Swami Vivekanandan

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Question1:- Swami Vivekanandan was born in

1863 Jan 12

Question2:- Who is regarded as the father of Indian Spirituality

Swami Vivekanandan

Question3:- Who mentioned Swami Vivekanandan as the founder of Modern India

Subhash Chandra Bose

Question4:- The parents of Vivekananda

Viswanath Datta and Bhuvaneswari Devi

Question5:- The chilhood name of Swami Vivekanandan

Narendranath Datta

Question6:- The Guru of Swami Vivekanandan

Sree Rma Krishna Paramahamsar

Question7:- Sree Rma Krishna Paramahamsar was died in


Question8:-Swami Vivekanandan accepted the name 'Vivekanandan' in

Kattack (Orissa)

Question9:- Swami Vivekanandan reached Kanyakumari in


Question10:- Who gave guidelines to Dr Palpu for the establishment of S.N.D.P

Swami Vivekanandan

Question11:- The famous Chicago Speech of Swami Vivekanandan was delivered in


Question12:- Swami Vivekanandan established Vedantha Society in ----- at ---------

in 1894 at Newyork

Question13:- A street at ---------- is named after Swami Vivekanandan


Question14:- The famous disciple of Swami Vivekanandan

Sister Niveditha

Question15:- The original name of Sister Niveditha

Margret Noble

Question16:-Ramakrishna Mission was established by

Swami Vivekanandan

Question17:- Ramakrishna Mission was established in


Question18:- The headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission was at


Question19:-Who established Ramakrishna Math

Swami Vivekanandan

Question20:- The English publication Published by Swami Vivekanandan

Prabudha Bharatham

Question21:-The Bengali Publication published by Swami Vivekanandan


Question22:-Who influenced Jamshad Tata to establsh Indian Institute of Science

Swami Vivekanandan

Question23:- Who said " They alone live who live for others. The rest are more dead than alive"

Swami Vivekanandan

Question24:- Sangeetha Kalpatharu is the literary work of

Swami Vivekanandan

Question25:- 'Karmayoga' is written by

Swami Vivekanandan

Question26:- The author of 'Varthamana Bharatham'

Swami Vivekanandan

Question27:-Swami Vivekanandan was died in


Question28: Swami Vivekanandan was died at

Belur Math

Question29:- National Youth Day is observed on

Jan 12