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PSC Question and Answer about Constitution-(Part-X) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-The Article of the Constitution which deals with the tenure of Panchayats

243 E

Question2:-The part of Indian Constitution which deals with the Tribunals

14 A

Question3:-The Chairman of National Water Resource Council

Prime Minister

Question4:-The Article of the Indian Constitution which deals with the Municipalities

243 P

Question5:How many Apendices are there in Inidian Constitution


Question6:-Part 9 B of the Indian Constitution deals with

Corporate Societies

Question7:-Who prepared the primary draft of the Indian Constitution

B.N Rao

Question8:-Who was vice president just before assuming the office of Indian President

K.R. Narayanan

Question9:-The parliament session which is in between February to May

Budget Session

Question10:-The first Supreme Court Judge who was appointed directly in India

Kuldeep Singh

Question11:-The Code of Conduct of Political Parties during the election time is described at

Rpresentation of peoples' Act of 1951

Question12:-How the tenure of Panchayat is determined

From the date in which the first meeting is fixed

Question13:-The idea of the Preface to the Indian Constitution is borrowed from


Question14:-Who got the first award for the best Parliamentarian

Somanath Chatterjee

Question15:-The maximum allowed numer of members of Delhi Parliament


Question16:-The only one situation in which the Indian President used his Pocket Veto Power

Indian Post Office (Amendment) Bill

Question17:-Where starts the process of impeachment of the Vice President of India

At Rajyasabha only

Question18:-The Constitutional Authority that takes the decision regarding the number of Union Public Service members


Question19:-The number of members in the Constitution makng committee from the Governor's Provinces before the partition


Question20:-As per whicch Article of the Indian Constitution , the President is vested with the duty of forming a Commission for the backward castes

Article 340

Question21:-Who is directly resposible with the Parliament in the Defense related matters

Defense Minister

Question22:-Rajyasabha and State Legislative Council differs in the matter of

The right to impeachment

Question23:-The head of the Sub Committee regarding the Fundamental Rights in the Constitutional Assembly

J.B Kripalani

Question24:-The years in which National Emergency were declared in India


Question25:-The woman who represented Travancore in the Constitutioal Assembly

Annie Mascreen

Question26:-Who called the Preamble of the Indian Constitution as the "Identity Card"

Nani Palkiwla

Question27:-Which of the following is not a post appointed by the Indian President (Prime Minister,High Court Chief Justice,Governor ,Chairman of Rajyasabha)

Chairman of Rajyasabha

Question28:-The Directive Principle which is not included in the Original Constitution and added later

Free Legal Help

Question29:-What does happen when the Prime Minister dies or resigns

The Ministry will be dissolved

Question30:-How many members were there in the Constitutional Assembly from the Chief Commissioner's Provinces before the Partiton


Question31:-The death day of Dr B.R. Ambdekar is celebrated as

Mahaparinirvana Divas

Question32:-The Right to Property is a ---- Right

Legal Right

Question33:-The cause of choosing a Federal type Govt for India

The linguistic and cultural diversity of India

Question34:-The Women in Constituent Assembly who represented Malabar

Ammu Swaminathan and Dakshayani Velayudhan

Question35:-The committee which recommended to establish Justice Panchayats

L.M. Singwi Committee

Question36:-How long a person has to reside in India before he or she qualifies to acquire citizenship by registration

5 Years

Question37:-What fraction of the total members of House have to sign the resolution seeking President's impeachment

One Fourth

Question38:-The Rajyasabha has ------- sessions in a year because the Budget Session is split into two


Question39:-On what basis seats are allotted to the states in Lok Sabha


Question40:-In which case did the Supreme Court rule that the Parliament had the right to amend any of the Fundamental Rights

Keshavananda Bharati Case

Question41:-The employement of Children below 14 years of age in hazardous occupation is prohibited under the

Right against Exploitation

Question42:-When a public officer commits an action which infringes a person's Fundamental Rights, a writ of ----- is issued by the Court


Question43:-Which Fundamental Right is considered to be the heart ans soul of the Constitution by Dr B.R. Ambedkar

Right to Constitutional Remedies

Question44:-In which state , two women are niminated by the Governor to the Legislative Assembly

Jammu & Kashmir

Question45:-In case of President dies and the Vice President and Supreme Court Justice are not available, who acts as the President

Senior most Judge of Supreme Court

Question46:-If a member absents himself from Parliament for ---- days without permission of the House, his seat may be declared Vacant


Question47:-How many times can the President ask the Council of Ministers to reconsider its advice


Question48:-Elections to fill the Vacancy of Presidential office due to death or resignation have to be held not less than ---- months from the occurrence of Vacancy

Six Months

Question49:-The disputes regarding the election of President and Vice Presidentare settled by

Supreme Court

Question50:-Deputy Sppeaker submits his resignation to


Question51:-Appointment, qualifications and nature of duties of Attorney General are prescribed by the Article


Question52:-A minister should become a member of either house of Parliament within a period of ---- months , if he is ot already a member


Question53:-Who decides reasonableness of restrictions imposed on the Fundamental Rights

Supreme Court and High Court

Question54:-Which Article stipulates that there is to be a Council of MInisters with the prime minister as the head to aid and assist the President


Question55:-The members of the Legislative Council should not exceed ---- of the total number of membership in the state assembly

One third

Question56:-The lLegislative Council is a continuing house, one third of whose members retire every ---- years


Question57:-The gap between two sessions of the state Legislative Assembly should not exceed ---- months


Question58:-The duration of an elected Municipality is ------

Five Years

Question59:-Finance Commission is appointed once in ---- years


Question60:-Financial Emergency as per Article 360 of the Indian Constitution cannot be imposed by the union in the state of

Jammu & Kashmir

Question61:-For contesting in Panchayat Election, a candidate has to attain the age of ----- years


Question62:-If a state legislative council is to be created or abolished, aresolution to that effect is to be first passed by the state legislature by a ---- majority

Two Thirds

Question63:-In how many ways mambers to the Legislative council are elected


Question64:-Residuary Power of Legislation in the case of Jammu Kashmir belongs to

The state

Question65:Who decides on the holding of elections to Panchayats

State Government

Question66:-Who determines the salary of Attorney General


Question67:-Any citizen of India over ---- years of age can be appointed as Governor


Question68:-Comptroller and Auditor General is appointed for a period of ----- years


Question69:-How many members have to support 'No confidence motion' in Parliament


Question70:-The members of the State Public Service Commission are appointed by the -----


Question71:-The members of the State Public Service Commission can be removed by the President on the advice of ------

Supreme Court

Question72:-Who is generally the Ex Officio Chancellor of a University in the state


Question73:-Who is the counter part of Attorney General in the state

Advocate General

Question74:-Who is the head of the Executive Power of the State

Governor General

Question75:-An ordinance made by the Governor automatically ceases to operate on the expiry of ----- from the re-asssembly of State Legislature

Six Weeks

Question76:-To be appointed as a Judge of Supreme Court , a person should have been an advocate of a High Court for atleast ---- years


Question77:-The power to declare any area as 'scheduled area' belongs to the


Question78:-Who has the power to determine the structure of administration of a Union Territory


Question79:-Who has the power to transfer a judge of High Court from one High Court to another


Question80:-Which Schedule of the Constitution distributes powers between the state legislature and Panchayats


Question81:-Which part of the Indian Constitution is related to Panchayats

Part IX

Question82:-The power to superindent , direct and control elections to the Panchayats is vested in the

State Election Commission

Question83:-The strength of the Vidhan Parishad cannot be less than


Question84:- What propotion of the total members of the Legislature is indirectly elected


Question85:-Which Article is related with the Finance Commission

Article 280

Question86:-The number of readings for a Bill in the legislative assembly


Question87:-When the Constituion was brought into force , the number of judges in the Supreme Court besides the Chief Justice was


Question88:-The power to establish a common High Court for two or more states belongs to


Question89:-Which High Court has the jurisdiction over Lakshadweep


Question90:The Contigency Fund of a state is in the nature of an imprest, is placed at the disposal of


Question91:-The Fundamental Rights listed under which Article are automatically suspended on the proclamation of emergency due to war


Question92:-A member of Public Service Commission can be removed only on the report of

Supreme Court

Question93:-A political party is recognised national or regional by

Election Commission

Question94:-Proclamation of Emergency due to break down of Constitutional Machinery has to be approved by Parliament within -----

Two Months

Question95:-Proclamation of Financial Emergency due to break down of Constitutional machinery has to be approved by Parliament within

Two Months

Question96:-The Twelfth Schedule is related to the responsibilites of


Question97:-When was the Ninth Schedule added to the Constitution


Question98:-Which emergency has so far not been declared


Question99:-Who determines the compositions and coditions of service of a Public Service Commission


Question100:-Proclamation of National Emergency automatically suspends

Right to Freedom