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Current Affairs (April-2019)

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PSC Question and Answer about Current Affairs (April-2019) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-The first Ayurvedic Sports Hospital in Asia

Kerala Institute of Sports Ayurveda and Research

Question2:-The Nepal Army Head who got the Honarary 'General' status of India

Poorna Chandra Dhappa

Question3:-The Constitutional Amendment Bill which is related with the Financial Reservation of the Forward Community

124 th

Question4:-The Prize Money of Odakkuzhal Award


Question5:The first Private Firm which constructs Howitzan Gun was inaugurated by the PM at

Haseera (Gujarat)

Question6:-The venue of 49 th Economic Forum

Davos (Switzerland)

Question7:-The project which arranges clean Toilets for the Passengers


Question8:-The sections of Indian Constitution which was amended for passing the Financial Reservation Reservation of the Forward Class

Section 15 & Section 16

Question9:-The first Cinema Museum of India was inagurated at


Question10:-The Country which got the second place in the production of Steel defeating Japan


Question11:-The winner of S. Guptan Nair Award

K.P. Sankaran

Question12:-The Prize Money of S.Guptan Nair Award


Question13:-The Cricketer who won the Garry Sobers Award of 2018 for the best player

Virat Kohli

Question14:-The winner of the first "Shresta Bhasha" Prize

Dr. V.R Prabodha Chandran Nair

Question15:-The biggest Solar Plant in the world is going to be established at

Ladhak (Jammu & Kashmir)

Question16:-The winner of the first Philip Cotler Presidential Award

Narendra Modi

Question17:-The winner of Prem Nazeer Award


Question18:-The first IPS Woman Officer who conquerred the Southern Hemisphere

Aparna Kumar

Question19:-The Winner of Gandhi Peace Award of the Central Govt

Kanyakumari Vivekananda Centre

Question20:-Who was appointed as the Common wealth goodwill ambassador

Karthyayani Amma

Question21:-The famous mounteneer Arunima Sinha belongs to which state of India


Question22:-The Chairman of the Commission appointed by the Reserve Bank to study the problems faced by the small scale industries in India

U.K. Sinha

Question23:-As per the recent verdict of the High Court of Kerala, a notice shall be given before how many days to practice Harthal


Question24:-The Chief of Staff of the U.S Defence who resigned recently

Kevin Sweeni

Question25:-Jer Bolsonaro is the new President of


Question26:-Bolsonaro is the ----- th President of Brazil

42 nd

Question27:-The Odakkuzhal Award winner of last year

E.V Ramakrishnan

Question28:-The literary work of E.V. Ramakrishnan which won the Odakkuzhal Award

"Malayala Novelinte Desakalantharangal"

Question29:-The new Defence Secretary of USA

Patrick Shanhan

Question30:-Who is the new Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh


Question31:-Who is the new Chief mInister of Rajastan in 2018

Ashok Gehlot

Question32:-Who is the deputy Chief Minister of Rajastan

Sachin Pilot

Question33:-In how many languages , Sahithya Academy Awards declared


Question34:-Who has been selected as Miss World 2018

Vanessa Ponce

Question35:-Kandhamal Haldi, which is in news for its GI tag, is produced in the state of


Question36:-Name the country which is set to become the world's first country to make all its public transport free 2019


Question37:-In which stste is Bhima Basin, where small to medium size low grade Uranium deposits found , is located


Question38:-Which state has launched a 24 hour Help Line "181" for woman facing Harrassment

Tamil Nadu

Question39:-Which European Country passed a landmark legislation to legalise abortion


Question40:-Who was conferred Tansan Samman 2018

Manju Mehta

Question41:-The well known Cricket coach and Man behind Sachin Tendulakar who passed away recently

Ramakanth Achrekar

Question42:-Who has been elected as the Vice Chairman of United Nations Panel of External Auditors

Rajive Mehrishi

Question43:-The nationality of Vanessa Ponce , who was crowned as Miss World 2018


Question44:-Who has been named PETA (People for Ethical Treatment to Animals), India's person of the year 2018

Sonam Kapoor

Question45:-The chief guest of India's 70 th Republic Day Celebrations

Cyril Ramaphosa (President of South Africa)

Question46:-The noted economist who resigned from the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council

Surjit Bhalla

Question47:-Which country left OPEC recently


Question48:-Which Country provides Rafale Aircraft to India


Question49:-The venue of India's first under water museum


Question50:-Who has been re-elected as the Prime Minister of Fiji

Frank Bainimarana

Question51:-Who has been selected as the best Woman Parliamentarian for 2018


Question52:-The FAO has decided to observe the International Year of Millets in


Question53:-The youngest Indian golfer to win Asia Tour Order of Merit

Shubhankar Sharma

Question54:-The venue of India's first specialised hospital for elephants


Question55:-The United Nation s security council has recently lifted sanctions against which African Nation after nine years


Question56:-2018 Davis Cup Tennis tournament has been won by


Question57:-Indo- Russian joint excercise "INDRA 2018" was held in


Question58:-Lakshya San is related to which sports


Question59:-The first NATO nation to appoint a female chief of armed forces


Question60:-The first country to submit new binding climate targets to the United Nations

Marshall Islands

Question61:-The scientists of which country claimed to have created the world's first genetically edited babies


Question62:-In which Planet NASA'S InSight land of 2018 November


Question63:-The largest emitter of Carbon Di Oxide in the world

China (27%)

Question64:-The second largest emitter of Carbon Di Oxide in the world

USA (15%)

Question65:What is the Rank of India in terms of Carbon Di Oxide emission


Question66:-Rank of India in Climate change performance index

11 th

Question67:-In which state, Zoramthanga became the Chief Minister


Question68:-On which date the Union Budget 2019 was presented

February 1

Question69:-What is the new name of Havelock Island

Swaraj Dweep

Question70:-New Capital of Burundi


Question71:-Who has been appointed as the Chief Economic Advisor of the Govt of India

Krishnamurthy Subrahmanyan

Question72:In which state is Surajkund International Craft Mela held


Question73:-India's fastest Super Computer


Question74:-The Venue of first PIO Parliamentary Conference

New Delhi

Question75:-Who has been named as the best woman's International Cricketer by BCCI recently

Smriti Mandhana

Question76:-What is the new name of Ross Island

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island

Question77:-Where the Union Govt launched National Digital Library of India

New Delhi

Question78:-What is the Rank of India among world economies


Question79:-Where the Prime Minister launched Ayushman Bharat Scheme


Question80:- The Govt of which state has decided to rename the DIkkibandi Stadium after P.A. Sangma


Question81:-The Helicopter launched Anti -Tank missile that was successfully test fired from the integrated Test Range in Chandipur in Balssore District of Odisha


Question82:-The Venue of 105 th Indian Science Congress


Question83:- From which place India's communication satellite GSAT-31 was successfully launched

Kourou in French Guyana

Question84:- India has set the target to eliminate which disease in India by 2025


Question85:-The renowned Filmmaker from Manipur who has decided to return his 2006 Padma Shri Award in protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

Aribam Syam Sharma

Question86:-On which date the International Day of Zero Tolerence for female Genital Mutilation is observed

February 6

Question87:-National Deworming Day

Feb 8

Question88:-India's One Day International (ODI) captain who has become the first woman to play 200 ODI matches

Mithali Raj

Question89:-The Venue of second edition of the Asia LPG Summit

New Delhi

Question90:-Which area has been declared as the third administrative division of Jammu & Kashmir


Question91:-Which bird has been announced as the mascot for the 13 th Conference of Parties (COP) of the UN Convention on the conservation of migratory species (CMS) to be held in Gujarat next year by the Union Govt

Great Indian Bustard ( GIB)

Question92:-What is the new name of Neil Island

Sheheed Dweep

Question93:-The proposed Parliament seat of Andhra Pradesh

Nelapadu in Gundoor District

Question94:-The seat of Intrim High Court of Andhra Pradesh


Question95:-Who was appointed as the new head coach of Indian National Women's Cricket Team

W.V Raman

Question96:-The fastest Asian Woman to cycle around the globe

Vedangi Kulkarni

Question97:-World Laughter Day

January 10

Question98:-The first Indian to win ISSF's Blue Cross, Shooting's highest honour

Abhinav Bhindra

Question99:-India's heaviest Satellite

GSAT- 11

Question100:-India's rank in the 2019 climate change performance index