in

1891 April 14

Question2:- B.R. Ambdekar was born at

Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra

Question3:- The caste to which B.R. Ambdekar belongs


Question4:-The parents of B.R. Ambdekar

Ramji Sakpal and Bheema Bhai

Question5:- Wife of B.R. Ambdekar

Rama Bai

Question6 :B.R. Ambdekar took M.A from-

Colombia University (U.S)

Question7:- In 1920 ,B.R. Ambdekar went to London and took MSc in Economics from London School of Economics with the help of ------------

King of Kolhapur

Question8:-B.R. Ambdekar established --------- in 1923 for the development of the downtrodden

Bahishkritha Hithakarini Sabha

Question9:- The magazine started by B.R. Ambdekar

Bahishkritha Bharath

Question10:- B.R. Ambdekar burned ------- as a protest against the Upper Caste people

Manu Smrithi

Question11:- The All India Meeting of the Down trodden People was conducted by B.R. Ambdekar at --------

At Nagpur in 1930

Question12:- He started the magazine -------- instead of Bahishkritha Bharatth


Question13:- Independence Labour Party was founded by -------------------

B.R. Ambdekar

Question14:- Who participated all the three Round Table Conferences of 1930, 1931 & 1932

B.R. Ambdekar

Question15:- In 1946,B.R. Ambdekar established ----------

People Educational Society

Question16:-The first Law Minister of Independent India

B.R. Ambdekar

Question17:- B.R. Ambdekar became the Chairman of the Constitution Draft Committee in ----------

1947 Aug 27

Question18:- B.R. Ambdekar resigned from the Cabinet in

1951 Sept 31

Question19:- In 1948, B.R. Ambdekar was married to ------

Sarada Kabeer

Question20:- B.R. Ambdekar accepted Bhudhism in -------- at----------

In 1956 Oct 14 at Nagpur

Question21:- B.R. Ambdekar died in

1956 Dec 6

Question22:- B.R. Ambdekar got Bharat Ratna Posthumously in