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PSC Question and Answer about Constitution-(Part-IX) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-The Indian Parliament had passed Administrative Tribunal Act in


Question2:-The Article of Indian Constitution which deals with the freedom to travel anywhere in Inida

Article 19 (i)(d)

Question3:-Deputy Lokayultha should give Resignation Letter to whom


Question4:-The Article of the Indian Constitution deals with the National Commission for Scheduled Castes


Question5:The writ , whose meaning is "In the name of which Right "


Question6:-The watch dog of Merit system

Public Service Commission

Question7:-Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with the definition of States


Question8:-Who calls for the Grama Sabha

Ward Member

Question9:-Meghalaya, Tripura and Manipur High Courts were established in


Question10:-The headquarters of Election Commission of India

Nirvachan Sadan

Question11:- The Constitutional Amendment which gave Missoram the status of a State


Question12:- The Article of the Indian Constitution which deals with the Grama Sabha

243 A

Question13:-The Article of Indian Constitution which deals which offers equal wages for Men and Women

39 (d)

Question14:-The Article which deals with the Union Budget


Question15:-The Article of Indian Constitution which deals with the reservation of Scheduled Tribes and Castes in the State Legislative Assemblies


Question16:- The Article which deals with the Right to practise any profession

Article 19 (1) (g)

Question17:- The one third members of the Legislative Assembly should resign on every ---- Year


Question18:-The Article of Indian Constitution which deals with the All Inida Services


Question19:-Who is known as the Chief Law Adviser of India Govt

Attorney General

Question20:- The Article of Indian Constitution which deals with the Administrative Tribunals

323 A

Question21:- The Annual Report of Lokayukatha is submitted to


Question22:- The Article of the Indian Constitution which deals with the Judicial Reviews


Question23:-Who introduced the word 'Lokpal'

L.M. Singvi

Question24:- The Public Service Commission was established in British India in 1926 on the recommendation of which Commission

Lee Commission

Question25:-The Finance Commission was established in India in the Year


Question26:-The Ex Officio Chairman of Indian Council of World Affairs

Vice President

Question27:-The tenure of members of Council of states and Central Legislative Addembly as per The Govt of India Act of 1919

5 yrs, 3 yrs

Question28:-The Planning Commission was established in 1950 through passing of the Proposal made by ------


Question29:-The qualification to be the Attorney General of India is equal to that of ------

Supreme Court Judge

Question30:-The preparing of the Voters List is the duty of ------

Election Commission

Question31:-The dual legislative system is the speciality of ------

Federal System

Question32:-The cause of the third National Emergency in India was

Internal Disturbances

Question33:-Whom has the Power to Pardon from the Sentence of Death in India


Question34:-B.G. Vargheese Committee is related with ------

Prasar Bharati ActHabeas Corpus

Question35:-Whose permission is needed to withdraw Money from the Consolidated Fund of India


Question36:-Name the Politician who was never a Chief Minister before becoming the PM of India (Morarji Desai,V.P. Singh,P.V Narasimha Rao,Rajiv Gandhi)

Rajiv Gandhi

Question37:-Which writ is related with the releasing of a person who has been illegally detained

Habeas Corpus

Question38:-Dr Ambdekar represented which state in the first meeting of the Constitution Assembly held in December 1946


Question39:- The Constitutional Amendment which is related with the constitution of Administrative Tribunal


Question40:-The writ issued by a superior court to prevent an inferior court from exceeding its jurisdiction


Question41:-The Economic Planning included in the ----- list of the Indian Constitution


Question42:-The head of the special committee appointed to scrutanize the draft of the Indian Constitution

Alladi Krishna Swami Ayyar

Question43:-Where is the office of the Indian Prime Minister is situated in the Parliament Secretariate

South Block

Question44:- The last session of the Constitution Making Committee was held on

1950 Jan 24

Question45:-Who determines whether there is a Legislative Council or not in a state

Legislative Assembly

Question46:-The first Muslim Woman to be the Chief Minister of an Indian State

Saida Anwara Timur

Question47:-Who regarded the Directive Principles as the Modern Speciality of the Indian Constitution

Dr Ambedkar

Question48:-Name an important organization which has no reference in the Inidan Constitution

Finance Commission

Question49:-In 1950, who presented a bill regarding the Preventive Detention Act in the Parliament

Sardar Pattel

Question50:-The number of Committees in the Constitution Making Committee


Question51:-The first Amendment of the Indian Constitution was added to which Schedule

9 th

Question52:-Finance Commission submits its report to whom


Question53:-The Constitutional Amendment that deals with the Vote On Account


Question54:- The Watch Dog of Human Rights

Human Rights Commission

Question55:- The Constitutional Amendment deals with the abolition of Toddy


Question56:-The Judge who introduced the concept of Public Interest Litigation

P. N. Bhagawathy

Question57:-The section which deals with the importance of the word "state"


Question58:-The first Comptroller and Auditor General of India

V. Narahari Rao

Question59:-Indian Constitution adopted the idea of Cmptroller and Auditor General from


Question60:-The Section of Indian Constitution which deals with the State Budget


Question61: The eye and Ear of Public Accounts Committee

Comptroller and Auditor General

Question62:-The first Women Court in India was established at


Question63:-The year in which the Lokpal Bill was introduced for the first time in the Parliament


Question64:- Administrive Tribunal Act was passed during the tenure of which Prime Minister

Rajiv Gandhi

Question65:-The section which makes the promotion of Hindi language as the duty of Indian Union


Question66:- The Section of the Indian Constitution that deals with the State Election Commission

243 k

Question67:-Which section explains the Supreme Court as "A court of Record"


Question68:- The section of the Indian Constitution that deals with the Advocate General


Question69:- Which section of the Indian Constitution offers the Veto Power to Indian President


Question70:-The section of the Indian Constitution thet deals with the Potection of Ancient Monuments and Memmorials


Question71:-The Law Day is observed on ------- in India

November 26

Question72:-The Environmental Protection Act was came into existance in india in

1986 Nov 19

Question73:-The list which includes Public health and Sanitation

State List

Question74:-Which is known as the Magnacarta of India

Fundameental Rights

Question75:-The section of the Indian Constitution which offers Law Advice to the Poor


Question76:- The Committee appointed by 1948 by the India Govt to check the Reorganization of the Indian states on the basis of languages

Dhar Committee

Question77:-Atomic Energy includes in ------ ist

Union list

Question78:-Whistle blowers Protection Act was passed by the Loksabha in


Question79:-The tenure of the Chairperson of National Woman Commission


Question80:- The date on which National Food Security Act was signed

2013 Sept 12

Question81:-Who nominates the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of Indian Parliament

Loksabha Speaker

Question82:-Where is National Judicial Academy is situated


Question83:- National green Tribunal Act was passed on


Question84:- The state which is formed on 1963 Dec 1


Question85:-Indian President appoints the PM according to the which Article of idian Constitution


Question86:-The Committee which recommended the formation of state of Punjab incuding the areas where Punjabi Language is used

Sha Commission

Question87:-The first IT Act related with the Cyber Security was enacted in India in


Question88:- National Woman Commission Chairperson is the ex officio member of -------

Human Rights Commission

Question89:-Which Part of the Indian Constitution declares India as a Secular State


Question90:-The total number of members of the National Scheduled Trbe Commission including the Chairman and Vice Chairman


Question91:- The draft of the Indian Constitution was presented in the Constitution Making Committee on

1947 Nov 4

Question92:-The Article of Indian Constitution whichrefers the Environmental Protection

48 A

Question93:-The number of Sections of Environmental Protection Act , 1986


Question94:-The year on which POSCO Act (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act) was passed in


Question95:-The Fundamental Rights of American Constitution is known as

Bill of Rights

Question96:-The number of represntatives of Travancore in the Constitution Mking Committee


Question97:- The Constitution Making Committee met for the first time as the Law Making Committee on

1947 Nov 17

Question98:-The Article of the Indian Constitution which recommends the Quarum of Parliament


Question99:-The Chairman of National Sceduled Caste Commission is the Ex officio Member of ----

Human Rights Commissison

Question100:-The Chairman of National Sceduled Tribe Commission is the Ex officio Member of ----

Human Rights Commissison