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Modern India

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Question1:- Who was the Governor General when a Tripartite Treaty among the English, Ranjith Singh and Shah Shuja

Lord Auckland

Question2:-Which scripture was called his 'mother' by Gandhiji

Bhagawat Gita

Question3:- The venue of the annual session of Indian National Congress in 1920 in which the resolution non cooperation was repeated again and non cooperation movement was endorsed


Question4:-The Montague Chermsford Reforms was published on July 8, ---


Question5:A.O Hume was the General Secretary of INC till


Question6:-The leader who initially opposed non cooperation movement, but accepted it at the nagpur session of 1920

C.R. Das

Question7:-The Viceroy who earned the name "Clemency"


Question8:- Which of the following orgasnisation was set up by G.D. Kumar in Vancouvar

Swadesh Sevak Home

Question9:-Who was the personal physician to Gandhiji

Susheela Nayyar

Question10:-The first piece of territory aquired by the English in Inida


Question11:-The importance of July 19, 1905 in Indian History

Announcement of the partition of Bengal

Question12:- Who called his Govt Sarkar-i-Khudabad (Govt given by God)

Tipu Sultan

Question13:-Who described Hunter Commission's report on Jalianwallahbag Massacre as a 'White Wash'

Mahatma Gandhi

Question14:-Whom American news papers described as 'Cyclonic Hindu'


Question15:-As per the Montague -Chelmsford Reforms Provisional Subjects were divided into

Reserved Subjects and Transferred Subjects

Question16:-Mangal Pande , the first Martyr of 1857 revolt was a member of -----

34 th Native Infantry

Question17:-Rabindranath Tagore got Knighthood in


Question18:-Which movement was launched by Gandhiji against Tinkathia System


Question19:-Which rebellion was occurred during the period of 1820-1837 in Chotanagpur


Question20:-Disturbed by Jalianwallahbag Masscre and encouraged by Gandhiji's plan for non cooperation, who resigned from ICS while on probation in 1921

Subhash Chandra Bose

Question21:-The first Principal of Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College

Thedore Beck

Question22:-The freedom fighter who wass the only student to obtain his MRCP and FRCS in one Year

B.C Roy

Question23:-The revolutionary who issued a 'Yuganthar Circular' praising the attack of Lord Hardinge on 23 rd Dec 1912

Lala Hardayal
In which

Question24:-The famous leader related to the Banaras Conspiracy Case

Sachindranath Sanyal

Question25:-"I therefore ,want freedom immediately, this very night, before dawn, if it can be had "- whose words are these

Mahatma Gandhi

Question26:-In which year did the British Parliament pass an Act that made the governor General as the Commander in Chief


Question27:-Surat Salt agitation was in the year


Question28:------------- organisations can be appropriately called a pre congress National Organisation

East India Association

Question29:-During the Quite India Movement , a parallel govt was set up by Nana Patil in


Question30:-Indian Universities Act of 1904 wa passed during the tenure of

Lord Curzon

Question31:-The foreign Traveller who dedicated his major writings to Louis XIV , the King of France


Question32:-The Indian Association formed an important role in arousing national consciousness through the formation of

Indian National Conference

Question33:-The Sapru Commission of 1935 is related with


Question34:-The Whitely Commission was concerned with


Question35:-The first person to be appeared in the stamp of independent India

Mahatma Gandhi

Question36:- The INA troops surrendered before the British Army in


Question37:-The Irish Woman who claimed to have been a Hindu in her previous life and lectured different parts of India , defending and glorifying Hinduism

Annie Basant

Question38:-The Tribal Leader who was came to be known as 'Bhagwan'

Birsa Munda

Question39:-Whom Gandhiji called "The Great Sentinel"

Rabindranath Tagore

Question40:- In which language 'Rast Goftar' was published


Question41:- In which year Gandhiji was arrested for the first time in India


Question42:-The first headquarters of Hindu Mahasabha


Question43:-The headquarters of Hindu Mahasabha was transferred to ---- during the predidentship of Lala Lajapath Ray


Question44:-The Viceroy during the second Afghan War


Question45:-Who formed 'Red Tuc'

M.N Roy

Question46:- The first organization formed during the Freedom Struggle .


Question47:- During whose reign did the Marathas reach maximum expansion

Balaji Baji Rao

Question48:-Second Factory Act of 1891 was introduced during the period of

Lord Lansdowne

Question49:- The Viceroy who repealed the Rowlatt At


Question50:-Who plated a key role in resolving Gandhi- Ambedkar dispute regarding separate electrorate for untouchables


Question51:-Who was the first president of All India Depressed Class Association

M.C Rajah

Question52:-Which Gandhian Movement has been called a 'Spontaneous Revolution'

Quite India Movement

Question53:-The Governor General who visited Allahabad to review the working of Mahalwari Land Revenue system

Lord William Bentic

Question54:- The first to become the Law Member of Governor General's Council

Thomas Babington Macaulay

Question55:-In which Country "The Indian War of Independence" authored by V.D. Savarkker was published for the first time


Question56:-The Governor General who appointed the first Law Commission

Willaima Bentic

Question57:-The first European Factory in India was set up at


Question58:-The British got Kohinoor from

Dalip Singh

Question59:-Six Legislative Members were added to the Governor General's Council by ---- Act

Charter Act of 1853

Question60:-In which year the Indian National Congress approved the basic education system propounded by Gandhiji


Question61:-Who opened a Widow Home at Pune, formed a widow re amarriage association, married to a widow in 1893 and in 1916, founded a woman's university in bombay

Prof D. K Karve

Question62:-The Secretary ofr state for India during the British Rule was

A British Minister given full control over the Govt of India

Question63:- Muslim League was formed in


Question64:-Indian National Congress took the Swadeshi Call first at the Banaras Session, 1905. it was presided over by

Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Question65:-Who was appointed in 1856 as the resident of Audh by Delhousie to give him reports about its administration

General Outram

Question66:- Chapekar Brothers in Indian History include

Damodar and Balkishan

Question67:-The last opportunity to avoid the partition of India was lost with the rejection of

Cabinet Mission

Question68:-Who resigned from Viceroy's executive council in protest of Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre

C. Sankaran Nair

Question69:-Who was the Viceroy when Communal reservation was introduced for Muslims

Minto II

Question70:-Who was the Viceroy when the Navel Mutiny (1946) was held


Question71:-How many days did it take to complete the process of transfer of power from the British to India as per the Mountbatten Plan


Question72:-The date in which Gandhiji started the Dandi March

1930 March 12

Question73:- The Governor General who inaugurated New delhi on 18 th January, 1927


Question74:-Who formed British Indian Society in England to carry on propaganda in favour of India

Dadabhai Naoroji

Question75:-Who was appointed as the Governor General after the Regulating Act of 1773

Warren Hastings

Question76:-Calcutta Madrasa (also called Madrasa Aliah) was founded to caterto the educational demands of Muslims in


Question77:-In which language Gandhiji wrote Hind Swaraj


Question78:-In which year was the Champaran Satyagraha


Question79:-The venue of Eka Movement


Question80:-Who authored Nil Darpan (1858-59)

Dinabandhu Mitra

Question81:-Gandhiji was undergone for imprisonment for ---- days


Question82:-In which session Indian National Congress adopted the resolution on Fundamental Rights

Karachi (1931)

Question83:-Shahu was set free from Mughal Captivity by

Prince Azam

Question84:-The tribal rebellion against the British known as Ulgulan was organized by

Birsa Munda

Question85:- Who applied the 'Great Firm Theory' to explain the decline of Mughal Empire

Karen Leonnard

Question86:-Bethune School in Kolkata was established in


Question87:-Who denounced Congress as a Microscopic Minority

Lord Dufferin

Question88:- The Jurist who gave Verdict in Gandhi assassination case

Atmacharan Aggarwal

Question89:-Birla Mandir , where Gandhiji was assassinated, is in

New Delhi

Question90:-First Marathi Monthly "Digdarshan" was published by

Balsasthri Jambhekar

Question91:-Name two Military officers who were killed during the revolt of 1857

Henry Lawrence and O'Neill

Question92:-The Viceroy who made the "Deepavali Declaration"


Question93:-Simla Conference (1945) was held during the perod of


Question94:-In which language Rajram Mohan Roy published his journal 'Mirat-ul-Akbar'


Question95:-Govt of India Act of 1935 was introduced when --- was the Viceroy


Question96:-Whom Sir Hugh Rose described "the best and the bravest military leader of the rebels" of 1857 revolt

Rani Laxi Bai

Question97:- Who is regarded as the Father of the armed struggle for India's Independence

Vasudev Belwant Phadke

Question98:-Who defeated Nana Saheb during the revolt of 1857

General Havelock

Question99:-The sepoy mutiny at Govingarh was suppressed by

Charles Napier

Question100:- The leader of the polygar rebellion of Kurnool (1846-47)

Narasimha Reddy