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Sree Narayana Guru(Part-II)

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PSC Question and Answer about Sree Narayana Guru(Part-II) including for Kerala Administrative Service (KAS), Secretariat Assistant, Panchayath Secretary, BDO, Auditor, Assistant, LDC and LGS examination level questions. We will update balance portion of the study material.....

Question1:-The place in where Guru started meditation and got Spiritual Enlightment

Maruthwa Mala

Question2:-Maruthwa Mala is situated at

Kanyakumari District

Question3:-The cave in where Guru lived for spiritual enlightment


Question4:-The Incident which is also known as 'Aruvippuram Revolution'

Aruvippuram Consecration

Question5:The first Lord Subrahmanya consecration by Narayana Guru was at

Vakkam Subrahmanya Temple

Question6:-The Consecration at the Vakkom Subrahmanya Temple was done by Guru in


Question7:-The Temple constructed by Narayana Guru at Mangalapuram


Question8:-Who laid stone to the Sreekandeswara Temple at Kozhikkode constructed by Narayana Guru

Annie Basant

Question9:-The first Mirror Consecration by Guru was at


Question10:-Who is the lifelong Chairman of SNDP

Sree Narayana Guru

Question11:-The Lord sarada Consecration was done by Guru at


Question12:- Sarada Consecration at Sivagiri was in the year


Question13:-Adwaitha Ashramam was established by Guru at


Question14:-Adwaitha Ashramam was established by Guru in


Question15:-The only foreign country visited by Guru


Question16:-The first visit of Guru to Sreelanka was in


Question17:-Guru used 'Kavi' colour clothes for the first time during --------

The Visit to Sreelanka

Question18:- The second and last visist to Sreelanka by Guru was in


Question19:-Guru established 'Vijnanodaya Yogam' at


Question20:-Who was appointed by Guru in 'Vijnanodaya Yogam'

Swami Sathya Vrathan

Question21:-Samastha Kerala Sahodara Meeting was conducted at ----- with the blessing of Guru

Adwaitha Asharamaam , Aluva

Question22:-Samastha Kerala Sahodara Meeting was conducted on

1921 May 15

Question23:-Who visited Guru in 1922

Rabeendra Natha Tagore

Question24:-Who accompanied Tagore when he visited Guru

C.F. Andrews

Question25:-Who translated the conversation between of Tagore and Guru


Question26:-Guru met Ramana Maharshi in


Question27:-Guru met Ramana Maharshi at

Thiruvanna Mala

Question28:-Guru constructed Bhavaneeswara Temple at

Palluruthi (Ernakulam)

Question29:-The All Religion Meeting was conducted at Adwaitha Ashram in the leadership of Guru in


Question30:-Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham was registered in


Question31:-The head quarters of Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham


Question32:-S.N Trust was registered in


Question33:-The first secretary of S.N. Trust

R. Sanker

Question34:-Who was declared as the follower of Guru

Bodhananda Swamikal

Question35:-Original name of Bodhananda Swamikal


Question36:-The first disciple of Guru

Sivalingadasa Swamikal

Question37:-The last disciple of Guru

Anandatherrtha Swamikal

Question38:-The first European Disciple of Guru

Earnest Kirk

Question39:-The time of Sivagiri Pilgrimage

Dec 30 to Jan 1

Question40:-The first Sivagiri Pilgrims started their Journey from

Elavumthitta (Pathanamthitta)

Question41:-Guru recommended which colour to the clothes of the Sivagiri Pilgrims


Question42:-The new name of Varkkala Railway Station

Varkkala Sivagiri

Question43:- The name of Varkkala Railway Station was changed in


Question44:-Darsana Mala is the literary work of

Narayana Guru

Question45:-The novel "Guru" is written by

K. Surendran

Question46:-The film "Yuga Purushan" was written by

R. Sukumaran

Question47:-The biography "Sree Narayan Guru" was written by

Nithya Chaithanya Yathi, Murkothu Kunjappa, N.V.P. Unnithiri & Dr K. Sreenivasan

Question48:-The Biography of Guru "Narayana Swami" was authored by

Prof M.K. Sanu

Question49:-"Budhanum Narayan Guruvum" was written by

Dr K. Sugathan

Question50:-'Guruvinte Dukham' was written by

Sukumar Azheekkod

Question51:-India Govt issued 100 rupees and 5 rupees coins in memmory of Guru in


Question52:-The work 'Nava Manjari' was dedicated to

Chattampi Swamikal