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Current Affairs-February-2019

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PSC Question and Answer about Current Affairs-February-2019 including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-Who was appoited as the CBI Director after the removal of Alok Varma

Nageswar Rao

Question2:-The newly appointed Director General of the Sasathra Seema Bal

Kumar Rajesh Chandra

Question3:-The central armed force of India which guards the Nepal and Bhutan boarders

Sasathra Seema Bal

Question4:-The Website of which Department in Kerala got about 10 lakhs likes

Kerala Police

Question5:The Winner of Raja Ravi Varma Award

P. Gopinath

Question6:-The Prize Money of Raja Ravi Varma Award

One Lakh and Fifty thousand Rupees

Question7:-The new chairperson of the Competition Commission of India

Ashok Kumar Gupta

Question8:-The City where newly built Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee International Stadiumis situated at


Question9:-The new name of Jharsuguda Airport in Odisha

Veer Surendra Sai Airport

Question10:-The Venue of National Organic Festival 2018

New Delhi

Question11:- The Venue of Krishi Kumbh 2018 inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi


Question12:-The first blind Judge of Pakistan

Yusaf Salim

Question13:-Which Country rolled out World's first Hydrogen powered train


Question14:-The first Country to ban sunscreen to save Coral reefs


Question15:-To which state of India, Hima Das ,sprint runner belongs


Question16:-Which state ranks first in India in length of roads


Question17:- Which state ranks second in India in length of roads

Uttar Pradesh

Question18:-Which country ranked as the 9 th most valuable nation brand


Question19:-Who is the Chairman of the Himalayam State Regional Council constituted by NITI Ayog

Dr V.K. Saraswat

Question20:-Which Film was honoured with the Golden Peacock Award 49 th IFFI 2018

Donbass (Ukranaian Film)

Question21:-Which word has been chosen as the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year for 2018


Question22:-Which day is observed as the Global Family Day

January 1

Question23:- With which country, Myanmar signed an agreement in 2018 November to develop multi million deep sea port at Kyaukpyu on the Bay of Bengal


Question24:-In which country is Hambantota port

Sri Lanka

Question25:-To which sport is Surabh Choudhary is related


Question26:-Who won World Chess Championship 2018

Magnus Carlsen

Question27:- The Nationality of Magnus Carlsen


Question28:- The Indian Mountaineer who has been awarded honorary doctorate by a prestigious UK University

Arunima Sinha

Question29:- Which Day is observed as the Welfare of Minorities

November 20

Question30:-Weaker Section Day is observed on

November 22

Question31:-The Company that constructed Statue of Unity

L & T (Larson & Toubro)

Question32:-The cost Statue of Unity

Rupees 2,989 Crore

Question33:-The Venue of 13 th East Asia Summit held recently


Question34:-The first Indian to win Asian Snooker Tour Title

Pankaj Advani

Question35:-The Indian who has been conferred with 'Distinguished Fellow' title by Boston Buisness School

Anupam Kher

Question36:-The Venue of the Global cooling Innovation Summit held in 2018 November

New Delhi

Question37:-Which state government has recently declared 'Soura Jalanidhi' Scheme


Question38:-Which Country has launched the World's first Sovereign Blue Bound


Question39:-The Cyclone which wrecked havoc in Tamil Nadu recently


Question40:-The Venue of 13 th East Asia Summit held recently


Question41:-The Military Exercise held recently between India and Indonesia

Samudra Shakthi

Question43:-The satellite launched by ISRO recently which is specifically meant for northeastern region and Jammu & Kashmir


Question44:-The person selected for the prestigious Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award presented by Press Council of India

N Ram

Question45:- Which state launched Go Samridhi Plus Scheme recently


Question46:-The Capital of Lithuania which signed a memorandum with Cochin as part of the European Union 'International Urban Co-operation' .


Question47:-Acreoss which river , the 675 m long signature bridge has been built


Question48:-Who led the Indian delegation at the 109 th session of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation Meet

Alphones Kannanthanam

Question49:-The Cabinet of which country has given approval to rejoin Commonwealth


Question50:-the state where the Sangai festival, a platform to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the state was held recently


Question51:-The hero of the battle of Longewalain the Indo-Pak war of 1971 who passed away recently

Kuldip Singh Chandpuri

Question52:-The former US President who passed away at the age of 94

George W Bush

Question53:-The Govt of which state has decided to convert INS Viraat into floating museum


Question54:-The organization which stripped of its highest honour , 'Ambassador of Conscience' Award which had been conferred Aung San Suu Kyi

Amnesty International

Question55:- The first Indian- Japan Exercise


Question56:-The first Indian to be selected as one of the seven members of the Judges Committeee of International Shooting Sports Federation

Pawan Singh

Question57:-Who has been chosen to head India's Gangayaan mission to put an Indian in space by 2022

Dr V.R. Lalithambika

Question58:-Indian Journalist who won Press Freedom Award for Courage

Swati Chathurvedi

Question59:-How many Satellites were successfully launched by ISRO on 29 th November 2018


Question60:-What is India's ranking on the World Bank's doing Buisness 2019 report

77 th

Question61:-Where Jamal Khashoggi Journalist for the Washington post wass assassinated

Istanbul (Turkey)

Question62:-The state which has introduced a new open online learning programme 'Kool' to train teachers, students and general public


Question63:-The Country where Ram Nath Kovind visited recently becoming the first ever Indian head to visit there


Question64:-The Country in which Fuego volcano erupted recently


Question65:- 25 th High Court of the Country

Andhrapradesh High Court

Question66:- On which date Andhra Pradesh High court started functioning

2019 Jan 1

Question67:-India's first multi modal terminal inland waterways was inaugurated at


Question68:-The second tallest statue of Budha in the Country was unveiled


Question69:- The height of Budha Statue at Rajgir

70 ft

Question70:-India's first specialised hospital for elephants was formally opened at

Churmura Village in Mathura District (UP)

Question71:-The venue of 2018 APEC summit

Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea)

Question72:-The first Indian Woman to hit T20 century

Harmanpreet Kour

Question73:-Who has been appointed as the chairperson of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board by the Union Govt

Nageswara Rao

Question74:-India's largest Dry Dock will come in which shipyard


Question75:-"Little India Gate" was recently inaugurated in the city of

Medan, Indonesia

Question76:-India's first Justice City will come up in


Question77:-Which state is set to become India's first smoke free state


Question78:- Name the News Agency which has recently launched the world's first Al news anchor